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Astrology for the week of 23rd January 2017


ariesA mistake from the past might come back to haunt you this week, Aries. Rather than blaming others for reminding you of the past, look inwards at what you can do to change and move on. If you’re finally paying the price for a mistake you made long ago, accept responsibility – even if you feel as though you’re a different person now.

Avoid toxic people in the coming days. Chances are there’s a person in your life who you’ve known for years who can’t help but cause problems everywhere they go. Cut them off and continue your journey without them.


Swallow your pride this week and apologise, Taurus. Someone you care about may be giving you the cold shoulder. If they’re refusing to respond to your texts and emails, go the extra mile and pay them a visit if possible.

If your relationships with others are feeling stronger than ever, it may be the case that you need to pay more attention to yourself. You should never ignore your own wants and needs in order to please other people.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Be there for your family this week, Gemini. They need you more so than ever before. Tensions may arise and cause arguments, particularly if you’ve been unfortunate enough to experience an ongoing family feud. Try to keep the peace and act as a mediator between each party. The people around you may find it difficult to think clearly and see things from other people’s perspective. So it’s up to you to keep a clear head and encourage those nearby to make amends.


Don’t hit the self destruct button this week, Cancer, no matter how hard things get. A broken promise from a friend or relative may see you readopting a bad habit just to spite them. But the only person who will truly be hurt by this is you! Going forward, take good care of yourself and surround yourself with positive people.

A spontaneous break to a place from your childhood could see you returning to your day to day life with a more optimistic and fun outlook. Grab a relative or old friend and explore the places that made you happy as a child.


How thick is your skin, Leo? If you take criticism to heart, make this the week you learn to no longer care.

We’re bound to encounter people who dislike us, but for every hater, there’s likely to be 10 superfans!

Next time someone criticises you, brush it off and immerse yourself in something that makes you feel good. Focus on the compliments you receive and forget the insults! You could even start a compliment jar filled with pieces of paper with your greatest qualities written on them.


Some self reflection won’t go amiss this week, Virgo. In an attempt to transform your life and live your truest self, you may have caused hurt or upset to those around you.

Take a step back to ensure you aren’t about to unleash a wrecking ball on other people’s lives. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice our hopes and dreams for other people but it’s wise to think of those who care about us before we act.


If you feel as though there’s a heavy weight on your shoulders, ask yourself whether it could be lifted with the help of forgiveness.

Whether you’re holding a grudge against someone who’s wronged you or you’re feeling guilty about something you’ve done, forgiving yourself and others could give you the peace of mind you desperately seek.

As humans, we’re all flawed and destined to make mistakes. The ability to forgive, reflect and move on is what can transform our weaknesses into strengths.


Are you being too forgiving, Scorpio? You have a tendency to search for the best in people, even if that means overlooking some fundamental flaws. Although your longing to focus on the good makes you a beautiful person and a great friend, it can sometimes come at your own expense. Look out for people trying to take advantage of your kind and forgiving nature this week and stand firm.


Does life feel a little on the repetitive side, Sagittarius? All you need is something to look forward to! If you’ve not already got a calendar or diary for the year, get your hands on one and fill it with dreams and plans for the year ahead.

Perhaps you could take a weekend trip to Newquay in the summer or hop on a plane to New York next autumn.

If a holiday is out of your price range, book time in with friends you’ve not seen in a while. Most of us are guilty of saying “we really should do something soon!” only to never set a date. Sure, you’re busy, but be the one to make the plans! Your friends will thank you for it.


Your intuition’s been good to you lately and has helped you unearth a wealth of secrets and hidden gems. Could it be time to embrace your spiritual side? Even if you’re a little skeptical, there’s a chance you might have a psychic gift. If you’re unsure where to start, make time for regular meditation and buy a pack of Tarot cards. You never know what you might uncover!


This week you may find yourself judging others for something that you’re guilty of yourself. Rather than making excuses as to why your behaviour wasn’t half as bad as theirs, ask yourself why you’re feeling angry towards this person. Perhaps you’re feeling a little guilty but you’re reluctant to accept the blame. Do a little soul searching in the coming days and you may find answers as well as a newfound sense of peace and acceptance.


An on and off again relationship is likely to cause drama in your circle this week, Pisces. Whether you and an ex keep getting back together before splitting up again, or you can’t seem to forget about someone you loved and lost, the negative energy and turmoil is rubbing off on other people. It’s time to make a decision once and for all. Can you make this work? If not, perhaps it’s time to call it quits and make a clean break.

If you’re longing for someone you can’t have, it’s time to cut them out of your life. Delete them from social media and put photos of them away. There may come a time when you can be friends, but that can’t happen until you’ve moved on.

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