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Astrology for the week of 23rd May 2016


ariesOver the next seven days, focus on continuing the great work you did last week. Perhaps you started an exciting new project at work or you started redecorating your home. Whatever it is you’re doing, keep at it.

Your confidence is sky high right now and you will not be stopped. Not only are you going ahead with your ideas, you’re not letting anyone get in your way. We love it when you stand up for yourself, Aries. Decisiveness and leadership looks great on you.

A big change in your life is making you feel more optimistic than ever before. You have a smile on your face, a spring in your step and a fresh outlook on life.


After recent dramas, you’re on a voyage of healing and recuperation. Keeping your head down and quietly starting afresh could be just the thing you need to restore balance and tranquillity in your life.

Whether you enjoy a week long social media break or you run away for a 4 day weekend in the countryside, it’s time to make peace with yourself. Stop beating yourself up over past mistakes and don’t you dare replay embarrassing moments in your head. You’re only human and people make mistakes.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

This might just be one of those weeks you remember for the rest of your life, Gemini. Enjoy every second, take lots of photos and share your happiness with others.

Everything seems to be changing but be sure to hold onto those things that are dear to you. Don’t forget those friends you’ve known for years and be sure to keep precious family heirlooms nearby. An elderly relative’s jewellery or a piece of furniture with a fascinating history behind it could hold some significance this week, so keep an eye out for nostalgic relics of the past.


Seek shelter, Cancer, because a financial thunderstorm may be heading your way! An unexpected expense could see you having to dig deep and be a little more frugal in the coming weeks.

It’s nothing you can’t handle, though. Take a close look at your bank balance and see if you can make any changes to your expenses. Say no to that night out, don’t get a takeaway at the weekend, and instead have fun for free.

Take this opportunity to relax at home and reevaluate what you want from life. Where do you want to be in five years time? What’s your dream? Get started on your plan of action right away.


It’s rare that you suffer from regrets but this week you’re full of them. You’re questioning every little move you’ve made and replaying situations in your head over and over again. Being self aware and a tiny bit critical of our own actions certainly isn’t a bad thing but it’s important not to go overboard. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Leo. You’re a good person and, if you’ve wronged anyone or hurt their feelings, it’s nothing an apology and good deed can’t fix.


There’s no point in flogging a dead horse, Virgo. If you’ve been trying to do something for what feels like forever but it’s not getting you anywhere, could it be time to find a new tactic? This isn’t the same as giving up; your intended destination is still the same. This is simply a case of taking a different path in the hope of getting to the Holy Grail sooner rather than later.


Someone in your life is going through a destructive period and you’re getting tired of picking up the pieces. This week it may be time to sit down with them and try to get to the bottom of their problems. With a pizza and beers to hand, you can make it a positive experience and the two of you may emerge stronger than before.

You may be met with criticism later in the week. It’s up to you to decide whether the accusations are justified or not. What can you learn from this? The lesson may be as simple as cutting yourself off from those doing the criticism but it may instead require some serious self reflection.


It’s very rare that you get angry, Scorpio, but your cool, calm and collected energy is nowhere to be seen at the moment. You’re feeling on edge and every little thing makes you want to snap. To avoid damaging any relationships, perhaps this is a week for peace, tranquillity and alone time. By spending time by yourself, you can clear your mind and avoid conflict.


You don’t often pay attention to Feng Shui but it’s about time you took note of its benefits. Giving your home an overhaul could bless you with a fresh outlook on life. Got a free afternoon this week? Take a trip to your favourite home store and treat yourself to everything you need to transform your place.

Strapped for cash? Fear not! A shopping spree might not be possible but there are plenty of ways to update your home on a budget. A few plants here, a couple of scatter cushions there and you’ll feel the benefits.


You’re given superhero status this week, Capricorn. Did you save a cat from a tree? Did you do an elderly stranger’s shopping for them? Or perhaps you went out of your way to help a colleague. Whatever you did, you’re amazing. You can’t really figure out why you’re getting so much applause and your modesty is shining bright like a diamond. Being modest is a fantastic personality trait but be careful not to let it transform into self-deprecation or imposter syndrome. You deserve this.

If word gets around about your kindness, you may find that an increasing number of people turn to you in a crisis. Don’t brush off a new friend if they try to confide in you. You may feel uncomfortable at first but by being there for them you may ignite a strong new friendship that will last for years to come.


You’ve given 110% recently and you’re starting to wonder when your hard work will actually start to pay off. It will eventually, keep at it.

Keep an eye out for someone who’s looking to dim your shine or take credit for your own work. Although you’re quick to stick up for others and support causes you care about, you often fail to stand up for yourself and rarely make your own needs and achievements known. Whether you made an extra five sales at work this month or you went above and beyond to help a client, when the time’s right – take credit.


No matter where you go, something keeps reminding you of old friends you’ve fallen out of touch with. Whether a song you all used to sing together keeps playing on the radio or you find an old photograph that evokes a wave of nostalgia, you just can’t escape memories from years gone by. With a mix of happy and sad memories, you may be feeling a little conflicted and unsure what to do next.

Could it be time to get in touch with the ones that got away? Don’t point the finger or ask yourself who burnt down the bridge. Just jump right in and swim over to them! You never know, they may have been thinking about you too.

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