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Astrology for the week of 25th April 2016


ariesYou received good news towards the end of last week and this could be a sign of great things to come. Is a promotion or new job on the cards?

You’ve got a spring in your step and you’re ready to take on the future. Your foot is on the accelerator but those around you seem to be moving at a snail’s pace. Don’t let their sluggish behaviour get to you. They just need some reassurance, that’s all. Lead the way and they’re sure to follow in due course.

Don’t let an argument with a friend or family member cause more drama than necessary. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a trivial matter that doesn’t demand your attention.

Key points this week:

  • Adventure lies ahead
  • Lead the way and inspire others
  • Don’t give a petty argument more attention than it deserves


You’re finding it difficult to concentrate at the moment, Taurus.  You can’t seem to think straight but with your birthday month underway who can really blame you?

The celebrations have begun but be careful not to overdo it. Try not to make a habit of waking up with a sore head. Burning the candle at both ends isn’t good for your mind or body.

When it comes to spirituality, you often dip your toes in the water but you can sometimes be reluctant to jump straight in. Now’s the time to wave goodbye to your inner sceptic and approach the spiritual world with an open mind. Meditation could help you to clear your mind while a tarot reading could give you an insight into the future and inspire your next move.

Key points this week:

  • Don’t go overboard when celebrating your birthday
  • Avoid burning the candle at both ends
  • Explore your spiritual side

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

You’ve got a skeleton in your closet, Gemini. Although these secrets have been giving off a mysterious vibe, you’ve been questioning whether it’s time to open up and get things off your chest.

Honesty may be just the thing you need to lift the weight off your shoulders and embark on a fresh start. However, before spilling the beans, ask yourself whether any good can come of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Some things are better left unsaid and, if you confide in the wrong person, you may be left with greater regrets that can’t be undone.

Key points this week:

  • Honesty could be the best policy
  • But some things are better left unsaid
  • Confide in the right person


You’ve been feeling suspicious lately, Cancer. You’re questioning the motives of others and looking over your shoulder on a regular basis. However, it’s time to stop directing this paranoid behaviour towards those you should love and trust.

You’re so busy watching those close to you that you’re wandering through life in a haze of distraction. Look both ways before crossing, don’t leave your phone in the taxi and remember to always shield your pin.

Key points this week:

  • Kick paranoia to the curb
  • Trust your friends and family
  • Be present and avoid distractions


Never stand still. That’s your motto! You love coming up with innovative and revolutionary ideas at every turn. However, on your quest for success, it’s important to remember your manners. Rather than speeding past your allies, remember that they have goals and ambitions too. There is no ‘I’ in team, remember?

Look for ways to show your colleagues you’re a team player. Perhaps you could nominate someone for an award or help a manager tackle their overwhelming workload. This is an attitude for life, not just for work. Surprise a friend with tickets to see their favourite artist or invite the whole gang to yours for pizza.

Key points this week:

  • Be a valuable member of the team
  • Spur other people on
  • Surprise a friend


You know you can’t please everyone but that doesn’t stop you trying. You’ll bend over backwards to keep other people happy but this attitude is stunting your personal growth. Push the wants and desires of others to the back of your mind and focus on YOU.

Where do you want to go and what do you want to do? It’s time to create an action plan and set the wheels in motion.

In other news, single Virgos could see an exciting development in their love lives if they play their cards right. But in order for romance to materialise, you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and make the first move.

Key points this week:

  • Focus on yourself
  • Decide what you want from your future
  • Step out of your comfort zone


Watch what you say this week, Libra. Whether you’re doing a presentation at work or having a rant on Facebook, you’re not mincing your words.  Being assertive and having the ability to cut to the chase are important qualities to have but don’t let your thoughtful and considerate qualities disappear. This isn’t like you.

Put your foot on the breaks and step aside if a conversation turns into a heated debate. Your opinions are valuable but don’t let them define you or overshadow your friendly and attentive nature.

Key points this week:

  • Be assertive but don’t go too far
  • Stay thoughtful and considerate
  • Avoid heated debates


Is this love? You just can’t seem to get this question off your mind at the moment. If it’s early days, try not to come on too strong. Instead, let them take the lead and wait for them to make the first move.

Coupled-up Scorpios may be questioning whether their relationships will stand the test of time. In the early days everything was so exciting and new but as time has passed, you’ve found yourselves stuck in the same old routine. This is perfectly normal, Scorpio. Although you may be yearning for a fresh start, deep down you know you’ve got something special going on.

Try to break the mould and do something a little different. By getting out there and making offbeat plans together, you’ll reignite the flame and feel stronger than ever.

Key points this week:

  • When it comes to matters of the heart, let them make the first move
  • If you’re in a relationship, make exciting new plans together
  • Break the mould and try something new


You’ve well and truly hit the wall, Sagittarius. Your winning streak was sure to come to an end eventually but you never imagined it would be this sudden.

Although you’re used to achieving great things, don’t think of this as a defeat. Look at how far you’ve come! You’re still just as amazing as you’ve always been.

Take this opportunity to heal and recuperate before deciding whether to carry on as you were or follow a new path.

You’ll draw inspiration this week from an unlikely source. Be sure to open your eyes and ears to the words of others. Blink and you might miss it.

Key points this week:

  • Your winning streak could come to an end
  • Don’t admit defeat
  • Draw inspiration from unlikely sources


Whether a colleague starts sending you funny emails or a spontaneous acquaintance invites you for drinks, you could find yourself a new partner in crime this week. You’re feeling mischievous and ready for an adventure but make sure this doesn’t land you in hot water. If the silly emails start to mock your boss or a visit to the bar leads to drunken phone calls, it could all end in tears. Be the responsible one in this new relationship, Capricorn.

Key points this week:

  • Have fun with your new partner in crime
  • Don’t let mischief spiral out of control
  • Be the responsible one


You’re on edge at the moment, Aquarius. Whether your housemate leaves dirty dishes on the side or your partner fails to replace the toilet roll, the slightest thing seems to be getting on your nerves. So far, you’ve managed to keep your frustration under wraps.  Don’t let this be the week you snap! Instead, calmly address the situation and be sure to use your sense of humour to your advantage.

When bad habits and irritating behaviours aren’t getting on your nerves, you’re busy looking for ways to make a change. Whether you’re contemplating a new hairstyle or giving your wardrobe an overhaul, this could be the perfect opportunity for a new look.

Key points this week:

  • Try to keep your cool
  • Calmly address grievances like an adult
  • Experiment with a new look


If you’ve received some bad news lately, you may feel as though life needs to grind to a halt. Try not to let this happen, Pisces. Life must go on and you’re more tenacious than you think. There is light at the end of the tunnel and by pushing through your problems, you can emerge triumphantly.

Towards the end of the working week, you may feel like giving up and starting afresh next time around. Try to tie up any loose ends before the bank holiday weekend though. You’ll thank yourself when it’s time to get back to work.

Key points this week:

  • Keep moving even when the going gets tough
  • You’re stronger than you think
  • Tie up any loose ends before letting your hair down

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