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Astrology For The Week Of 25th December 2017



This week you’ll need to work hard to keep your emotions in check. You may find yourself jumping quick to anger and shooting yourself in the foot. Taking the time to breathe, calm down and maintain some modicum of modesty will serve you well and will mean when you look back at the week as a whole, you won’t be filled with regret. The holiday period can be stressful but by keeping a cool head, you’ll inspire others to do the same and diffuse any potentially volatile situations. Keep your head up and just get on with things this week.


It’s time to put your money woes behind you Taurus. You’ve been struggling over the past few weeks, that’s true. But things will only get better from here on out, especially as you head into the New Year. The problem you have is that you can sometimes be too giving. Your generosity is something to be admired but be careful you don’t get yourself into trouble by giving too much.

This week may feel like a bit of a whirlwind and you’ll feel like you’re being pulled in every different direction. But it will only be for a few days and it will be worth it in the end to spend time with family and friends.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

You could find yourself contemplating a big decision this week Gemini. Really give it some thought because this week really could bring some terrific news. You’ll find yourself able to accomplish a lot this week which will leave you open to new and exciting opportunities.

Putting the work in now means you’ll have earned the right to cut loose and let your hair down. You’ll have a new found confidence so embrace it!


The key to a successful week is to let off all your steam before you get involved in any melodrama with other people. Whether it’s going for an intense gym session, a therapeutic art class or even throwing a few soft pillows, get your emotions out and bring some stability to your life. This will leave you fresh and balanced to bring some clarity to some adventures that will be coming your way!


Are you feeling a little aggressive this week? Use this fire to fuel your week. It will be your driving force to get through the next seven days. Try not to get carried away and keep your feet on the ground. Bulldozing your way through life can only get you so far. Be realistic and you’ll find that fire is much more useful.

Someone may fail to keep a promise this week Leo. Try not to get too upset, it can be a stressful time over the festive period and people have a lot on their plates.


Emotions are running high this week Virgo. But did you expect any less from the Christmas period? It can be difficult navigating this time of year. You’re interacting with people you don’t always see and being in such close quarters can cause tempers to flair. People will look to you when it comes to ways to behave. Be practical and solid, family and friends will be looking to lean on you during this time.

With that being said, happiness is definitely on the horizon and you’re in for a joy filled few days.


This week is not the week for holding back. Don’t have any reservations, just get out there and go for it. Your instincts are always right on the money and this week is no exception. Don’t let others try and steer you off course, however well meaning they may be.

Big celebrations are also occurring this week Libra and you’ll be thrilled to be involved in the festivities. Enjoy this time because come the New Year, you’ll be back on course to hit all your goals.


Holding your tongue is the best advice you could take this week Scorpio. You may think that you’re in the right and that you have all the answers but you need to let others make their own mistakes. If you try and take control you may risk angering those around you, however good your intentions are.

With emotions high already during this time of year, it may be wise to become less of a talker and more of a listener. It could be more effective than you think.


Your skills and intuitive nature will come in handy this week Sagittarius. Decisiveness and empathy will be key as you work to move things forward. What would people do without you?

Don’t worry if you need some help yourself. Your friends and family will be only too happy to rally round. Togetherness will be the theme of this week and you’ll really feel the love.


Is your heart telling you one thing and your head another? You may feel a little conflicted this week Capricorn. Whilst it’s such a joyful week, you may be pulled off track by a nagging doubt somewhere in the back off your mind.

You’re going to have to simply pull yourself together and get on with life this week. You can deal with your doubt after the festive season is over. You may even find that you were making mountains out of molehills anyway!


Trust is a big thing for you this week. Trust in yourself and trust in others. Why do you think it is that your belief has become shaken? Think about whether someone has let you down over the last few weeks. Or have you let yourself down?

Beating yourself up or dwelling on the past isn’t going to do you any good this week Aquarius. Let it go and focus on having such a good Christmas period.


Get the balance right this week Pisces. The days should be spent ensuring all tasks and projects are completed and the nights are for letting your hair down and having some fun! It’s all about rewarding yourself for a job well done. After a long year it’s good to reflect on what you’ve achieved and even have a think about the things you missed out on. Can you do better next year?

Looking back this week, you’ll be amazed at the year you’ve had so far!

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