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Astrology For The Week Of 25th October

Thankfully, there is a brilliant Full Moon that will be in Taurus, which is great for people who want their financial situations to take a turn for the better. Many of us have been working hard to get the money we need to be more comfortable in our everyday lives. Sure, we all must avoid spending unnecessarily, however if we are cutting back on our social lives because of money, this can affect our wellbeing. This Full Moon might make certain signs say, “Thank God” as it makes its transformation on Tuesday. After this Moon phase, we can finally start to relax a little bit more, instead of counting every copper penny in our purse. Halloween is set to be a fantastic night for all of us. Even if some signs still can’t quite afford to go to luxury nights out and drink expensive cocktails, a friend’s house party could provide you all with more fun than you can imagine. A room full of their friends results in getting to know other guests really well. A costume that allows us to act like someone else could give the confidence boost we need to have a little more fun.



This week is going to concentrate around your career. There is going to be a positive change as new tasks start flying in left, right and centre. You love working on something you’re passionate about and you might be picked to lead a project that has your name written all over it. It’s about time you get a thumbs up for your hard work yet this new task might make you nervous. C’mon, Aries! A fire sign like you is more than capable of turning this into something highly successful. Even if you feel out of your depth, remember that you’ll be around others that can help. Accept advice and don’t become too stubborn, even if you believe your idea is better. In others news, you could decide to transform your look in some way or another. Have you wanted a change for quite some time? Go on, treat yourself to a luxe makeover. It’s not money that’s gone to waste and actually, your new found confidence will be worth every penny.


Are you feeling extra sociable, Taurus? We wouldn’t be surprised if you are. After you’ve been working til late to finish projects, now is the time you can let your hair down. Everyone deserves a break, especially you! An Earth sign like you won’t want to let people down, so you are probably that one that keeps the project going until it’s 100% completed. Halloween is on its way and thankfully, you’ll have more than one party invite to consider. Get creative with your costume and go as something completely original. A funny sign like you might choose a play-on-word theme that mixes it up a little. A shop bought costume gets a no thanks from you because you’re a sign that likes putting in as much effort as you can. That best-dressed award has your name written on it already, so don’t disappoint!

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Look around you, Gemini. Is your home cluttered with items that you just don’t need anymore? Horder alert! If you can hardly move without bumping into something, you’ll need to get this in check. Refresh and revive your home by chucking out anything that you haven’t used in the past 6 months. Why? The truth is, you probably aren’t going to use it now, are you? It’s hard to throw away some clothes we like but if they are gathering dust, it really isn’t doing anything positive. Go to a car boot sale and you might be surprised at how much you sell. If you fancy giving everything away for free, a charity shop will be very appreciative. Or if you have a friend who is struggling for money, that gorgeous outfit you aren’t too pleased to give away could really put a spring in their step. A new bag and a coat could save them heaps of money, so just ask around and find out who could love your forgotten items.


It’s time to celebrate, Cancer. You’ve gone through an awful lot this year and it’s time that you celebrate. Whether you’ve achieved something or not, this weekend needs a few cocktails. Just because you haven’t done something groundbreaking doesn’t mean you haven’t grown as a person. What did your life look like 6 months ago? You might suddenly realise how far you’ve come. Have you gone up a few roles in your job? Have you gotten back in touch with old friends? Little do you know that these are actually things to celebrate. In others news, you’ll seriously impress people this Halloween. Look at characters that have a similar resemblance to you. Who knows, you might just trick people into thinking you’re the real deal! Let you hair down and have some fun!


You hate flaunting your good work but sometimes, it’s something that will get you noticed. If your manager is really busy working up to the Christmas break, giving them a subtle hint about your recent success could work a treat. Chances are you’re doing a great job, but people are distracted about others things. Make sure you are seen and heard. Don’t act like a diva and instead, just be modest. You’re allowed to be proud of yourself, remember? In others news, Halloween will require great efforts. After this week, you might become exhausted, so make sure Friday and Saturday afternoon is spent getting lots of shut-eye. The night will be full of events that you can’t turn down. You’ll need to bring your fiery self to the table- so make sure you don’t burn out.


Do you desperately desire a change of scenery, Virgo? This week, you might get sick to death of doing the same old thing every weekend. This might urge you to book a last minute getaway with a plus one. Exploring a different city and eating at independent restaurants is much more appealing to you than going to the same old chain. Look around for any mid-Autumn bargains before the Winter prices increase. In others news, you might need to make a big decision. If you’ve been unhappy for a while, it’s time you finally decide what you’re going to do about it. If you have been putting in all efforts and been getting nothing, how long is this going to last? Unfortunately, after even more dedication, you might discover a reward was never really on the cards, making you want to pack your things and get out of there. If people aren’t going appreciate you, then you need to be the person that makes the change. Weigh up the pros and cons so you can make the right choice.


A friendship might turn into a romance this week, with thanks to Halloween on Saturday. Being dressed as someone else might make you do some crazy things, including being very flirty with a friend. You’re not the usual sign to make a move but this week, you won’t be able to resist. An independent sign like you rarely needs a partner to feel special however, this person might make you rush to change your relationship status. When someone is right, it feels right and it can transform the way you think about love. This friendship turned relationship could start to get serious much earlier than you thought. Go with it, Libra. Don’t let this slip through your fingers. It’s alright to be a little vulnerable from time to time. In others news, you might need to put a little effort into your job to get that appraisal you’ve wanted for the past couple of months. Get your head down, try not to gossip as much in the office and look out for the changes.


Last week, we were advising you to finally let go of the emotional baggage that has been affecting your romantic life for quite some time. Hopefully, you’ve had a eureka moment which has allowed you to rinse your life of this past relationship once and for all. For single Scorpios, you might meet someone this Halloween that gives you the chills.. in a very good way! You might not even realise how attractive they are underneath all that face paint until you meet up with them for a coffee. Pleasant surprises are on their way for you, which is excellent timing for your birthday. If you are already in a relationship, you and your partner are going to get back a spark that’s fizzled over the past couple of months. Remember, going through this is very common amongst long term relationships, so don’t be too harsh on yourself. Going to parties wearing a couple’s themed costume could make you both realise how amazing you are together. You make one hell of a team, so let’s keep it that way!


You’ve been working really hard, haven’t you? It’s difficult to stay motivated in a job where you feel you just aren’t getting the positivity from others that you deserve. The brilliant thing about you Sagittarius is that you rarely stomp your feet and demand attention. You prefer to sit behind the scenes and get everything done. Don’t fret because it’s highly likely that you will start to see recognition for your efforts. People like the fact you aren’t a diva and many might even try and see how long it takes you to crack. Even if you are nearly at boiling point at certain moments, stay true to yourself. If you remain calm and collected, people will note this down. Your boss might be on the look out for someone who can run a project without their ego getting in the way. So when everyone else is running around, trying to steal each other’s limelight, it’ll work much better for you in the future if you just stay out of it and keep the cogs turning.


This week, you’re really going to step on the centre stage. Everyone is going to be impressed with the way you carry yourself, especially in your love life. Romance is on the cards and you might just meet someone who ticks all of your boxes. Something that started out as business related could get very fiery if you start to exchange flirtatious words at a working lunch break. It might feel a little out of line if something happens however, many romances start this way. For other Capricorns, a romance you’ve wanted to happen for years might blossom this week. This might make you nervous, particularly if it’s a crush you’ve had for longer than 5 years. Take it easy and let them do the charming! You deserve to be finally whisked away by the person, especially if they’ve taken much longer to notice you as a romantic interest.


Do you like to be festive, Aquarius? Now is the best time to start planning what you want to change about your home leading up to Christmas. If things need fixing here and there, you’ll be on a power surge over the next couple of weeks, so make sure you can everything finished. Painting those walls and securing new kitchen fittings might seem like a total chore, however, it’ll look amazing teamed with your decorations in December. In other news, Halloween might require you to be super organised. If you are hosting a party, you’ll need to spend most of your time making sure everything runs smoothly rather than downing those drinks. Top up the fruit punch and make sure the snacks keep coming. You like to be known for your incredible parties, so don’t make the quality slip.


If you’ve been hiding away for a couple of weeks, now is the time to make your comeback. When it’s getting colder outside, it’s tempting to want to put the kettle on and wrap up warm. However, over the next few weeks, your friends might host a few parties that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. You don’t want to be the person who lets someone down, especially if you’ve already been absent recently. For a subtle apology, make sure you bring a gift or a delicious desert so that they know how much you really care. On Halloween, celebrate your sky rocketing social life by wearing an extravagant costume- that’s right, wigs and dresses galore! Go for it Pisces!

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