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Astrology For The Week Of 26th February 2018



Has the fog lifted for you Aries? You may be able to see things with a fresh and clear perspective. Sometimes, a little space and time is all you need to get your thoughts together and from there things just seem to fall into place.

Meditation or at least some quiet alone time will do you the world of good this week Aries. It’s good to be left alone with your thoughts to help you gain that perspective you seek.


Don’t be too hard on yourself this week Taurus. There’s this nagging voice inside your head that keeps telling you you’re not good enough, and it traps you in a cycle of over analysing every little thing. Try your best to break that cycle and cut yourself some slack.

Towards the end of the week you’ll want to surround yourself with mentors who can help bring positivity and light into your life. Whether it’s doing something productive or just chilling out, it will help you get into a more positive and relaxed mindset.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

You may get the overwhelming urge to do some nesting this week Gemini. Wall art, blankets, cushions, candles, they’re all being added to your shopping basket. If it makes you feel good then great. Home is where the heart is afterall. But be careful you don’t go into a spending overdrive buying things that you think are going to fill a hole, but in fact, will not.

Strong and powerful women will come into your life this week Gemini, learn everything you can from them!


Variety really is the spice of life for you this week Cancer. Dip your toe in everything and anything, you never know when you may discover a new passion or hobby. It’s never too late to try new things and it’s never too late to fall in love with something. So when your friend asks you to come play squash, or you get invited to a knitting club don’t automatically say no because “it’s not your thing.”

By the weekend you may be getting itchy feet and it can be tough to dampen those feelings of wanderlust. There’s no harm in going on a mini getaway but it’s worth examining why you’re feeling so strongly about getting away. 


Financially, you’re in for a good week Leo. Your hard work and saving ways will really start to pay off. Being proactive will be of great benefit to you which means you should volunteer yourself for projects at work, and make yourself available for all kinds of extra tasks.

Something coming between you and your significant other? Honesty is always the best way in these types of situations so just put everything out on the table and see what the problem is.


You’re going to be filled with a new found confidence this week Virgo. There’s a certain spring in your step, a glow to your skin and a lovely lilt in your voice. Wherever it has come from, keep hold of it as long as you can. Not only will it benefit you, but your confidence will start to rub off on others around you!

This week you should focus on your happiness. It’s the perfect time for it. Whatever it is you need to do to keep yourself on track, writing a journal, giving yourself an hour of pampering or buying yourself something new, do it.


Holding on to grudges and resentment is going to do you no favours Libra. You may be sick of people telling you to “let it go” but how many times do you need to hear it before you start to take some notice? Believe or not, those closest to you are only thinking of your happiness. Whether you need to forgive someone or leave the past behind you, this week is the time to do it. Unburdening yourself will leave you feeling so much lighter as you free yourself from your resentment.


“Now what?” It’s a question you’re going to be asking yourself a lot this week Scorpio. You’re desperate to keep progressing, moving on to the next thing. Your dedication and sense of initiative is admirable but at some point you’re going to have to slow down. It’s not sustainable to keep up this pace and eventually you’ll have to slow down. Why are you so eager to jump on to the next thing? What are you afraid of if you stop? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself.


Spending time with your loved ones is important this week Sagittarius. You need to be around people you can trust completely. And it will do your mental health a world of good. Whether it’s a cinema trip with your brother or cooking some home comfort food with your sister, take it easy over the next seven days, relaxation and rejuvenation should be your top priority.

It’s okay to say no this week too. Never feel obliged to do things you don’t want to do, your free time is precious and you should treat it that way.


Education is going to be a common theme for you this week Capricorn. You’re going to be searching for answers here there and everywhere. Educational courses, new work placements, volunteering – they’re all possibilities and they’re all great options for learning. But education comes in many forms. You might find it useful to learn more about your nearest and dearest or something pop culture related. Whatever it is, soak up that knowledge!


Expressing your feelings may come as a struggle for you this week Aquarius but it’s completely worth it. You may feel like you’re risking a lot by opening yourself up but when you really think about it, what’s the worst that could happen? Just start talking and see where it gets you. The risk is so small compared to the reward!

Another outlet that you may find useful is exercise. You don’t have to start killing yourself in the gym, just a simple walk out in the fresh air will do the trick.


Relationships are strong for you this week Pisces. Whether it’s romantic, familial, platonic or work related, secure and durable relationships are all around you. Doesn’t it feel good to have someone backing your corner at all times? The trust goes both ways so whilst you may rely on others to help you out you need to be ready to step up when someone needs you.

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