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Astrology For The Week Of 27th April

This week, we can expect to see a positive change in communication due to Mercury being in talkative Gemini. Usually, Mercury stays around for three weeks for each sign however; this is now going to last until 8th July 2015. This means many of us can put our point across the right way, getting what we want in a more effective way.
However, there is a retrograde starting on 18th May until 11th June, meaning we could lose track of important documents, so during this week, many sure they are all stored safely to avoid any mix ups.


(March 21st– April 19th)

This week is focused around money for you, Aries. It’s an interesting subject because it’s one that can make people very greedy, which is exactly the type of trait a fire sign like you needs to avoid. In reality, you may have been falling behind when it comes to your career, seeing people get promotions and not having a sniff. Now it’s time to step up your game and work extra hard to ensure that you’re climbing up the career ladder and not just stood on one step without moving upwards. Instead of thinking about the fact you want more money, think about whether you actually deserve more of it and what you need to do to get it.
Collect ideas together for projects that are either happening now or that might be developing. This sudden input could impress the important people around you, making them rethink your position in the business.


(April 20th– May 20th)

This week is a fantastic one for you, Taurus. Now is the time to get noticed, much more than usual, meaning if you have any ideas, you should put them forward! You can also be bolder than usual when it comes to your fashion statements too. If you have bought something that is a little bit out of your comfort zone, rock it! The way you feel about yourself will work wonders for getting what you want in life, whether that’s asking for a promotion or exclusivity in a relationship.
You will also need to outline important facts this week, so that you are aware of what is really happening, instead of relying on your analysis. This way, in friendships, you career or relationships, you know what page you are both on, making communication easier.


(May 21st– June 20th)

This week will feel like a whirlwind or maybe even a storm for you, Gemini. However, this is actually going to be a pretty large breakthrough when it comes to your life. You are someone who needs to let go of something that is no longer serving you any purpose. This is mostly likely to do with your relationships. You may have had a rough time of it, recently which is why this change is needed. It could be that you need to collect your belongings from a partner’s house and say farewell or you might need to say goodbye to your bad behaviour and how you’ve been acting. Have arguments been regular with your loved one? It might actually be something the both of you need to work on. It’s time to put the past behind you and start fresh. You can either break free or build a happier future together. It’s up to you!


(June 21st– July 22nd)

Sometimes, you are a little shy, whether you would like to admit it or not. This is how a time where you might want to run and hide away, Cancer. You can have a very entertaining personality but this week, you could see other people’s actions a little more clearly when you aren’t having an input. Pulling back can make people show the true sides of their personality, meaning you could get the answers you have been looking for all along. Do you have a feeling a friend isn’t being loyal or is it your romantic interest that isn’t telling the truth?
Whatever you do, stick to your grounds. If someone’s actions don’t match up with what they are saying, keep a track of it and don’t get fooled by their charismatic personality.
If you’ve already sealed the deal with a relationship, this week could be rather romantic on Saturday and Sunday, making someone step forward surprise you with a treat. This could make your heart flutter, deepening your partnership, so enjoy it!


(July 23rd– August 22nd)

You can often come across as a kind, considerate person who is loyal to those around you. However, this can make people take advantage of this.  You might be thinking “Really, this could even happen to a fiery Leo?” and yes, it can indeed. Not all Leos are aggressive and fiery, so you can actually be a little shy from time to time. You do going out of your way to do things that perk people up but is this happening too much? This week is the time you need to step up and assert that you are not someone to be messed with. People may have been undermining you, treating you as if you’ll do whatever they say. Of course, you like to be helpful when you can but if these people aren’t treating you with respect, there is a problem. You need to learn how to stand up for yourself a little more this week, so people know you’re part of a team, not a doormat.


(August 23rd– September 22nd)

This week for you Virgo is all about different opinions and how need to respect that other people think differently than you do. When it comes to talking to people, be careful and avoid upsetting them. For example, don’t hound someone like a dog if they are extremely religious when you are a firm believer of science. Many Virgos can be critical yet a lot of the time, there really isn’t any need. Debates can be healthy and you can also learn a lot from other’s viewpoints.
Also this week, you could see a brilliant opportunity to travel a little more, whether that’s to a different town or a totally different country. A deal could suddenly pop up that you can’t resist. This can make you a lot more social, suddenly inviting friends when you had no idea that they really needed a break. Have fun this week and let your hair down!


(October 23rd– November 21st)

Don’t believe everything that people say this week, Libra. Unfortunately, People aren’t as honest as you like to think and this can upset you, because you believe that honesty is the best policy. That lovely person you meet in the coffee shop might not be entirely single but would just like you to believe they are, just for their own form of flattery. If you already have feelings for someone that have been brewing for a while now, it’s the week to actually tell them. Yes, this is scary but you can do it! Libras tend to attract many different types of people and you need to remind yourself that you are desirable. This person could feel the same way, so how are they ever going to say yes if you never ask? Step out of your comfort zone big time and you’ll see the positive results.


(October 23rd– November 21st)

Relationships are the main focus of this week, seriously warming up your temperature and making you feel all loved up. You could express the way you feel in a very romantic way to someone who may not expect it, sweeping someone off their feet. The communication you have with this person will be off the charts, making pretty much every word you say attract them even more. What a great week, eh? To increase this spark even more, perhaps wow them with a romantic candlelit dinner, which could lure them in even more.
However, you will need to take off the rose tinted glasses for a minute and look at whether this someone is actually looking for a relationship. If you don’t think about this, you could be putting all your efforts into a partnership that isn’t destined to be long term. You want deep, romantic love and loyalty, so you’ll have to keep it real and find out whether they want the same thing or not. If they aren’t, it might hurt a little but it’s not a huge problem. A Scorpio like you won’t find it difficult to attract new potential partners in the near future.


(November 22nd– December 21st)

You are into a serious health kick at the moment, Sagittarius. We think this is brilliant because you may have been over indulging in the past couple of the months. Have you weekends been full of Netflix marathons and little to no exercise? All of a sudden, you could see yourself say “enough is enough.”
Now you want to kick yourself into action, it’s a good idea to swap those biscuits for healthier snacks. Just be careful though, dried fruits can be packed full of sugar, which will have the opposite effect you want. Before you go food shopping, do some research to get some healthy meal inspiration so you don’t come home with bags full of fatty foods.


(December 22nd– January 19th)

This week, you could bring out the creative side of your personality, making you want to take part in different arty activities. If you have seen an advertisement for an art club or a pottery class, sign yourself up. These types of hobbies can help you meet like minded people. Acquaintances could turn into long lasting friendships, making it super easy for you to organise a get together when you want to. In the past, a few friends may have been rather flaky, getting you down. Luckily, these new people will be much more up for a regular catch up and won’t leave you hanging.
Also, you could need to step back a little when it comes to your everyday responsibilities that could be dragging you down. You might have taken on a bit too much at work, leaving you drained at the end of every single day. Be honest and upfront instead of hiding away. People will respect you more for it.


(January 20th– February 18th)

Someone has Diva Fever and that someone is YOU! You could end up hosting a party this weekend that will get everyone interested in seeing you much more often.
Many people could be drawn to you, inviting you to different social activities. You might not be able to attend all of these, which is why it could be an excellent idea for you to host a dinner party at your house. Buy a few bottles of wine and wow people with your cooking this weekend. A busy person like you is always social yet may not always have time to have an outing every day in the week. A get together could bring together your different friendship groups, too and this can work wonders for close friends who are more on the shy side.
When it comes to your relationships this week, you need to step it up a little because your independent nature can come off the wrong way. Your partner might be feeling a little bit ignored when actually, it’s the last thing you want them to feel. Instead, organise a little romantic picnic somewhere you haven’t visited before to reassure them that you do indeed care about them.


(February 19th– March 20th)

In work this week Pisces, you might have to ask for what you really want. Even if you have your own clients as a freelancer, you might need to bump up your price if you’re doing too much work for little money. There is a good old saying which is, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” and this is very true for you at the moment. You are a sensitive soul who doesn’t like to ask for too much however, you need a lot more than you’re actually getting. The same could go for relationships. Are you the one cooking AND washing up? You might need to remind your partner that you’re not Cinderella, no matter how much you love them. It’s all about balance at the end of the day and there is nothing wrong with getting what you deserve.
Once people have realised this is the way you feel, they could go the extra mile for you to prove that they do care about you. Perhaps a lovely home cooked meal is in the works.

That was our astrology for the week of 27th April 2014. If you would like a more in depth reading, visit here or if you would like to discover more about astrology, visit here.

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