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Astrology for the week of 27th June 2016


ariesSomeone close to you is finding it hard to come to terms with some bad news. It may not seem like the end of the world to you but be careful not to undermine their concerns. By supporting them during their difficult time you can help them achieve acceptance and encourage them to move on sooner rather than later.

Although you’re putting on a brave face, you may have reached an end of an era yourself. Whether it is job, romance, health or family related, you’ve been trying to suppress your feelings and act like everything’s OK. Bottling things up won’t help – let your emotions run free and seek support from those around you.


A difficult week lies ahead, Taurus. Don’t make any promises you can’t keep and be careful not to accidentally offend someone you seek the approval of. Honesty is the best policy and while it may take you longer to reach your goal, it’s better to go down the honest path than deceive and trick your way to the top.

Although the road ahead may be a little bumpy, your sense of humour and ability to see the funny side will help you emerge unscathed – even if things don’t turn out exactly how you’d like them to.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

It may feel as though everyone is looking at you for answers, Gemini. They need direction in life and want to know what to do next. However, although you’ve always longed to be a leader, you’re starting to have a change of heart and you’re no longer sure if you have the solution to their problems. Don’t be too proud to seek support from someone older or wiser than yourself before you land yourself in a pickle.


Your birthday month is underway and although you spent late May and early June counting down the days, you’re not necessarily over the moon about being another year older. If you feel like time is passing you by too quickly, take stock of how much you’ve achieved so far and put plans in place to do even more in the year ahead. Unsatisfied with your achievements? It’s not too late to turn your life around and become a more creative, productive, spiritual or wealthy version of yourself.

You could meet someone special in the coming days who helps bring out the best in you. This won’t necessarily be a romantic relationship – so coupled up Cancers needn’t worry about jealousy or suspicion from their partners.


When you get home from work at the end of a long day, the last thing you want is aggravation and negativity at home. However, ever since the Mars retrograde came hurtling into your domestic zone at the end of May, you may have noticed a little tension in your abode. Perhaps a housemate isn’t doing their fair share or you’re growing tired of your partner’s bad habits. Leos that live alone aren’t necessarily immune from these bad vibes. Whether the weight of chores and DIY is heavy on your shoulders or you’re growing tired of coming home to an empty house and long for companionship, it’s time to make a change in the coming week.


Make collaboration and companionship your primary focus this week, Virgo. Surround yourself with positive people and those who complement your abilities the most. These people could be colleagues, lifelong friends or even internet buddies from a forum or social media group. By working together you can achieve greatness.

A lot of people in your life seem to be feeling a little glum at the moment and some may have lost hope. It’s your job to restore a sense of faith and belief in them. Use your optimism and leadership to your advantage.


You’re feeling betrayed, Libra. Those around you seem to be doing everything they can to take away your power and strength. Unlucky for them, you’re tougher than they think and you will not back down without a fight. You have big ambitions and you’re on a mission to change things for the better. Perseverance and honesty should help you survive the next few days.

Try to avoid any negativity in the coming week by switching off and escaping to a ‘safe place’. If you’ve been thinking of rearranging the furniture in your home or having a clear out, Monday – Wednesday could be a good time to do just that. By reorganising your space and making it as tranquil as possible, you’ll have somewhere to relax and collect your thoughts, away from the stresses and strains of your busy life.


You’ve always been a strong believer in the phrase ‘winners never quit and quitters never win’ but there comes a time in everyone’s life where quitting is the only option. Whether it’s time to leave a job that’s getting you down or you’re ready to give up on a project or hobby that doesn’t bring you joy, don’t be ashamed of your decision to move on in life. Besides, quitting one thing can open up numerous doors and see you embarking on the next adventure.


You’ve done everything you can but you just can’t stand by and watch things tumble any further. You may feel like taking a stand this week and voicing your concerns. Laying everything on the table and being open about how you feel could be a good way of moving forwards and rectifying a problem but be careful not to shame or embarrass those you think are to blame. Rather than airing any dirty laundry or gossiping to your friends, approach the situation like an adult.

If you deal with the situation effectively, you could see your life taking an unexpected and positive turn.


Don’t let regrets take over your life, Capricorn. What’s done is done. You can’t change the past but you can make more positive decisions in the future. Mistakes make us who we are and without them, we’d never learn. If other people know about your blunder, take a slice of humble pie and accept responsibility. Don’t pass the buck or place the blame on other people. This will only make you look foolish and unreliable.


This week could leave you feeling triumphant, full of joy or a combination of the two. Perhaps your career is reaching a new high, a relative will bring you positive news, or you’ll discover an exciting new opportunity. Make the most of this happy time by sharing your happiness with others.

Be careful not to rub salt in the wounds of those who may not be doing quite so well though, Aquarius. No one wants to hear you bragging. If a friend is feeling down, make sure you’re there for them in their time of need. Invite them over for a movie night or cook them dinner. A kind gesture could strengthen your friendship and reassure them that you’re a friend to hold onto.


Are you suffering from a period of uncertainty at the moment, Pisces? Perhaps you’re unsure what lies ahead. Sometimes life can feel like a game of Chess and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t decide on your next move. Rather than giving up and knocking the board over, persevere and stick with it. Try not to take too long contemplating what may lie ahead. Instead, make a decision and act on it. If your decision doesn’t result in success, it’s not the end of the world. You can’t win all the time.

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