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Astrology for the week of 27th March 2017



This week might feel a lot like last week and it can leave you in a bit of a rut. However, by the end of the week there will be a new buzz in the air which will reinvigorate you.
You’ll welcome the change in routine but you might find the disruption doesn’t provide the most productive environment. You might need to take some steps to clear your head to get anything done but you’ll get through like you always do.


You’ll feel like you’re being pulled in every direction this week Taurus. Someone is tugging on your arm to get you to do this, someone else is pulling your leg to do something else. Whilst you may feel overwhelmed by this, it’s vital for you to do what you want to do.

It’s great to be helpful when people need favours but don’t lose sight of what’s best for you too.
A hasty move might cause you problems so when a situation arises, either at work or home, take the time to really mull it over before you make a decision.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Try and keep your temper under control this week Gemini. You’ll have so many emotions bottled up inside just dying to get out but try and think “is this the best way to make your feelings known?”

By surrounding yourself with positive friends, you’ll be able to control your feelings. It couldn’t hurt to try meditating too.
It could be time to revisit someone from your past this week. It’s time to re-evaluate a past relationship that didn’t work out and you could find that love may rekindle. Who knows? Things might work out the second time around.


Trying to be something you’re not won’t work this week Cancer. People will see right through it. Instead of trying to fit a certain mold, embrace the freedom of setting your own. Those that love you for being you will stick around. And you won’t feel the need to impress anyone.

Don’t worry if you experience some emotional ups and downs, you’ll feel much more stable as the week draws to a close. You may feel a little bogged down but the clouds will part!


Some unexpected surprises will be headed your way this week Leo. And don’t worry, they’ll all be positive. Be sure to show gratitude and you’ll see even more rewards coming your way. Your generosity and kind spirit will serve you well this week.
Now is the time to be open to spontaneity – you’ll find so many doors open up to you that otherwise wouldn’t. Who knows what lies behind one of them?


If you’re feeling confused about a situation this week Virgo, it’s because your head wants to do one thing, and your heart another. Take time to think about the best course of action, maybe there is a way to satisfy both the head and heart. It might be the most sensible way to go.
Meditation and reflection will be your friend this week Virgo, it will allow you to relieve any stress and anxiety. Remember it’s all well and good taking good care of your body, but you need to ensure your mind is healthy too. Ensure you are firmly in the driver’s seat and in complete control of your destiny.


Pamper yourself this week Libra. Whether it’s a long soak in the bath with some scented candles, a relaxing walk in the countryside, or settling down with a good book, make time to do the things that you enjoy, and that keep you relaxed. You deserve some time for yourself. Especially as you may feel some strain and stress in other parts of your life this week…

Work tensions may lead to some uncomfortable situations. Try not to be too sensitive and take it too personally. If you can, just remove yourself from the situation altogether – it’s not your fight.


Try to be mindful of other people’s feelings this week Scorpio. Whilst you think you’re indulging in some lighthearted banter, and some gentle ribbing, your words can hurt those who are a little more sensitive than you. Of course, you mean no malice but an offhand remark can cause more damage than you think. It might be best to reign it in a little Scorpio, if only for this week.
You could find yourself relying on someone for financial help this week – try not to worry about it too much, it’s not as bad as you first thought. Just remember to be as kind and forgiving when someone needs your help.


What an exciting week Sagittarius! You’re going to get so much done and feel so good for it. It’s going to be one of the those weeks where everything runs smoothly and falls exactly into place without a fuss. Your intuition is very strong this week which helps you stay in sync with the universe.
Pass on the good fortune to someone you love by treating them to something special. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just something to show them that you care. They’ll feel good, you’ll feel good and positive energy will be put out into the universe. Everyone’s a winner!


If you’re feeling a little on edge this week Capricorn, it may be time to lay off the caffeine. It may not be enough to shift your nervous energy but it will help somewhat. Try not to rock the boat too much this week, if things don’t need to be said right away, don’t say them. Wait until you’re in calmer waters.
Money matters might have you worried this week but it’s time you took a new approach to your finances. Getting a handle on any debt you have will make your life so much easier – it will be like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders!


Remember, taking no action is still an action. So don’t feel too pressured to make a decision right now. Step back, take a breath and evaluate the situation. However, you will need to make up your mind at some point – so don’t just bury your head in the sand this week Aquarius.
Exercise is your friend this week. Never underestimate the power of a quick run or a yoga session. Be sure to drink lots of water, take care of yourself and give your body some much needed TLC. Doing so will enable you to receive positive energy back from the universe!


Your creative juices will really be flowing this week Pisces and your imagination will get to run wild on an exciting project. Whilst others may not be as enthused with your passion, take no notice of them. Hold onto your ideas and get your head down to make them into a reality.
Work and home life might mix this week Pisces which could be a little uncomfortable. Try and see the silver lining and in any case, it will only be in the short term. You can ride it out and move on with your life. You may even start to enjoy it by the time the week comes to a close.

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