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Astrology for the week of 28th March

Now we’re full swing into the Birthday season of Aries; we can all begin to make positive changes in our lives. The fiery influence means we can finally start to step up and change what we aren’t happy with, including relationships and careers. New opportunities could be on the horizon, even if we think we aren’t quite ready for them yet. Everything in life has a learning curve, so it’s best to explore anything that comes your way instead of allowing doubt to overshadow positivity.



It is the week where love surrounds you, but it’s not what you expect. You might be thinking, “Yay, romance!” however your week is nothing to do with love affairs. Instead, your week will be linked to your family, and you might have to play the role of the agony aunt. A parent or sibling is having a tough time at the moment, and they might be finding it challenging to stay positive. If they’ve recently experienced a breakup or another loss, it’s your job to perk them up. Inspire them with your fiery passion and prove they have the ability to bounce back.

Main points this week:

  • Support someone emotionally.
  • Don’t always compare someone elses experiences to your own because they might not be able to relate. Talk them through their situations only.
  • Give them some positivity.


We recently told you it was a good idea to start networking for your career, and this week networking is focused around your love life. Have a look for any activities you can take part in, such as a book club or artistic community where you might end up meeting someone who is right up your street. Even if you believe they are out of your league, go for it! A charming, attractive individual like yourself can sweep anyone off their feet!

Main points this week:

  • Download apps or look in newspapers that show upcoming events in your area.
  • Dress to impress at anything you attend, just in case.
  • There’s a big chance you’ll meet someone special this week!

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

This week looks very promising, Gemini. Your productivity is off the charts, making it much easier to complete important projects that have been a struggle. If you like to do extra work or freelance jobs in your spare time, Saturday is the perfect day to get everything sorted. Clear your diary in the afternoon, blast some music out of your speakers and work through everything that has been left incomplete.

Main points this week:

  • Now is the time you can complete all those smaller projects.
  • Working extra hours at the weekend will give you a bigger career boost than you first expect.
  • Be on the look out for new freelance deals.


This is the week that is focused around your social life. If you are in a job that allows you to attend events, you’re going to receive invitations you shouldn’t turn down. Getting talking to influential people in your industry will leave a lasting impression that will come in handy six months down the road. Before you attend any of these, have a look at the different businesses that are going so you can research the recent projects they’ve completed. Telling them what you liked about their work will impress them and show you’re interested. It could lead to a future job, so get googling!

Main points this week:

  • Attend exciting events that show up in your emails.
  • Make sure you keep a work attitude throughout the night. Don’t go crazy on the alcohol when you’re around influential people.
  • Research companies that are attending the same events so you can talk to them about their brilliant projects.


Your week is bringing attention to your love life. If you are a single Leo, you might experience a spark with a friend that has appeared out of nowhere. It’s likely that you’ve never both been single at the same time, so it’s never been an option to explore. There might be a friendly gathering where flirtations begin to brew over a couple of beers. You might return home, completely baffled by your new feelings. Make sure they feel the same way before you proceed! If you’re already in a relationship, it’s time to turn back the clock to when you first met. What did you do together and why aren’t you doing it anymore? Long term relationships can fall into a routine, so spark that flame up again with more date nights.

Main points this week:

  • A friendship could easily turn into a new romance.
  • Go with your feelings.
  • If you’re in an established relationship, spice it up with frequent date nights.


Your life is begging for spontaneity, Virgo. We all know you love to plan everything, but sometimes an adventure will come knocking at your door. Throw caution to the wind, will you?! It is the year where you need to let go of your particular ways so you can just enjoy the surprises life brings. If a partner has suddenly booked a trip away, don’t start panicking about language barriers or which Instagram-worthy outfits you’re going to wear. Stick what you need in a suitcase and go with the flow. Believe us, a weekend away will be refreshing, especially if it’s organised by someone else.

Main points this week:

  • You might be surprised with a last minute holiday.
  • Let go of your controlling ways and have more fun.
  • Stop panicking if you aren’t 100% prepared.


Your optimism is booming this week, Libra. Everything is going well at the moment, and your confidence has increased, too. You have love around you that has lit up your life and banished inner darkness. The energy you have right now could be an incredible influence on others. A close friend or partner might not be feeling their best, which is why you need to surround them with your warm personality. Taking them out for a mini-adventure could massively improve their mental wellbeing and lust for life.

Main points this week:

  • Treat a friend or partner to an adventure.
  • Do what you can to cheer someone up.
  • Your entire week is going to be very sunny, so surround everyone with positivity!


The Aries influence is bringing fire to your life this week, Scorpio. As a water sign with a sting in your tail, you understand people’s emotions but can sometimes find it difficult to agree with them. Your dominance attracts your partner, but if you step over the line, you could risk damaging the harmony within your relationship. You might be more of a motormouth with an urge to share your strong opinions yet these can be misunderstood, so be careful. Bite your tongue before you say something to a partner you might regret later on in the week.

Main points this week:

  • Watch how you come across to a partner.
  • Make sure you keep your dominance controlled, so you don’t go overboard with your opinions.
  • Try and keep harmony in your relationship, the fire you have at the moment could burn you!


You might begin to feel a little self-critical, Sagittarius. If you have started a new job, there’s a big chance something isn’t quite going 100% right. At the end of the day, you’re new to it, so it’s going to take some time to get something bang-on. A manager might give you constructive criticism but please, don’t take it personally. Knowing what you could improve will only help you reach those goals, so don’t start feeling sorry for yourself if you don’t get a gold star at the end of the day.

Main points this week:

  • Accept that a job is a learning curve and no, you won’t get everything right straight away.
  • Ask for help if you’re unsure about something in your job role.
  • Please don’t beat yourself up if you are finding something tricky, it’ll only damage your confidence which will then affect your performance.


It’s a good idea to hold off on packing your bags for that luxurious new flat. Have you looked at your finances or are you just guessing? You work hard in life, which is why you deserve some extra pocket money to have a good time. If a new pad is over your budget, the less money you’ll have to go out and socialise. Your mental well-being is important, so make sure you give yourself enough to enjoy life instead of staying in the same four walls.

Main points this week:

  • Don’t go for that super expensive property.
  • Revisit your budget and be realistic about whether you’d have enough money left over to live a happy life.
  • Remember that your mental well-being is crucial and luxury places won’t always make you the most content.


Your week is going to focus on your family. If there are some people you haven’t seen for quite a while, a visit is a very good idea for the weekend. People born under your sign are often very busy, so it’s likely that your schedule gets in the way. Make sure you clear your Saturday or Sunday afternoon so you can pop round and spend some quality time with them. Bring round some cake and have a brilliant catch up. It’ll give you a new lease of life for the following week.

Main points this week:

  • Visit family this week.
  • Try and organise a mini-get together so everyone can get involved.
  • Clear your diary so nothing gets in the way.


You need to start focusing a little more on your health, Pisces. You might have started a new job or your own business which is taking up nearly all of your spare time. A few takeaways are ok, but when it’s so regular that they know your name and order off by heart, it’s time to rethink your diet. Looking at ways to swap ingredients for a healthy alternative is an excellent way to detox while still eating the meals you want. Gentle jogging with the dog could be the way to exercise while spending quality time with your pet!

Main points this week:

  • Look at your diet. Is it balanced or full of rubbish?
  • Go on websites such as Pinterest for recipe inspiration.
  • Look at ways you can exercise without having to commit to a gym membership.

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