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You’re feeling more emotional than ever this week, Aries. You’ll struggle to go a day without someone or something hurting your feelings.

Although you may feel as though this is the perfect week to air your grievances, try to avoid bringing up wrongdoings from the past. You’ll only end up with a wealth of regret on top of all the other emotions you’re currently experiencing.


This week you can’t help but spill the beans. Perhaps you uncovered some juicy gossip last week and you’ve been keeping it under wraps, trying to hide it from those around you. Well, you just can’t keep your excitement anymore and early this week you may share the big news with those you trust the most. Be careful not to let the information fall into the wrong hands, Taurus. The outcome could be disastrous.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

A friend may confide in you with some information that’s been weighing heavy on their shoulders this week, Gemini. Although you may have suspected something for a while, keep your suspicions to yourself and avoid blurting out “I knew it!” The last thing you should do is make this about you. You’re a great listener, so make use of these skills this week. If you show you can be trusted with this secret, you’re sure to strengthen existing friendships and build your reputation as a loyal confidant.


It doesn’t matter how willing you are to share your secrets with your nearest and dearest, this week it’s time to set some boundaries. Those around you consider you an open book, but this could see them taking advantage of you and failing to pay attention to your emotional needs.

After all, if they already know everything about you, why make any effort to delve a little deeper? Try to identify which secrets to keep for yourself. We’re certainly not talking about bottling up your problems, but having a little mystery can work wonders.


Refrain from judging others for their actions, Leo. Before stepping in and saying something, question whether you’re in a position to offer unsolicited advice. If you are, proceed with caution and try to be as understanding as possible. It may be the case that this person is in great need of a friend and someone to confide in. Judging them for their behaviour and writing them off as a bad person is unlikely to fix the situation and it won’t help you either.


Do you keep falling for the wrong people, Virgo? If so, it may be worth taking some time out of the dating game to assess what you’re really looking for. By spending some time alone, you’ll get to understand yourself a little better and before you know it, you’ll know exactly what you need from your next relationship.

In a relationship? Alone time could do you and your partner some good. Spending your lives in each other’s back pocket can cause problems further down the line. Make sure you both have your own hobbies and interests so that you’re just as fulfilled apart as you are together.


Be careful not to rub people up the wrong way this week, Libra. You’re not usually the type of person to get on your mates’ nerves, but all that could be set to change this week thanks to a shortened attention span and desperation for some action.

If life feels a little on the dull side, set the wheels in motion and make some exciting plans. Those around you will be more than happy to join in providing it’s you who makes all the arrangements.


Some bad news may stop you in your tracks this week, Scorpio. It may leave you wondering how on earth you’ll make it through the next week. But you’re a strong soul and you’ll emerge from the flames stronger than before and ready to tackle your next challenge.

If you’ve been thinking of leaping into something new, it may be worth putting such plans on the backburner until things have settled down a little.


You’ve got no time for drama right now, Sagittarius, and at the first sign of controversy, we bet you can be found in the corner rolling your eyes. You’re right not to want to get involved. In the coming days, those around you might try to drag you into the flames. Stand your ground and don’t let them pull you under. Peace and tranquility is important to you right now and necessary ingredients in the recipe of your success.


Single? The perfect person for you could be right under your nose. While this could be someone you know already, there’s also a chance that you’ve never met but your cross paths on a regular basis. Put your headphones away and look around you during your journey to work, Capricorn. You’ll be amazed at the new things – and people – you see.

If you’re already in a relationship, your bond may be put to the test this week. Don’t worry – chances are you’ll emerge stronger and more in-sync than ever before.


Last week we told you to keep your cool and avoid jumping to conclusions. We may sound like a broken record but the same rules apply this week too! Rather than concerning yourself with the actions of others, focus on yourself and the world around you. You’re in control of far more than you imagine and by putting your own actions at the forefront of your thoughts, you’ll achieve way more than you would if you carried on obsessing over other people.


Is it time to forgive, Pisces? Holding a grudge against someone won’t harm them or enable you to get revenge. Instead, it’ll just weigh heavy on your shoulders, dragging you down and preventing you from living your best life. Let it go, once and for all! Forgiving someone who has wronged you might not seem like the right way to go about things, but we promise you’ll feel so much better when you move on.

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