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Astrology For The Week Of 2nd July 2018



Rather than waiting for someone to spur you into action, beat them to the punch and get yourself motivated instead. It’s always better to stay a step ahead of the pack and lead by example. That way, you can set your own path for yourself, rather than following someone else’s course.

Also this week, there is a chance of conflict surrounding a subject you feel particularly strongly about. You have to remember that others also have the same tenacity about their feelings, even if they don’t match up with yours.


You could experience great inner turmoil this week Taurus, as you try and settle a debate within yourself that has been brewing for some time. It may lead to a large about of emotional confusion as you sway back and forth trying to weigh up your options. Do you stay practical and carry on as you have been doing? Or do you finally take that leap and go in another direction? Only you can decide. Sure, you can go to others for advice and guidance but ultimately you are the one that has to make the decision.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Life is about balance but this week it may be a little tough for you to juggle everything so harmoniously. If you can’t find the perfect solution that’s okay – don’t force it. You can always pick things back up next week when things have calmed down. There’s no harm in sticking your head in the clouds for a little while, especially when there’s nothing for you to do at the moment. If you keep trying to find a fix, it will just feel like banging your head against a brick wall.


This week other people’s stubbornness and rigidness could cause some conflict and tension. You’re going to have to be the one to adapt and make some compromises to resolve the situation before it drags on and does some permanent damage. Not everyone is going to agree on everything all the time and this week is the perfect example of that. Try and find a balance, and come up with a situation that will at least partly satisfy everyone. It’s time to put on your peacekeeping hat Cancer!


Don’t let your emotions run away from you this week Leo. You may find it is really easy to get pulled off course by distractions so it’s important to focus on where you want to go and what you want to do. Keeping a level head will be the way to do this rather than letting your emotions steer you. Your feelings can be fleeting and are often affected by little things day-to-day so you can’t always rely on them. Stay grounded and focused on the task at hand.


Physical activity is going to be your friend this week Virgo. Getting the blood pumping will do you wonders and will ensure you’re heading in the right direction. It’s also really good for your mental state. If you find that something is trying to pull you off track, clearing your head with some exercise is a great way to ensure you stay on course and can think practically about decisions you have to make. Whether you go for a walk with you friend or you head out on a solo run – just keep moving!


If you get the urge to escape this week Libra, make sure you do it in a healthy way. Yes we all need to break away from life every now and then but it’s important not to fall foul of dangerous pursuits that will make matters worse in the long run. Remember, you can push away your problems temporarily but until you face them head on, there always going to come back around. So if you do want to escape for a little while, head to the countryside for a day or two, huddle inside with a good book or have a day of total pamper bliss. These are all healthy ways of getting away from it all without doing any lasting damage.


You’ve been pushing away your artistic side for too long Scorpio and this week it is time to shine! Creative pursuits are a fantastic outlet for showcasing your emotions, dreams and talents. Once you’ve completed something you can stand back and be proud of what you’ve achieved. And a lot of the time, the process is just as important as the end product. Not only is it beneficial for you, but you can also inspire others to do the same. Whatever it is that’s been burning inside you, let it out in whichever way you see fit.


This week seems to have done a complete 180 compared to last week. What was easy and positive last week now seems difficult and negative. What progress you were making now seems to have moved backwards. Although it may seem like you’re trying to swim your way through tar instead of water, you can use this time to reassess your options and think of new ideas. Sometimes we just have weeks like this! It’s only temporary and is all part of the balance of life. Roadblocks are common, what’s important is how we try and overcome them.


Slow and steady wins the race Capricorn and this week you’re going at a leisurely pace. Enjoy it! Just because things are going full steam ahead doesn’t mean they aren’t going ahead. It’s nice to be able to take your time with things, assessing them as you go. It makes a change from life being a complete whirlwind! This week is all about being patient and letting things happen naturally. By the end of the week you’ll be glad with how things have gone.


If you’re distracted this week Aquarius that’s okay. Your dreams are going to get the better of you and it may mean you’re unable to focus on the task at hand. But who said dreams were bad? It’s just something else to focus on! We should all make time to follow our dreams so what’s wrong with starting it this week? By incorporating your dreams into your reality you may find you’re a much happier person. If others aren’t quite sure what to make of it, let them be confused. You may even inspire them to follow their own dreams!


There’s a disconnect between your heart and your head this week Pisces and it could lead to a lot of confusion. Especially as other people may start whispering in your ear. You can’t listen to what everyone is saying, especially when they are all saying different things! Besides you’ve got to resolve your own inner conflict first. Trying to compromise between your head and your heart could leave you with little energy to make hard decisions. Use this week to contemplate and reflect, you can make your commitments and decisions next week.,

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