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Astrology for the week of 2nd May 2016


ariesWe’re now a third of the way into 2016 and you’re starting to feel somewhat reflective. You can’t help but think back to those resolutions you made at the start of the year and worry about how far you have to go. Stop worrying, Aries! Sure, you haven’t yet achieved everything you set out to do but think about all the things you’ve learnt so far.

This week may see you meeting new people who could have a positive impact on your career. Whether you meet a business owner at an event or start chatting to someone influential on Twitter, this is your chance to flaunt your social skills.

Don’t let your insecurities get the best of you this week. Despite your charm and charisma, negative thoughts sometimes take over.

Key points this week:

  • Stop worrying
  • Flaunt your social skills
  • Don’t let insecurities get the best of you


Don’t let the green eyed monster ruin your week, Taurus. Whether an acquaintance has beaten you to the job of your dreams or your partner has made a new friend, avoid comparing yourself to others. The only person you should be competing against is yourself.

For you, this year is all about progression and self discovery. You’ve been doing quite a bit of reflecting recently and have been questioning your personality traits. Although people love you because of your generous and dependable nature, you sure can be stubborn. Once your mind’s made up, nothing will budge you! Being decisive is a fantastic quality to have but it’s important to be willing to change your mind when presented with new information. Could this be worth thinking about this week?

Key points this week:

  • Don’t let the green eyed monster ruin your week
  • The only person you should compete against is yourself
  • Be willing to compromise and change your mind when presented with new information

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

You’ve been having nightmares recently, Gemini. Are you okay? You’re concerned that something from your past is coming back to haunt you and you’re starting to wonder whether you’ll ever feel yourself again. You will, but it’ll take time.

Make sure you focus on yourself this week and do all the fun things you’ve been putting on the back burner due to your hectic schedule. Remember: you can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. So instead of dwelling on negative memories or bad experiences, focus on creating lots of happy memories for the future.

You’re in a great place in your life right now and you know it. Everything seems to be falling into place and we couldn’t be happier for you!

Key points this week:

  • Spend this week doing all the fun things you’ve been putting on the back burner
  • You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one
  • Don’t dwell on negative experiences


You’re feeling nostalgic this week, Cancer. No matter where you go or what you do, you’re inundated with positive memories from the past.

Whether your favourite childhood song keeps being played on the radio or you stumble upon an old photo album, these little reminders are likely to give you the chills while also putting a smile on your face. Could you use these happy memories to heal a strained relationship with a relative or old friend?

If you’re single, these very memories could lead you on a path to romance.  Perhaps you’ll bump into a childhood sweetheart or you’ll meet someone with a similar past to your own. Either way, exciting times are ahead!

Key points this week:

  • Enjoy the nostalgia this week brings
  • Share your memories with others
  • Be open to romance


Despite being a fire sign, this week you’re suffering from serious burnout. Sure, all that hard work you’ve been putting in at work has started to pay off but at what cost? You’re exhausted and in desperate need of recuperation! By taking some time out to relax and meditate, you’ll be able to bounce back and set the world on fire once more.

Whilst we’re on the topic of fire, single Leos may find themselves rekindling an old flame in the near future. You’ve both grown a lot since you were last together but, providing you’ve both grown in the same direction, magic could be on the cards.

Use that passionate, generous and warm-hearted Leo charm to your advantage this week. Not only in your personal life, but professional too.

Key points this week:

  • Relax and meditate
  • Could romance be on the cards with an old flame?
  • Use your warm-hearted charm to your advantage


If you’re looking for love, your dream partner could be right around the corner. Perhaps this person lives or works near you or your paths keep crossing…almost. They’re never far away but something’s standing in the way and preventing you from meeting one another. Are you reluctant to try new things? Do you chicken out of big decisions at the last minute? This fear and indecision could be preventing you from meeting The One.

Meanwhile, loved-up Virgos are feeling grateful this week. Make sure you show your gratitude by doing something nice for your partner. Cook them a delicious meal or treat them to tickets for a play – do anything you can to prove you care.

Key points this week:

  • Don’t let your fears or indecisiveness stop you meeting The One
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Loved up Virgos should do something nice for their partners


You’re feeling super relaxed this week, Libra. While such an attitude can help in many areas of your life, it’s not having the best impact on your career. You’re putting things off until the last minute and giving up on things that do matter. Don’t let this demeanour prevent you from being the best you possible. Get your head out the clouds, grab a cup of coffee, sit up straight, and crack on! Once you’ve ticked off all the tasks on your to-do list, it is then time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Single Libras may have recently stumbled across someone who’s ticked all their boxes. Creative? Tick! Open minded? Tick! Charming? Tick! You’re well and truly swept you off your feet but try not to ditch your independence or abandon those closest to you. Sure, you may be on the right path for a whirlwind romance but don’t disappear from your friends’ lives just yet.

Key points this week:

  • Don’t let your relaxed attitude hinder your productivity at work
  • Focus and do your best work
  • Romance could be on the cards for single Libras


You’re feeling extremely sociable this week, Scorpio. With a reputation for being the life and soul of the party, you may notice some clashes in your diary by the time the weekend comes around.

Deciding who to let down won’t be an easy decision to make but try not to over think it – saying ‘no’ to an invitation won’t ruin friendships.

Your social calendar isn’t the only hectic area of your life this week. You career really seems to really be taking off. You may find yourself having to go above and beyond your job description in the coming weeks but don’t let this get you down. This is your chance to demonstrate how valuable and committed you are.

  • You’re in for a busy week
  • You may have to turn down a social event or two
  • Don’t shy away from going above and beyond your job description


Last week may well have resulted in some defeat and disappointment, Sagittarius, but you’ve dusted yourself off and you’re ready to take on a new challenge.

Trying something completely different could add value to your life and open exciting new doors. Whether you sign up for a karate class, register for a marathon, or start your own blog, it’s time to jump in at the deep end and follow your heart.

Key points this week:

  • Try something new
  • Look for ways to add value to your life
  • Jump in at the deep end


You were up to mischief last week, Capricorn, and over the next few days memories of your adventures are likely to give you a serious case of the giggles. Thankfully, your laughter and positive vibes are infectious and those around you can’t get enough of your happiness.

Your joy is about to rub off on a friend in need of some support. Make sure you don’t act a clown in their presence. They need to see your serious, sensible and supportive side too. Being there for others is just what you do best.

Key points this week:

  • Enjoy fun memories from last week
  • Spread joy amongst others
  • Don’t be afraid to show your serious side when necessary


Oh no! Did you let your anger get the best of you last week, Aquarius? If so, it could be time to make amends this week. Swallow your pride and say sorry. You know you’re in the wrong! A bunch of flowers or bottle of wine may be required to show your sincerity but we’re confident those closest to you will be more than happy to forgive and forget.

Once you’ve got your grovelling out the way it’s time to get back to making this the year to remember. From your career to your love life, everything seems to be going well at the moment. There’s no reason why you can’t step up your game, though. Go the extra mile at work to impress your boss, take the next step in your relationship, or embrace a new fitness regime. Focus on self progression and development.

Key points this week:

  • Say sorry to those you have wronged
  • Go the extra mile
  • Focus on self progression and development


Just when you feel as though the drama has blown over, we’re afraid a turbulent week may lie ahead, Pisces. Continue to push through your problems and you’ll emerge stronger than ever before.

Try to find the positive in everything life throws at you and use your creativity to make the best of a bad situation. After all, they do say that when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade!

Although you’re going through a testing time, you may be glad to hear that prosperity and joy lies ahead. As this week draws to a close, an old friend surprises you with something that really puts life into perspective and gives you the motivation to make exciting changes in your life.

Key points this week:

  • Push through your problems
  • Look for the positive in every situation
  • Keep an eye out for an old friend with a big surprise

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