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Astrology For The Week Of 2nd October 2017



Make the first move and make amends, Aries. It’s time to swallow your pride. It won’t be easy, especially if the other person is stubborn and reluctant to apologise, but by being the bigger person, you’ll solve the problem much quicker.

Be honest with yourself in the coming days. There’s no point acting like everything is rosy if in reality, there are lots of things that remain unsaid.


Someone you see regularly might do something this week that you really disagree with. Save your judgement, Taurus, and try to live and let live. Don’t let this one disagreement overshadow the fact that you have lots in common with this person. Rather than expecting everyone to follow your lead, try to learn from this new perspective.

You might find yourself missing an old flame from long ago. Although you probably have some fond memories of your time together, remember that this person is in your past for a reason. Sometimes it’s best to look forward rather than behind you.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

As wonderful as your ideas are, you need to work on your prioritisation skills, Gemini. Otherwise, you’ll end up flicking from one activity to another without actually achieving anything. Make a list and don’t move onto the next task before you’ve completed the one before it.

This week it may be time to put your money where your mouth is. Investing in something new could have astonishing results. So whether you invest your money (having done lots of research) or you invest in yourself, this is a great time to commit to something big and scary.


If you’ve been putting extra hours in or going above and beyond to do an amazing job, your hard work may be brought to the attention of your boss this week. Don’t let any praise go straight to your head though. You’ll get better results if you play it cool and stay humble.

Still waiting for recognition? Take subtle steps to make sure your work gets the results you’re looking for. Logging your achievements could work to your advantage. As soon as the time comes to ask for a pay rise or promotion, you’ll be able to sing your praises effortlessly.


You’ve got your mind on your money and money on your mind, Leo. Don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way. Identify what you want to achieve with your life, whether it’s buying a house, quitting your job and travelling the world, starting your own business or doing something completely different. Once you’ve got your dream in mind, lay out a plan of action to achieve it. Surround yourself with people who wish to help you with your goal and don’t be afraid to distance yourself from those who get in your way.   


Your scary side might make an appearance this week and it won’t be pretty. Prepare to have your pride hurt in the coming days. You may get defensive at the first sign of criticism, but be careful not to throw a tantrum in response. How you react to this hurdle will speak volumes about your strength of character. All eyes are on you.

By the time the weekend comes around, you will probably have put your foot in it three, four or maybe even five times over the course of the week. Although you may be feeling red-faced after all these mishaps, remind yourself that others are far less likely to pay attention to your embarrassing moments as you are.


Don’t let office gossip distract you from your work, Libra. Whether you get caught up in drama around you or you find yourself having to listen to a colleague’s personal woes, make sure you still get your job done. If the controversy is widespread across your workplace, this is the perfect time to keep your head down and get a step ahead of your colleagues.

At the start of the week you may feel tempted to blame other people for things that are actually your own fault. Taking responsibility for your actions will have better results on your road to self improvement.


Your communication skills have never been stronger, Scorpio, and this is the perfect opportunity to say what you mean and mean what you say. Honesty really is the best policy and by wearing your heart on your sleeve, you can ensure that everyone’s on the same page. Frustratingly, those around you might not feel as comfortable sharing their feelings as you do, and this could prove difficult. Make it clear that you’re ready to listen, but don’t pressure people into telling you their deepest darkest secrets.


An old friend may surprise you this week, Sagittarius. We can’t promise it will be a good surprise, so practise your best fake smile, just in case.

By the time the weekend comes around you may get overtaken by someone who deserves the crown far less than you do. Congratulate them anyway. Those around you will know how hard you’ve worked and you’ll get the reward you deserve soon enough.


Don’t let feeling overwhelmed grind your productivity to a halt. When faced with a mountain of tasks, you may feel tempted to curl up in a ball and do nothing. You know as well as we do that this attitude won’t get you anywhere. Rather than panicking about how much you have on your plate, put one foot in front of the other and make a start. You might not be able to do absolutely everything, but you can make good progress if you keep your cool.


You may find yourself faced with a big decision this week, Aquarius. Up until now, your life and future seemed so clear but something might happen in the coming days that forces you to question everything. Leaping into the unknown may feel incredibly terrifying but this could turn out to be a defining point in your life. Remember: when one door closes another one opens.

When you finally make up your mind, you may find yourself surrounded by people who disagree with your choices. As long as your decision is right for you and you’ve engaged your intuition, take no notice of those putting doubts in your mind.


You’ve planted the seed and now you’re watching it grow, Pisces. But the question is, are you up to good or mischief? If you’re laying the groundwork for something amazing, your hard work is sure to pay off in the end. You might end up making new friends in the process and expanding your social circle wider than you imagined. Up to no good? Keep in mind that the fallout of your actions could have negative repercussions for yourself.

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