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Astrology for the week of 3rd July 2017



It’s hard to tell whether your honesty will work for or against you in the coming days, Aries. One thing’s for certain though, the outcome will be dramatic and you’ll either be triumphantly celebrating or deeply mourning. Balance may be difficult to achieve this week, but you’re a determined soul so you’re sure to try. If you go for a long run, treat yourself to a bubble bath afterwards. If you eat your body weight in junk food one day, nourish your body with fruit and veg the next.


Mixed messages could lead to misunderstandings and crossed wires this week, Taurus. Make sure you’re crystal clear in every interaction. Don’t mince your words, but also be tactful in your approach. After all, you’re not usually one to offend others. If someone has taken advantage of you recently, don’t be afraid to speak up and tell it how it is.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

A big decision requires your attention this week but you’re desperate to bury your head in the sand and take things as they come. There’s no harm in taking things one day at a time, but if you continue at a snail’s pace, life could pass you by. By the time the weekend comes around, be careful not to trick an old friend or lead a new one on. Your actions may give people the wrong impression, so be wary of saying one thing and doing another.


Your birthday season is in full swing and all the attention may make you feel like a new person. There’s something about birthdays that gives us a fresh perspective and forces us to think about the future. Are you feeling reflective? Although it’s wise to learn from past mistakes, try not to dwell too much on what’s behind you. Exciting opportunities could lie ahead if you open your eyes and let your guard down.


You’re really on the ball this week, Leo. Nothing will get past you. Not only are you great at detecting untruths from those you know, you’ll be an excellent Agony Aunt or Uncle in the coming days. Is a friend having love troubles? Even if you don’t know their partner yourself, your intuition will help you give the advice your friend needs. Be sure to find a balance between telling your friend what they need to hear and what they want to hear. You need to find the perfect blend of honesty and tact. Hand holding might be necessary.


You may feel like the life and soul of the party in the days ahead, Virgo, but those around you won’t necessarily feel the same. No matter how much you try to boost the mood and build a party atmosphere, the fatigue and weariness amongst your nearest and dearest may be tough to overcome. This week you’ll have to learn how to have fun by yourself. From going to see your favourite band alone to booking a flight to a destination you’ve always longed to see, step outside your comfort zone and you’ll be left with memories to treasure forever.


You may meet someone this week who understands you completely. You know all those aspects of your personality that you don’t like? This person will embrace them fully and give you the encouragement you need to continue being your true self. Don’t change for anyone, Libra. Instead, find those who accept you for who you are.  


Prepare for a tough crowd, Scorpio. You’re feeling your cheekiest and you’re cracking jokes left, right and centre. However, there’s a risk your gags won’t be as well received as you’d hope. Don’t take the lack of laughs personally. Instead, take this as a sign that you need to work harder to find the right people. This lesson applies to all areas of your life from your career to your friendships.  


Love may enter your life this week and change your outlook for the better. Love may prove to be the antidote to a multitude of problems, but it won’t fix everything. There are certain aspects of your life that you’ll need to take responsibility for yourself. Although love can give you a new lease of life and a much-needed energy serve, it’s no magic potion.


Watch your temper this week, Capricorn. No matter how much you’re in the mood to argue, those around you certainly don’t feel the same. Could the anger brewing inside you be a sign that things need to change? Is there a certain part of your life that’s making you unhappy? Even if the problem feels oh so familiar, if you can’t fix it, don’t be afraid to walk away and start afresh.


Did you tell a white lie to someone close to you this week, Aquarius? You may feel as though you got away with it but if this person knows you as well as you say they do, they can see right through your lies. They’re just too polite to say anything! If your deceit was nothing more than a harmless fib, there’s no need to confess. However, you may have some work to do if you want to keep the friendship intact. Equipped with doubts about your honesty, your friend will be watching you like a hawk and waiting for you to slip up again.


Teamwork will get you where you want to be in the coming days, Pisces. So don’t be too proud to ask for help. Are you facing a life-changing decision? Don’t let the wealth of options overwhelm you too much. If you play it cool and take a back seat, there’s a chance your decision may be made for you by external forces. This won’t necessarily be a bad thing, but if the idea of losing control fills you with dread, it’s time to get off the fence and decide for yourself.

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