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Astrology For The Week Of 30th October 2017



You may feel overwhelmed with stress and anxiety in the coming days, as the pressure starts to mount up. However, try to avoid making a mountain out of a molehill. Your tendency to worry could see you blowing things out of proportion.

Don’t let your worries about the future rob you of happiness in the present. After all, it might never happen!


Your confidence has always been one of your greatest strengths, but it could do more harm than good this week. Other people may start to question your ego and if you’re unwilling to compromise and listen to other people’s experiences and opinions, you may land yourself in hot water.

Take a back seat if you can and let someone else lead the way for once. You never know, giving someone else control might bless you with a new perspective and make you a better leader.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Are you using your time wisely? Time is one of the most valuable assets we have and it’s amazing how quickly it can pass us by if we don’t make the most of it. If you often feel like it’s slipping through your fingers, pay close attention to where it’s being used.

You may be surprised by your findings. From spending hours in front of the telly to wasting time on social media, we’re sure you can find ways to direct this time towards the things you really love.


A good friend may achieve your ultimate goal this week, so leave any jealousy at the door. It’s only natural to experience some negative feelings at times like this, but if you’re a true friend you’ll be happy about your pal’s success.

If your mate knows how desperate you want to do what they’ve done, they’ll send a ladder down to help you climb your way up too.


Are you feeling stressed out? Try to focus on those small joys you often overlook. Rather than catastrophizing work and relationship worries, make an effort to be as present as possible.

If you don’t already meditate, now could be a fantastic time to start. Brush those little worries to one side and tune into your intuition.


A conversation with someone with incredible skills could help you unlock your true potential. Whether you talk to a wise elderly relative, meet an influential person in your industry at a networking event or book yourself a psychic reading, this encounter is likely to bless you with far more knowledge than you imagined.

The question is, do you have the motivation to put this new wisdom into practise?


Troubles at work could give you the push you need to apply for a new job, pursue a new career path, or start your own business. Whatever it is that’s getting you down, take this as a sign that the universe has bigger and better things in store for you.

Team up with a good friend who’s already 10 steps ahead of you. They’ll be happy to help and when you get to where you want to be, you can celebrate together.


Don’t underestimate someone just because they’re younger and less experienced than you. Give them a chance and you may be surprised at their insight.

Avoid treating everyone like your competition. Being standoffish doesn’t suit you and by working together you can achieve far more.

By the time the weekend comes around, you’ll probably experience a surge in energy. Take this opportunity to work through your To Do list and start afresh.


Spending time with an animal this week could help your worries drift away. Whether you have a pet of your own or the chance to take care of a pal’s beloved four legged friend, you’ll be amazed at how animals can change your mood and give you a new outlook on life.

Try to make exercise a big priority this week too. From getting off the bus a couple of stops early to buying a small piece of gym equipment for your home, there are plenty of things you can do to give you a new lease of life.


Do you feel under pressure to prove yourself to someone, Capricorn? Whether you’re trying to win your boss over or catch the attention of your crush, there’s no point working yourself into the ground or changing who you are to impress other people.

Do your best at work and focus on being your true self. By being authentic and honest, everything from your career to your love life will work out exactly as it’s meant to.


You’ve got your eyes on the prize and you’re on a mission to accomplish your goals. However, are you working too hard? There’s no point sacrificing your health on your mission to achieve your ultimate dream. After all, you’ve only got one body and one life and if you fail to take care of yourself, you’ll struggle to make the most of it.

If you find yourself spending most of your time in front of a screen, take regular breaks and make sure you’re getting your exercise. Could this be the time to join a gym or start a fun new exercise routine?


Single? Although you want to find love, we bet you’ve got so many other things to do! If you’re finding it tough to get out there and meet new people due to your hectic schedule, don’t be afraid to put your quest to find The One on the backburner. By focusing on the other elements of your life from your career to your social life to your finances, you’ll lay the groundwork for a happier life once you do find that special someone who’s right for you.

In a relationship? Your bond will be put to the test this week, but don’t worry – you’re likely to emerge stronger and happier than ever before.

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