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Astrology for the week of 4th April

Now we’re full swing into the Birthday season of Aries; we can all begin to make positive changes in our lives. The fiery influence means we can finally start to step up and change what we aren’t happy with, including relationships and careers. New opportunities could be on the horizon, even if we think we aren’t quite ready for them yet. Everything in life has a learning curve, so it’s best to explore anything that comes your way instead of allowing doubt to overshadow positivity.


ariesLast week we emphasised the importance of caring for your family and spreading positivity around you. Chances are you’re keen to grab the bull by the horns and charge through the week ticking tasks off the to-do list as fast as you can. Easy tiger! As ambitious as you are, it’s time to slow it down and plan ahead for greater results.

Have a good think about your long term goals and outline your strategy to achieve them. After all, success is a marathon, not a race.

You’ll be thinking about money a lot this month and, true to your nature you’ll be looking for quick-wins. Investing in yourself or even reinventing yourself may reap much more exciting results. By getting in touch with influential people, you may uncover exciting opportunities such as a pay rise or a new job offer.

Main points this week:

  • Slow down
  • Take control of your finances
  • Reinventing yourself could reap exciting results


Over recent weeks we’ve emphasised just how important it is to make new connections on both a personal and professional level. Whether you’ve been going to networking events or making new friends online, it’s time to nurture new connections to build long-lasting relationships.

Invite a new business contact for a coffee or do something kind for a new friend. By making an effort to get to know these people better, you’ll benefit from a sense of achievement and open new doors.

Main points this week:

  • Make the first move
  • Get to know new connections better
  • Be kind to others

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

You’ve been super productive recently and you’re starting to realise just how much you can achieve when you block out distractions and really put your mind to it.

You’re a creative soul though, Gemini. You can only focus on one or two tasks for so long before your ideas and imagination take over. Your intuition is telling you to take a leap and get stuck into new adventures – listen to this voice. Do some detective work first to ensure your gut reaction isn’t leading you down the wrong path.

Main points this week:

  • Embrace your creative qualities
  • Have an adventure
  • Investigate new opportunities


You’ve been having a sociable few weeks and it’s great to see you come out of your shell, Cancer. Surrounded by new pals and positive vibes, you’re feeling popular, loved and appreciated. Be sure not to neglect old friends. Someone you’ve known for years is in need of some company and you may just be the perfect person to lift their spirits.

All this socialising is likely to spill out into your online life as well as your ‘real’ one. If you’ve been thinking about joining a new social network or starting a blog, now’s the time. You never know, your new friends may have some exciting advice or inspiration to offer.

Main points this week:

  • Catch up with old friends
  • Be social online
  • Collaborate with new friends for great results


After a period of love or lust last week, your feet are firmly back on the ground this time around and you’re ready to crack on with work related matters…for a little while, at least. As important as matters of the heart are, you’re keen to develop your career too. We love this balance, Leo.

The positive vibes and optimism that have been dominating your romantic life have given you a sense of purpose and drive like you’ve never seen before. You want to be the best possible person you can be. Don’t let anything stand in your way!

Main points this week:

  • Focus on your career
  • Stay positive
  • Tackle obstacles head on


You’re trying to be spontaneous but you’re still taking baby steps. If you haven’t yet been on the romantic getaway we recommended last week or you’ve failed to embark on a lone adventure of your own, start now!

This is also a great week to be open and honest about your thoughts and feelings. If you’ve been too scared to share a fresh and innovative idea with your colleagues, speak up now. Have faith in your own ideas and share your knowledge and wisdom with others.

Main points this week:

  • Be spontaneous
  • Share your ideas
  • Have faith in yourself


Don’t you love it when everything seems to be going your way? That seems to have been the case for you lately, Libra. You’ve never felt so optimistic and your smiles are now contagious.

Even though everything in your life seems to be falling into place, you know that this isn’t the case for everyone. You can’t resist helping others and doing everything in your power to cheer them up. However, in a bid to get to the root of other people’s problems, you may be coming on too strong. Be careful not to dig too deep or interfere with private matters.

Main points this week:

  • Continue spreading joy and optimism
  • Help others
  • Give friends breathing space if they ask for it


This week it’s more important than ever to team up with those around you and work together to achieve shared goals.

If you’re a single Scorpio and ready for love, repeat after me: “opposites attract”. On your pursuit for romance, you may have previously dismissed your perfect match simply because they seemed like your polar opposite. However, their contrasting personality traits could in fact perfectly complement your own. You’ll be the ultimate dynamic duo! It’s never too late to get in touch and see what happens.

Main points this week:

  • Work with others to achieve your goals
  • Your polar opposite could be your perfect match
  • On your quest for love, don’t automatically cast aside those you already know


In recent weeks you’ve been overly self-critical and may have fallen victim to ‘imposter syndrome’. You deserve to achieve great things, Sagittarius. Don’t let insecurities or self-doubt prevent you from being the best version of you.

Single? A cool character could be just around the corner waiting to sweep you off your feet. It’s vital that you step out of your comfort zone and let your hair down in order to meet this person. You won’t find your perfect match by working 24/7.

Main points this week:

  • Don’t let self-doubt stand in your way
  • Give yourself a break from work
  • Get out there and find romance


Your impeccable sense of style is sure to impress others this week but you may shy away from the attention. As important as it is to stay modest, don’t reject the compliments you receive. Say thank you and enjoy your time in the spotlight.

Your fashion sense certainly isn’t the only string to your bow but you’re often reluctant to shout your skills and talents from the rooftops. You’ll achieve great things in work this week – take credit for your triumphs. You’ll soon gain the recognition you deserve.

Main points this week:

  • Let your style shine
  • Accept the compliments you receive
  • Take credit for your achievements


You’re feeling sensitive this week, Aquarius. The slightest thing makes you second guess yourself and contemplate staying silent. Fight the urge to hide away and plough on through.

Don’t be afraid to ask a friend for their support. You never know, they may be looking for a shoulder to cry on too. It’s amazing how well we keep these things hidden.

You may have placed heavy focus on your career and love life in recent weeks but it’s now time to surround yourself with your closest friends and remember what life is all about.

Main points this week:

  • Keep calm and carry on
  • Open up to a good friend
  • Spend quality time with others


You’re so scared of missing out on exciting opportunities this week that you’re taking on way too much. You’re trying to be a networking superstar, a social butterfly, and the perfect partner all at the same time. No one can be everything to everyone, so take time out to look after number one.

Go for a walk and enjoy some time alone. Don’t forget to meditate and stay in tune with your body. And finally, keep your mind on your money. Taking time to yourself doesn’t need to be expensive. Rather than a luxury manicure, opt for a soothing bubble bath and some relaxing music.

Main points this week:

  • Don’t let your fear of missing out cause you stress
  • Take some time to relax
  • Avoid overspending

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