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Astrology for the week of 4th July 2016


ariesWith your mind on your money and money on your mind, now could be a good time to snap up overtime at work, look for a second job, or sell your old belongings. You’ve got big expectations for your life ahead and it’s beginning to dawn on you just how costly these things could be.

A friend or family member may be on the verge of a big life milestone and you could be called on for help. Cherish this opportunity to help someone you care about and make some new memories.


When times get tough, identify what it is in life that brings you the most joy and be sure to defend it. Does your job make you happy? Make sure you put your all into it. Are you madly in love with your partner? Don’t take them for granted. Do you have a pet that makes you smile? Spend more time with them. By focussing on the positives, you can divert your attention away from the negatives.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

If you’re in a relationship, it may feel as though you’ve been arguing a lot recently. Although you tend to make up quickly, and you both know how much you love each other, you may feel like this constant bickering is putting a strain on your relationship. If so, be sure to address your issues this week. What is the primary cause of your arguments? Is it money? Is it jealousy? Is it something really trivial? No matter what the root cause, work together to find a solution. It’s easy to point the finger but you may find that you’re both to blame.

Single Geminis may need to exercise self-awareness this week. It’s easy to point the finger and criticise or mock someone for their behaviour, but could you be guilty of the very thing you’re accusing them of? This behaviour is very out of character for you, Gemini. A people person at heart, you’re rarely one for conflict.


You’re tired of the arguments, Cancer. Everywhere you turn there’s aggression and angst. Whether you’re at work, at home, or watching the news, you can’t seem to shake off these toxic vibes.

You’re not usually one to run away but this week could be the perfect time to retreat and seek shelter. Focus on alone time, meditation, and contemplation. Go for a long walk after work each day, hide away in your local library, or eat your lunch in a secluded spot. Rather than getting involved in other people’s drama and conflict, focus on protecting your peace of mind. When you return to ordinary life, those around you are likely to feel exhausted while you’re energised and ready to take on whatever comes your way.


You’re a faithful soul, Leo. That’s for sure. But could your faith in others and determination to stick by those you’ve made promises to be causing more harm than good?

It’s important to be a man (or woman) of your word but there comes a time in everyone’s life where promises need to be broken. If someone is repeatedly letting you down or a situation appears to be more dangerous or risky than you originally thought, you may have to politely change course. Those around you may seem shocked and you may come under criticism at first but it’s simply because this type of thing is out of character. People have faith in you and, while they may feel let down initially, they know how trustworthy and reliable you are.


You’re not usually one for revenge but if you’ve had a tough time lately thanks to the behaviour of others, all you can think about is getting your own back. You want to make them pay! Try not to get too carried away, Virgo. You’re usually one of the zodiac’s most peaceful signs and this bloodthirsty attitude doesn’t look good on you. Try to be forgiving and focus on those who are kind to you rather than those who bring you grief or sadness.

An animal could play an interesting part in your life this week, Virgo. There’s no need to go chasing strangers’ dogs around the park though. Your animal may be represented by an image, sound or song.


For many Libras, this week could start to look a little better than the last. If you found yourself falling victim to criticism and betrayal last week, you may see a glimmer of hope, support and solidarity this time around. People have your back. People believe in you. But the question is – do you believe in yourself?

Do you keep a diary, Libra? If not, you may benefit from a little soul searching and self reflection. By writing down your thoughts at the end of each day and having a little think about what may lie ahead, you could open up a world of hidden ambitions that you never knew you had.


In the coming days you may stumble across some information that you’d rather not know, Scorpio. Whether a colleague sends you a private email meant for someone else or you overhear a shocking conversation on the bus, there are some things that are better left a mystery. However, try not to think of this new information as a burden. Instead, think of it as an opportunity to learn and grow. This new found insight could help bring new meaning to your life.


Your open mindedness is usually a force for good but sometimes it can see you saying ‘yes’ to things that have very little likelihood of working out. A ‘glass half full’ kinda person, you try to look for the positives in every situation. Although this can work wonders when it comes to staying optimistic about the present, if you only see the best in every potential opportunity, you’ll struggle to make informed decisions. Try to be objective and weigh up the pros and cons before reaching out and grabbing something that catches your eye.


Try to let go of your inhibitions and scepticism this week, Capricorn, and up your spiritual ante. If you’re yet to introduce crystals to your home, a dark sapphire could bring you wisdom and confidence. By finding a quiet spot to meditate and find peace, you may find the courage to make amends with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

The numbers 4, 8, 27, and 22 could bring you luck this week but don’t rush out to buy a lottery ticket just yet – their importance may be much more subtle.


Be wary of alienating those who differ from you, Aquarius. Whether you’re active on social media, have your own blog, or you’re a prominent member of a club or group, your words could offend others this week. Although you have good intentions, don’t automatically shake off the criticism or get defensive. By taking other people’s opinions on board you can grow and develop as a person and even increase your friendship group.


You’re fed up of other people undermining your concerns and feelings, Pisces. Whether something from the past is bothering you or you’re finding it hard to come to terms with some new information, don’t be too hard on yourself, especially if other people are doing a great job of being cruel on your behalf.

Set some time aside for some self care and pampering. You tend to care so much about others that you sometimes forget about yourself. There’s a lot of truth to the phrase ‘charity begins at home’ and if you don’t look after your own mind and body, you’ll struggle to help others.

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