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Astrology For The Week Of 4th October

The Sun is still enjoying it’s time with the Air sign of Libra. This sign favours equality and justice but this week, there will be some hurdles to overcome. If you are encountering disputes with someone who is being too harsh, there is a possibility they will ignore your point of view. This person might be in the wrong entirely however, it’s going to be difficult to get them to be logical. The Mercury Retrograde is still very much at large until Sunday so it’s essential that we all think carefully before we sign any new contracts. Someone could be pulling the wool over our eyes, which means we might only realise something is a little off way after we’ve put pen to paper. Continue with caution and if you must, get someone to have a scan over anything first.



You are a fire sign that can spot the motivations of others easily which means you can form an opinion on someone’s character straight away. This week, however, is one where people will be shining their light on you, putting your faults into focus. The Mercury retrograde can mix things up a little bit in a positive way for you, Aries. Instead of the mixed signals and delusion, you will have to be careful with how you phrase things. If done the right way, you could interact with important people on a deeper level. These people can be influential to your future so it’s best to stay on their good side. If you’ve worked your way into your manager’s clique, don’t push it. You are a sign that can cross over from confident to cocky within an instant. This will automatically turn people off and they’ll want to take you down a peg. Try not to be so assertive with a team that only wants best for you. On the other hand, you might even experience someone else doing this. An individual in the office could be all talk and no action. This could anger you every day however, it’s essential that you wait for the truth to unfold instead of being a tell-tail.


Take advantage of the Mercury Retrograde and prepare yourself for the week ahead, Taurus. You are someone who loves to achieve, so it won’t be too difficult to get a grasp of it. Make sure you don’t skim over important documents that pop up around your career. You might get something minor wrong, but it could have a domino effect later on in the week. It’s also important that you have a good understanding of your finances during this week. You may have just met someone who has completely swept you off your feet. This will feel so amazing, that all you want to do is show them how much you adore them. This is where you need to be careful. By all means, give them words of affirmation and support but try not to splash out too much on them. Can you afford to buy a weekend in Tuscany all on your own? Chances are, you’ll believe you can this week yet it will come back to haunt your finances. There could be an expense that pops up over the next couple of weeks, which is why you need to keep your money to one side. You don’t want to feel stuck when this comes around the corner. Your new partner won’t expect a large gift so start off with the small ones first!

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

You are a sign who is fantastic at communicating and you often dazzle those around you. Yet this week, you might not get the response you want from someone special. This week is going to be the perfect one to impress friends and colleagues yet your partner is a little distant. What’s their deal?  Here’s the bad news. There might be some underlying issues that they aren’t bringing to the forefront. You like to be open so it’s difficult for you to understand someone that keeps problems to themselves. For many Geminis, this is the beginning of the end for some relationships. There is a large chance that when you are honest with yourself, you might start to realise that you and this person aren’t right for each other. Hey, it happens to the best of us! As an optimist, you can often ignore red flags because you are hopeful that things will turn out for the best. This will be great if you do go through a relationship break-up because you can start to look forward to the future.


You are usually remarkably intuitive and can often see past the fog when others are unable to. In social situations, you are the person who can spot the bad egg of a group, but will sweep this under the rug to keep the peace. During the Mercury Retrograde, things have been a little off which will make you doubtful. If you are looking to buy a second-hand item, make sure the seller is telling you the truth about it. A fancy iPhone might arrive in the mail full of scratches and faults. Make sure you dig deep and ask all the right questions before you input those bank account details. In other news, your strong beliefs could cause issues with friends this week. If you feel strongly about something, make sure you don’t try and shove it down someone else’s throat. If you are a vegetarian, explaining how animals are ruthlessly killed might not be appropriate when a friend is eating a bacon sandwich. Choose your words gingerly and even if you still want to share how you feel, sugar coat it so it doesn’t offend.


This week is particularly focused around money, Leo. Until Mercury’s Retrograde comes to an end on 9th, everything will seem a little skewiff. We need to keep an eye on spending and it’s also a good time to notice some discounts. If you have been saving up for something quite expensive yet useful, shop around a little bit. That enormous HD TV you want for your freshly decorated lounge might be significantly cheaper elsewhere. You might even receive some money from an unlikely source, but it’s important that you don’t blow it straight away on meaningless items. In other news, you might feel a little stressed this week and it’s time that you try and chill out as much as possible. You might be pushing yourself far past your limits, which could leave you feeling drained. This week, make sure you take a time out to spend a night or two on your own so you can recharge. Thankfully, this stress will start to ease off when the Mercury Retrograde ends.


Mercury is still in Retrograde until Friday, but that day will be rather influential for you. Venus will be moving into your sign which is great because it can do you a huge favour. Since this planet has been in the fire sign of Leo, you may have felt a little distant from a close person. Or, you might have been down, especially if goals have fallen through. It’s all about trying to find your way and on Friday, all will become crystal clear. You can finally start a new chapter that will get you there in good time. You might need to be a little more mindful about your budget. Signing up to after work classes could be great to develop your skills yet it can leave a big hole in your bank balance. Have a look at any classes that last a couple of months so that they can be more within your price range. Now is the time where you can make major changes that will support your future. By December, you might look back on October as a month that put you on the fast track to success.


Have you been feeling all over the place for a while, Libra? Is having one foot in and one foot out familiar? As the sign of the scales, you are famous for your indecisive nature. When the Mercury Retrograde comes it an end, it will ease this feeling yet won’t completely get rid of it. You might want to go down a particular career path but one that doesn’t suit your lifestyle. You might be a free spirited person so a job in a strict, corporate environment. Or, a dream job might pop up but only in a location that you’d never move to. Careers do transform our lives so you need to make sure you are working towards one that will make you happy. This reality might make you a little more stressed out than usual. Turning your life around isn’t ever going to be easy, so make sure you don’t pressure yourself straight away. Take your time and think about your options before you jump in head first.


This week, you might start to feel positive about your future due to significant conversations. You may have friends that totally understand you, meaning you can start to feel more comfortable in your skin. There will be other people that are keeping a distance from you, but your friends will keep a smile on your face. For example, someone you are romantically attracted to may be acting unusual. Remember that the Mercury Retrograde doesn’t half throw a spanner in the works, so confusion is on the cards. Whatever you do, avoid serious conversations this week. After Friday, mixed messages will clear and who knows, you could see the situation for exactly what it is. If you have been on a few dates with someone yet they have fallen off the face of the earth, don’t blame yourself for this. If it’s not meant to be, it just won’t happen. Stop assuming that you’re the problem.


This week will bring marvellous opportunities, so it’s time you prepare yourself for some changes. The Mercury Retrograde can actually be a good thing for you because you will be able to start organising important steps for the future. This might not work out exactly how you want so it is a good idea to have a few extra detours. You might expect a dream job to be easy to reach when actually, you might have a long way to go. Take baby steps so that each move is a sensible one. On Friday, a conflict you are experiencing at the moment might come to a head. You are a fire sign who often wants things their own way, so a battle for dominance could be something you know all too well. You might have to back down a little bit or risk a collapse of a close partnership. You’ll have to decide whether it’s worth burning your bridges.


Recently, you may have experienced some issues with people of authority. This could be a parent or a boss that you just aren’t getting on with at the moment. You should remember that this isn’t set to last, primarily because Mercury’s Retrograde is coming to an end on Friday. Before then, you need to be careful with how you might come across to these people. Sure, you might be in the right but try not to be too stubborn about it. You are an Earth sign who values peace, so don’t forget this. This week is also a great time to think a little bit outside the box. Capricorns like you might end up having a look at how you can transform your life, especially if things have become a little stale. If you want to start fresh, looking to change your career or even move might be just the ticket. It is vital that you are realistic because these changes aren’t simple. Can you afford this change and is this the right time? Instead of packing your bags straight away, look over your finances, get some advice and ask yourself if it can be postponed until 2016.


Mercury’s Retrograde will make travel a little tricky before Friday, so double check everything. Your 20-kilo bag allowance might actually be 12, so revise the teeny details that could get your holiday off to a bad start. If you’re connected with someone through money, things might be difficult. That promised monthly bonus could be missing, which will make you raise your eyebrows. It’s vital that you don’t fly off the handle just yet since it will only give them a negative impression of you. It’s best to leave these finance based conversations until next week when the Mercury Retrograde has ended. This means that any conversations will be positive and you could get the results that you want.


Have you been thinking about your long-term goals? This week, you might feel as if you’re perched on cloud 9 when everything comes together perfectly. Are you in a great relationship? Check. Are career opportunities coming your way? Check. Different areas in your life are set to improve for the better, just in time for the end of the year. Even if you don’t see this at the moment, sit tight and wait for these changes to come. In other news, you might have a strong desire to help other people around you. Just make sure that you aren’t acting like a yo-yo. You’ll be in high demand this week but unfortunately, you can’t please everyone. Make sure you still allow a little time to yourself so that by Sunday, you aren’t completely worn out.

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