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It’s important to take care of yourself this week Aries. If you don’t look after your mind, your body will suffer and vice versa. You’ll gain a much deeper understanding of how your mind and body are interconnected this week and how to keep a good healthy balance between the two. Make some time in your schedule for some self-care.

Someone may force your fierce side to emerge and your protective nature will be your driving force as you fight to look after those closest to you.


Someone close to you will throw a spanner in the works this week Taurus and it might throw you off kilter. Their plans and your plans won’t match up but instead of letting things spiral out of control, hit the pause button and open the lines of communication. Don’t attack or come out all guns blazing, instead, be open and honest. You’re more likely to get somewhere with this approach. Sitting down and talking things through will make you both realise that you both want the best for each other and you actually ARE both on the same track.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Try not to be too disheartened if you feel like your big plans for the year haven’t really gotten off to a flying start. January can be a tough month for the majority of people and as we head into February you should keep in mind that we really are only at the very beginning of the year and you have plenty of time to achieve what you want.

You’ll find getting organised a great help this week Gemini. Whether it’s downloading an app, making lists or creating a spreadsheet, do whatever you can to get into gear.


Lacking some inspiration? This week is all about finding encouragement and simulation where you can Cancer. Make yourself available to what the universe has to offer you and you’ll realise just how much inspiration you have to soak up! If you’ve felt a little closed off recently you need to ask yourself why that is.

This week you should rediscover the simple pleasures in life. Going for a walk, enjoying a hot cup of coffee or getting into a good book – get back to basics!


You may find yourself pulling someone else’s weight this week Leo. It’s really nice of you to offer to help out whilst someone else is struggling but be careful they don’t take advantage of your good nature. You may not mind putting a little extra effort in at first but if someone isn’t grateful it can quickly become a burden.

As you head into the weekend be sure to take some time for yourself. Whether you fancy getting away for a day or two or retreating into your home for some R&R, it’s your weekend to do whatever you please. Just enjoy it.


This week could leave you feeling paranoid Virgo. Paranoid and a little confused. It may be hard to tell whether your worries are rooted in something real or you’re making something out of nothing. Little things may feel like big concerns and you’ll find yourself going round in circles trying to get to the bottom of the matter. Give yourself a bit of a breather and think logically. If you can’t come to a logical conclusion you’re probably worrying over nothing. And what’s the point in doing that?


You’ll have a money related revelation this week Libra. It all appears to be falling into place and managing your money will seem simpler than ever! Being the master of thrift suits you and you’ll be learning all new inventive ways to save money and stop spending. And you’ll realise that being good with your money doesn’t mean you have to give up enjoying yourself. There are plenty of free ways to have fun which you’ve yet to discover!


You might have a tendency towards extremes this week Scorpio. You’ll find yourself struggling to do things by half. A quick clean of the house turns into a complete makeover and a quiet dinner with your best friend turns into a big night out. There’s just no in between! You’ll realise that this isn’t a sustainable long-term plan, sooner rather than later but there’s no harm in a few intense actions in the short-term.

Towards the end of the week, don’t be afraid to say no. It’s a powerful word and with a little practice, can do you the world of good.


Do everything you can this week to get the positive energy flowing. Thinking outside the box might be the best way to go and tapping into your spiritual side could bring in the positivity. Try some Feng-Shui, spend some time meditating or even perform a cleansing ritual. Whatever it takes to open yourself up and get the good vibes in.

Surround yourself with good people this week Sagittarius and you’ll quickly see the benefit. Laughter, love and good energy is contagious! But remember so is negativity.


You have to realise that not everyone can live up to your expectations Capricorn. Expecting everyone to be perfect all the time will only leave you disappointed and other people resenting you. It’s good to have high standards for yourself and others should do their best too but you can’t be annoyed with people for not having the same goals or aspirations as you.

Personal and professional opportunities will come your way this week. Whilst your first instincts may be to dismiss them offhand, give them some proper thought before you make any decisions.


Stuck in a rut? This week could see you climbing out of your work slump and it’s all down to a change in your perspective. Obstacles become hurdles you’re ready to leap over. Set yourself some targets and get working. Ask yourself, are you really where you want to be? If not, why not? Your hard work will pay off in the end.

Your optimistic attitude won’t go unnoticed and others around you will start to see a real difference in your demeanour.


You’ll need to be wary of people who don’t have your best interests at heart. There will be some warning signs throughout the week which you should not ignore. You should be especially cautious around those who come crawling out of the woodwork after you receive some good news. Ask yourself, why are they contacting you now? What’s in it for them?

Test the waters a little this week Pisces. It’s best to get a full picture before you dive in head first and your trepidation will be rewarded.

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