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Astrology for the week of 5th September 2016


ariesDon’t let yourself fall victim to the latest scam, Aries. Be wary of any friend who tries to trick you into doing something for their own personal gain. If you feel betrayed by a long term pal, don’t ditch them at the first sign of trouble.

Although you may be angry, everyone makes mistakes and most of the time, they deserve a second chance. Be sure to express any concerns you have with the friend in question. If they care about you, they’ll accept your criticism and make a promise to change their ways.


You’ll be glad to hear that your financial situation could be set to improve over the next few days, Taurus. Whether you land yourself a profitable side hustle or win money playing Bingo, you may find yourself with a larger budget than usual.

Don’t sit back and wait for everything to fall into place. You can increase your chances of financial success by being proactive and taking control of your own destiny. Strive towards a promotion, be entrepreneurial in your spare time, and buy yourself a lottery ticket. This could be your lucky week!

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

You sometimes have a tendency to catastrophise your way through life. You often anticipate trouble ahead and obsess over the future rather than living in the present. Try to take things as they come instead of planning really far ahead.

When you focus too much on an imagined outcome you increase your likelihood of venturing down that path whether you’d like to or not. Instead of envisioning failure and sadness, close your eyes and picture success. Imagine yourself crossing the finish line, passing your exams, finding the love of your life. This more positive outlook is sure to make a lasting impact and inspire more rewarding outcomes.


Don’t take rejection to heart, Cancer. It happens to all of us at some time or other. Perhaps the person you like isn’t interested or someone else has landed the job you applied for. No matter what it is – brush it off and move on. You’re fabulous, Cancer, and plenty of people know it. You’ll get all the amazing things you deserve and more! You just need to be patient and give the universe time to work its magic.

Is a friend or relative bottling up their emotions? If you feel like someone you care about is keeping something from you, stick by their side. Don’t pressure them into opening up, but make sure they know you’re there for them if they need a shoulder to cry on.


If you’re feeling envious of a friend or relative’s travels, the power is in your hands to embark on an adventure of your own.

Can’t afford it? You can change your financial situation with some careful planning, smart working and self discipline. Assess your spending and eliminate unnecessary purchases. Craft a strict budget and stick to it. Sell any unwanted belongings to make some extra cash. Work overtime, ask for a pay rise or find a new job. By making these actionable steps and proactively tweaking your life, you’ll soon make the money required to go on a trip of your own.


Do you feel like you’ve been trying to keep the peace recently, Virgo? If so, your efforts may buckle under the pressure in the coming days. Don’t feel guilty. You’ve done your best.

Sometimes it’s best to let those around us air their grievances before helping them to settle their differences. If people close to you have fallen out, try to mediate between them to find a solution. But know when to quit – by Friday your intuition may urge you to step aside and leave them to it. If this happens, listen to your wise inner voice. It knows what it’s talking about.


Pay attention to the little things this week, Libra. From thanking your partner for a sweet and spontaneous gesture to acknowledging a loved one’s sacrifice, practice gratitude and show your appreciation to those who have your back.

Your attention to detail can come in useful in your workplace as well as at home. Read instructions carefully and avoid skipping any steps in a bid to get to your destination faster. Think of your work as a marathon rather than a race.


Be careful how you phrase things this week, Scorpio. Avoid letting your deepest, darkest thoughts and opinions spill out unfiltered. You might end up offending someone or saying something you later regret. Be thoughtful and approach sensitive subjects with caution. We’re not saying you have to lie or pander to other people’s feelings, but this isn’t the week to wear your heart on your sleeve or vocalise controversial thoughts.

In other news, you might have a big influence on someone younger than you this week. This could be a junior colleague, a younger sibling or a friend of a friend. If someone admits to feeling inspired by you, don’t let the flattery go straight to your head.


Don’t waste your time on menial tasks this week, Sagittarius. Whether you’re falling for get rich quick schemes or doing unimportant jobs at work to avoid the bigger challenges, switch your focus to more important things instead.

You sometimes let self doubt and fear stand in your way of success but if you just start believing in yourself and getting things done, you may be surprised at how much you can achieve.


Have you been procrastinating, Capricorn? If so, do something today that you’ve been putting off for ages. It may seem boring, scary or impossible at first, but we guarantee that once you’re done, you’ll feel so much better.

Now that we’ve entered a new month, this could be a good time for a fresh outlook on life. Rather than sticking with the usual crowd, surround yourself with people who think differently to yourself. By spending time with a diverse bunch with a range of qualities, you may open up a world of collaboration opportunities and even learn a thing or two about yourself.


Grab yourself a wingman or woman and focus on having lots of adventures and making plenty of memories you’ll treasure forever. Step outside your comfort zone and book fun and exciting plans that aren’t your usual cup of tea. Whether you go paintballing, explore an unusual place or take up knitting classes together, these activities will strengthen your friendship and give you some funny stories to tell to your other friends.

Let your inner free spirit run wild in the days ahead, particularly if you’re prone to sticking to a routine and following orders. By straying from the designated path, you never know what you might find!


Is your partner your best friend, Pisces? If so, make an effort to meet new people outside of your relationship. Having such a strong bond with your partner is extremely magical and rare, but it’s important to nurture other friendships too. Call a friend who you know you’ve neglected or take up some new hobbies which are sure to help you make new friends.

Single and looking? A friend of a friend could be the key to romance for you, Pisces. You’ll probably have someone in mind instantly but if not, be sure to spend more time in your friendship group and don’t be afraid of admitting you’re looking for love. Someone might have the perfect match in mind for you!

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