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Astrology for the week of 13th April 2015

This week, there can be many changes to do with your career, so make sure you’re on the look out for this. You could actually start to chase your dreams more, now that you know what you want. If you’re unhappy, it’s always good to have a think about why this is and how you can change it. There could be many transformations this week, so good luck everyone!

aries 13th

Due to your natural entertainment value you bring to the table, you can find yourself actually being our own distraction, when you need to be focused during an important time.
This week, there is a focus on your career and finances therefore, they will be at the forefront of your mind and rightly so! You need to have a look at what has been left behind which should have been done, for example, any side projects that have taken a back seat. These different projects can actually open a lot of doors for you however; they won’t if they are half finished and unable to be shown to others.
You also may need to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Are you actually reaching your goals or are you in a career that you actually didn’t intend to be in? Of course, looking into this can be scary but it’s good to re-evaluate what you really want. This way, you can make a plan of action to aim towards goals and get where you actually want to be in your life.

taurus 13th

This week, it’s all about opening up, Taurus. You are a very strong character and love sharing your thoughts and opinions but are they actually getting you anywhere? This week, you can come up with ideas with people who share the same opinions as you, which could lead to something amazing happening at work. Perhaps you would adore to introduce a new project to the team but you’ve been a little hesitation to do so. Once you have discovered that these people share the same interests, they’ll most likely want to be on your team. Then after this, it’s get ready, set and go with the ideas and plans. Be careful that you don’t make people run a mile with how passionate you are with these ideas. There is a slight risk that they might feel you are asking for every minute of their day, instead of going at a steady pace. Let people have their say and don’t be too much of a martyr, because sooner or later, they might back out if they believe a teamwork project will become more of a dictatorship.

gemini 13th

In the past, you may have experienced disappointment and hurt that still haunts you to this day. This week, it’s a good idea to try and put those feelings to rest once and for all. You need to talk about your worries with someone close to you, who could have very good, logical advice. Are you worried about getting into another deep relationship due to fear of rejection? You need to learn that not all relationships are doomed and you need to give people a chance.
If you are currently in a situation with a partner or friend where you feel there is a huge inequality when it comes to respect, you’ll also need to look into this and decide whether to accept it or move on.
You’ll be going through a period where you find a lot of peace in your life however, you need to filter through areas  where there is stress that you must get rid of.

cancer 13th

You’ll have a gift of the gab this week, Cancer. It’s no surprise really, because you’re someone who is always ready to connect with others around you. As an individual, you have a gift where you can get to know people on a personal level and help them open up. It often means you have many friends who can be themselves around you and that is why this week will work in your favour. If you have an important presentation or interview to attend, you can wow people with not just your knowledge, but your passion and personality.
While you’re experience this flush of happiness surrounding you, make sure you see as many friends as you can, to help them have a good time if they are shy and much more in their shells.

leo 13th

You are another sign who is more likely to experience positives happening in your career this week. Now is the time to reach for those stars and finally close deals or land that job offer you’ve wanted for months. You will also want to spend time with people that make you think outside your own opinions. Perhaps it would be a good idea to join a debate group to get your ideas flowing. Because you’re a fire sign, it’s often that you show your passion in your everyday life. Enjoy it and watch people become fascinated with you!
It’s also a good week to concentrate on the men who are around you. No, this doesn’t always mean one who is of a romantic interest but instead, family! These people can really help bring you back down to earth and keep you from being a little too fiery. They know you very well, which is why they can give you solid advice.

virgo 13th

Virgos are known for liking familiarity and routine however, these can the complete opposite for many. Just because you’re born in one month, doesn’t mean you act in one way. People often forget that you’re an earth sign, therefore you love the beauty nature has to offer. Every so often, more than you’d like to admit, you can experience some serious wanderlust, making you want to break away from your everyday life and visit a foreign country. Now is the time to think about that vacation you’ve really wanted to take.  Where this means shopping in Paris, surfing in California or simply going out and experiencing your own city more, this will help you feel free.
Another way you can find your freedom is to be more creative, by attending workshops, photography lessons or maybe even learning a new language. You can go about your everyday life but with something slightly different added, which will make your whole week feel a lot more fresh and exciting.

libra 13th

Now is the time where you can’t always take people at face value and you might have to look a little bit deeper. You might feel like someone is being a little off or not acting like they usually would, yet they are saying nothing. Why is this? Well, you won’t know just yet however, try looking at their body language to crack the code and perhaps help this person out with how they are feeling. They might say they are feeling absolutely fine, yet without asking, doing something small for them might help them open up more to you about what’s really going on. If you are in a relationship, this week is a time where you seriously need to put some time aside for your loved one. As someone who is always very independent, your other half might have felt a little abandoned, which is why this week you need to let them know that they are indeed at the forefront of your mind.

scorpio 13th

This week for you, Scorpio, it’s all about being real with people around you. You do have that little sting in your personality yet you can be a very soft character, making it uneasy for you to speak up when you really want to. You could be coming to an agreement with someone in your life and you make have something at the back of your mind about it. This could be where you’re negotiating a contract and you’d like better money. On the other hand, you could be thinking about moving in your partner but both of you have different property ideas. If you don’t ask, you don’t get, at the end of the day. Sure, it can be hard to tell someone you’re not completely keen on an idea but its better said now to save you of months of regret. You are entitled to your own opinion and you should aim to get what you really want, even if that’s asking for a little bit more.

sagittarius 13th

There may have been times where people are critical about you worrying a little too much. In your head, you think it’s perfectly fine to think this way, because you’ll know what to do if something bad does happen. This week, you may realise that worrying has actually been for a reason and many others may not have been prepared for this negative that’s about to take place. At work, it’s more likely to be a project suddenly being changed or clients creating problems. It is horrible when things don’t go to plan but the good news is that you can seriously turn this around, Scorpio! Those around you could be really shocked that you’ve managed to ironed everything out so quickly, which is why you might need to assist them into thinking a little more like you. In a team, this will work really well and people will often come to you for solutions when it comes to future problems. Go you!

capricorn 13th

This week is an excellent time to be more creative and you might be surprised at how quickly you get the hang of it. You could end up creating fantastic work if you just do things a little out of the ordinary. For example, instead of logging ideas down on a plain sheet of paper, draw different spider diagrams or create mood boards to help a project along. In the future, you might find this method of brainstorming could help people in your team think of better projects and plans of action.
Also, this week is a great one to be playful with your partner. While you’re having ideas flow easier at the moment, you might come up with fun activities that can bring you both closer! Perhaps you want to both try a sport together or take a train to a random destination. Whatever is it, go with the flow and enjoy yourselves!

aquarius 13th

Recently, you may have felt the need to be comforted by those very close to you and this week, it’s time you organise this. Because you’re so hard working, it’s very easy for your weeks to drift together, making you guilty of not seeing important people enough. Make sure you ring your family and friends, even if it’s to get together for a cup of tea when you have a spare couple of hours. You do run around like crazy in your everyday life, trying to get everything done, yet the people closest to you will calm you down and help you feel refreshed. After this, don’t be surprised if you’ve already booked to see them again in the following week. This is a really great idea for you to keep on top of and it will help you stay social within your inner circle.

pisces 13th

As someone who is very fun and colourful, you love it when your mood becomes even more upbeat than it already was. If you’ve had a hard day at work, you might like to perk yourself up a little bit yet you could find that this pick-me-up is actually… shopping!
Of course, it’s a great idea to treat yourself every so often however, if it’s making you forget where all your money went, perhaps it’s a good time to knuckle down on your finances.
Make yourself a “treat” budget where you allow yourself a certain amount of money for treats per month, such as clothing or cosmetics. This way, you’ll remember each time and appreciate them much more than if you were to buy a whole shop’s worth of items!
You might be looking to save for a big item or holiday that seems more out of reach than it actually is. Once you start being realistic about your finances and begin saving, the closer this will be to actually happening.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our horoscopes for the week of April 13th! We hope your week is a wonderful one, too! If you could like to read more of our amazing posts, we have topics such as Psychic Guides, Tarot, Love & Relationships plus many more here in our blog! 

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