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Astrology for the week of 6th April 2015

This week, there is a lot going on and much of this is positive. You could be the in the position where you need to decide what to put right in your life, whether that’s being more social or going for that important goal! Discover below what your week holds for you!


Oh, good old passionate Aries, you could indeed feel that spark light within you when you come across a special someone who intrigues you. This could be the week where you ignore any red flags that are shown about a potential lover. You might even see them get into a small fight but instead of thinking this is a bad personality trait, you could completely pass it off as something innocent. Just be cautious about anyone you come into contact with that could cause a lot of trouble in your future. Bad boys or women could be appealing but they tend to do more harm than good.


Is someone feeling like they want to spend, spend and spend? Hmm, for you Taurus this could be something you need to avoid like the plague. Even if you have a bit more money to play with, should you really make that large purchase? Do you really need it? Will that television make do for another year or do you absolutely have to buy that huge flat screen? These are the questions you need to ask yourself, so that next month you aren’t strapped for cash.


Oooh, you could have a very happy emotion running around in your mind this week, Gemini. Everything seems to be going your way. Will this come to a halt? Actually, it looks like it’s going to continue! This week, you’ll be seeing yourself getting closer to friends, colleagues and potential lovers. If you are already coupled up, treating them to something small but sweet could do wonders for your relationship. Being kind is something you like to do whenever possible and now is the time to let others know you appreciate them.


You might need to step it up a tad this week. Someone you know could be in trouble or in the middle of a crisis. As a cancer, you have many traits that make you fantastic at looking after others, whether they ask for it or not. You have eternal warmth, making others feel much more relaxed which will need to come into action this week. It’s good to be helpful. So this week, if someone you know is in need of a pick-me-up, bring them their favourite donut or just offer a cup of tea and a chat. After doing this, you’ll feel miles better too!


Luck is on your side this week, Leo! You really need to take advantage of this because it may feel like you’ve not had a break in a while now. You could come into contact with important people and impress them with your charming or even cute personality. It could also mean something lucky could happen in your everyday life. Has that item you’ve wanted suddenly on sale or is that dream job finally had an opening? Go for it this week and have a blast.


This week for Virgo, it’s all about work, work and more work. Of course, this much hard work can be a little tiring but don’t let that dim the spark you bring to the team. If you are feeling a little run down, buy your favourite coffee or have hot baths this week after you return home. A lot of your efforts could be coming to a head, producing lots of rewards in your financial department. People are really appreciative of you within a team and you could have many more projects surrounding others coming your way. This is a great excuse to get out of your shell a little bit more and show people the real  you!


Libra is the sign of the scales, which can mean you tend to be indecisive about many factors within your life. This week, you could be weighing up the pros and cons of booking that fancy holiday. Personally, we think everyone deserves a vacation every now and then, plus with these beautiful weather, why not? Going abroad and learning about different cultures could do wonders for you. Sometimes, you may feel like you’re trapped in your current environment, no matter how lovely it is. You tend to dislike things getting too familiar and need a change, even if it’s a small one. This time however, you might want to explore a new country and participate in arts, cooking or other activities that can help you meet foreign friends whilst you visit. Get that passport out!


This week is a big one for Scorpios. You could meet people who will stay in your life for years, whether it’s for romantic reasons or not. Have you had a witty banter with someone at a coffee shop? Don’t be surprised if you keep bumping into them, which could lead to social network profile swaps and a long lasting friendship. On the other hand, it could indeed be of a romantic interest. Perhaps you see this person on the train every day yet on one particular morning; they might ask you the time. Either way, this person you meet will help you discover parts of your personality you may not think you have. You might feel like a wallflower yet this person shows you how to be more adventurous.


Now is the time where you need a little bit of help and there’s no need to feel embarrassed about it. At the end of the day, there will be times where you do need someone to guide you through difficult times by being the logical sense you may have lost along the way. You could be faced with a decision such as ending a relationship, moving home or looking for a new job. A family member or personal friend will be someone great to sit down with over a cup of coffee and access what is really going on. You could be very emotional about this, which could cloud you judgement, making you believe a situation is a lot worse than it actually is. By being around this person, you could both come to a solution that is a wise, effective one that will make you feel a lot happier.


Have you been walking around in la-la land, Capricorn? Unfortunately, you have to take off those rose tinted glasses and look at the situation for what it really is. If you’re in a relationship, you could ignore something that might play a huge part in how the partnership develops. Have you met someone who is from a different town but don’t want to think about the possibility of them moving back? Now is the week you need to start thinking about this and how you can get past it. It may not be something about that person’s personality as such, but instead a situation that could determine how often you see each other. Be honest about what you really want and whether this can happen with them.


Enjoy yourself, please, we beg you! You are a sign that often pushes themselves too hard. Aquarius is a star sign that could be guilty of taking on too many jobs, making them juggle the little time they have to themselves. This is why we ask you to just set aside some time for yourself to relax. Go out with friends and treat yourself to a fancy bistro dinner and a few glasses of wine because we know you’ve earned it! In the past, you may not have time for your friendships because of how busy you always are so when you reconnect with these people, it will remind you to be more social on a regular basis.


As someone born under the sign of Pisces, you really like little artsy objects surrounding you wherever you are. At your desk, you could have a little picture frame from that independent shop you love so much or at home you could be a fan of quirky decorative accessories. This week, it’s a great idea to give your space a little revamp for the summer. Do you fancy that pineapple printed pillow? Go for it and get yourself set for the summer! Once your home is bright and perky, you’ll feel your mood shoot up big time!

Those were our horoscopes for the week of 6th April. We hope you have a fantastic week full of happy times! To keep up with us online, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook!




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