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Astrology For The Week Of 6th September

On Tuesday, Mars is in wonderful Leo, which means it’s time to let this fire sign influence you. It’s a great week to get your creative juices flowing and projects could get a huge boost because of this. You might be hiding behind a mask if you have a large personality. Why are you scared to show it? Many of us could experience sudden confidence, which is excellent! We just advise that you don’t get too carried away. Some people around you might think you’re pushing your luck a little bit too much. There is confidence and there is cockiness, so make sure you know the difference.

In other news, many of us might want to get our career back in shape. Has your motivation been lacking? You won’t be the only one! On Sunday, there is a solar eclipse in Virgo and luckily, this can help a lot of us out. If you think about the sign of Virgo, you’ll know that it is famous for being a hardworking perfectionist. When this sign joins forces with the Moon, it can really help us get projects off to a flying start or finish ones to a higher standard. Make sure you plan everything like crazy this week.


When everyone else is strolling by in life, you’ll be on a motorbike, zooming past. You are ahead of a lot of the signs when it comes to getting your life together and figuring out your path. This week, you won’t really have to work hard which means that you could get a little bored. You love a challenge but when there isn’t one, what are you meant to do? Make sure this boredom doesn’t lead to anything negative. At work, you might be tempted to mess around on social media or even become involved in office gossip. You’re better than this, Aries. Stay out of trouble because by the end of the week, you could get called into a meeting you’d rather not have.


This week, it’s time you get something off your chest. Something has been bothering you for a long time and it’s time you put an end to it. A person very close to you may have been pushing their luck for a long time now. Is this worth getting angry over? Chances are, they might not even be aware that they are doing something wrong. This is why you shouldn’t be too harsh on them when you finally spill the beans. Let’s have a look at how you would feel. If you found out that a friend had been upset for a while yet you had no idea, would them shouting be fair? If someone you live pays rent too late, tell them that they need to keep on top of it. At this point, all you can do is make them aware of the issue. And if they aren’t willing to change, then you can look at a plan B.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

My word, aren’t you the charmer? This week could give you the gift of the gab but unfortunately, you could get a little carried away. If you are attending an interview, you could end up elaborating to the point where you can’t keep up with yourself. This won’t be good if people ask you about “facts” you start getting mixed up. The same could happen with your social life this week. Saying yes to every invite that comes your way isn’t the best option. An hour before an event, you could realise that you’ve double booked. Letting people down is not going to be a good end to the week. To avoid this, make sure you keep your diary close. This way, you’ll know exactly what’s going on this week before you begin planning. In other news, you could spend a lot of time over the next few weeks making your home look fantastic for Autumn. If you are thinking about purchasing a few scented candles and comfy throws, now is the time. The prices will start to increase so make sure you create a shopping list for the sales.


Recently, you might feel that work is uninspiring. This might make you dread every Monday morning, which is never a good start to any week. Have you got any skills that you want to start using to your advantage? It might be a good idea to ask other colleagues about their current projects. If they are struggling in an area that you’d be great at, ask your boss if you can collaborate. Using your initiative could open new doors in your career instead of sticking to the same old. Luckily, your boss might see how helpful you could be in future group tasks. On Saturday, you could turn into your extra sociable self. Bursting onto a new scene could be the ticket to a very good night out. You might meet new people by going to a different bar or club for drinks. Networking is key this week for you Cancer, whether that’s in work or your social life.


It’s all about getting better at what you do, Leo. This week, you could set the mark higher for yourself. If you want to improve your creativity or any other skills that could help your career, now is the week. The only thing we advise is that you don’t wear yourself out too much. People born under the sign of Leo often want to do as much as they can to get where they want to be. You should also remind yourself that it is important that you take your time.
Another area of your life that needs to slow down a little is your finances. Unfortunately, you could be spending much more than you are earning. Instead of assuming you can deal with it later, don’t forget that consequences do exist. Do you really want a bank balance in the negatives? Draw up a budget plan for the month and stick it to your fridge so you don’t forget your daily allowance. Once you get used to spending less, you’ll be shocked at how much you can save by December.


You are someone who likes to help others whenever you can, Virgo. This is a wonderful trait to have. Amongst friends, you are known as someone who is loyal, caring and very reliable. However, this week is the one where you might need friends to help you out. You could have a little trouble when it comes to travel, such as getting stuck at a train station at night. If you call a few friends for a lift, you might hear all sorts of excuses. It could make you realise that even after all those times you went to their rescue, they may not be willing to do the same. This will feel like salt in the wound, especially if a cancelled train has resulted in you stood in the rain. On the flip side, the good news is that you are going to discover which friends are actually worth your efforts. In the future, you’ll know who is using you as a shoulder to cry on with no intention of doing the same.
There is no point in being surrounded by flaky friends. The sooner you pull back a little bit, the soon they’ll realise how amazing you really are. By September 2016, that birthday meal of yours will only have loyal attendees.


There is brilliant news for people born under the sign of Libra. As a social butterfly, you absolutely love it when you meet new people. Regardless of how much you have in common, you can talk for hours. During the week, you might go to an event where you could come across some potential pals. This year for Libra has been focused around friendships that are new and old. For the past couple of weeks, new people on the scene have needed to be thought about carefully. You might introduce a new character to your group only to realise that they aren’t as nice as you thought. Also, your love life might need a bit of a shake-up, especially if it’s been draining your energy. This romantic interest could be your type but with personality traits you can’t stand. If their beauty distracts you too much, you could miss all sorts of red flags. It’s an important time to take a step back and look at who they truly are as a person. This way, you could realise this isn’t the best you can get.


This week, you’ll be looking for ways that can help your life run on a smooth path instead of a bumpy road. You might feel your motivation decrease big time, putting you at a standstill. Are you hardly getting any sleep and are you full of stress? It’s important that you remember issues like this can be resolved if you stop ignoring it. It will be a great idea this week to choose which problem you would like to focus on. Take a short trip down to your local bookstore and see if there is anything available that could help. When anxiety is running high, books about meditation could help. Do you think your diet has played a role in your lack of energy? If it has, look for cookbooks that offer recipes packed full of vitamins and nutrients. The first step is to always acknowledge what the problem is, then you can get better. Make this your main focus. Life is too short to be feeling like rubbish.


Your love life is going to be the big focus of this week, Sagittarius. At the moment, you might like someone who is a little out of your reach. Why do you feel this way? Someone as fiery as you should never let insecurities make you feel like you’re not worth someone’s affection. Just go for it! You will never know unless you ask them. In other news, your career could get a huge boost, so make sure you have your interview outfit ready. A phone call out of a blue for dream job could pop up, making you quickly grab the next train available. If this happens, you will need to be as prepared as you can be. Make sure you have your updated portfolio at hand so that if you need to, you can use it to secure your next career move. Also, have a look at whether your social media profiles include photos from a messy night out. If your dream job is available, make sure a visit on your Facebook doesn’t put them off.


After a couple of dates with someone special, this new relationship could become official. Even if it’s only an agreement not to see anyone else, this could be on the cards. It might be a while before you start telling friends and family about this person anyway. It’s important that you don’t jinx it right now. As an Earth sign, you love it when relationships blossom naturally. To you, taking it slow is extremely important at the beginning. This honeymoon period could carry on into mid-2016, which is more of a reason not to rush. During this time, expect to be feeling completely loved up. Spending hours talking to them could allow you to get to know them on a much deeper level than you ever thought. Enjoy it! On Sunday, you might be checking that bank balance and see whether you can afford one last holiday for 2015. Even if this is a short weekend away, it’s ok to allow an escape from your everyday situation. This can really help chill you out, especially if you haven’t had a break in a while.


You might get yourself into extremely interesting debates this week, Aquarius. As an intellectual sign, you absolutely love having a good old natter whenever you can. Even if you’re in a bookshop, you could start talking to the staff about different genres. This could end up drifting into opinions about music or the arts. This person you speak to could end up inviting you to a local event they believe you will enjoy. The event is one you shouldn’t turn down, even if you end up getting a little shy about going on your own. A new art or photography meet up could change your life. Not only could it offer new opportunities for travel but it could also offer new friendships. In your love life, you might want a few changes. Coming home to a cluttered mess is not something you enjoy. If someone isn’t pulling their weight, you should try and communicate this. Outlining what stresses you out will help them avoid it in the future. It’s all about communication so make sure you don’t back out of it.


This week, it’s time that you step up and put in the extra hours at work. Of course, this might not be your idea of fun but it will improve the way people see you in the office. Over the past couple of weeks, you may have brought your personal problems to work. Your reputation could be a little damaged at the moment which is why it’s time for a change. If you can offer your assistance on a project, ask around and see if anyone could do with extra help. You are someone who is naturally caring, so this is the time to show it to the people around you. Don’t let the past couple of weeks determine how people will see you for the rest of your career. You can always turn a situation into a positive one. Put in the hours and you’ll see how much of a difference it will make.

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