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Astrology for the week of 7th August 2017



Are you feeling resistant to change? If you find yourself in peak sloth-mode and can’t help but move along at a snail’s pace, it’s time to kick this laziness to the curb. With a few days left before Mercury enters the retrograde, there’s still some time left to make necessary changes to your life without fearing the repercussions.


Loud and bossy behaviour won’t get you anywhere this week, Taurus. You may find yourself feeling a little on the defensive side, particularly if you feel like someone is throwing personal attacks your way. Don’t let your ego turn you into a short-tempered bore. Impulsive feelings may drive you to say things you don’t really mean, leaving you looking like a child having a tantrum. You’re better than this, Taurus. Be the bigger person.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

You may feel ignored in the days ahead, not only by other people but also by your own intuition. Your intuition is crying out and begging to be listened to, but the serious and disciplined side of your personality is stuck in its ways. Rather than following everything by the book, learn to follow your heart over your head from time to time.


Curiosity could get the best of you this week. If you go looking for trouble, you’re sure to find it. On your quest for gossip, be careful not to cause problems yourself. You may find yourself caught in a web of drama, particularly if you get involved with someone with a shady reputation. Avoid mischief like the plague this week, Cancer. Keeping a low profile will work wonders.


Rejection and/or criticism could hit you hard in the days ahead, Leo. Try not to get too wrapped up in what other people think of you. Instead of taking negative feedback to heart, use it to spur you on. When you reach your goals in spite of any nastiness thrown your way, you’ll benefit from an extra layer of pride and satisfaction. When you reign victorious, those who doubted you will be knocked down a peg or two. Not that you’ll even notice or care!


Avoid projecting any negativity you receive onto others this week, Virgo. The way you handle the week ahead will speak volumes about your character. Cruelty and malice is infectious, and by doing what you can to halt such nasty behaviour, you’ll benefit from months of good karma.

This is the perfect week to throw an inspiring playlist together and dramatically sing your favourite lyrics into your hairbrush.


Don’t self-sabotage your own success, Libra. Every time you move closer to your goal, you do something destructive to knock yourself back. Could this odd behaviour be a sign of low confidence? Perhaps you’re subconsciously so afraid of failure that as soon as you get the slightest whiff of glory, you start to worry that outside forces will prevent you pursuing your dreams. Give yourself a chance, Libra. Failure’s a natural part of life and even the world’s most successful people have had to overcome their fair share of obstacles.  


Stay in your own lane, Scorpio. No matter how hard you try, you cannot control other people’s emotions. Whether you’re obsessing over whether or not your crush feels the same or feeling frustrated at a relative for not apologising for something they said, there’s no point getting so invested in other people’s feelings. What’s meant to be will be, so take a step back, focus on yourself and let things play out the way they’re meant to.


Try not to get so preoccupied with perfection, Sagittarius. Whether you’re scared of being disliked or you’re worried your actions will have disastrous consequences, there’s a good chance you’re overthinking this.

Avoid being passive aggressive in the coming days. Whether you’re leaving snarky notes on your block of cheese in the office fridge or tweeting your annoyance at a friend, this attitude won’t do you any favours. Make communication your number one priority.


A friend might let you in on a big secret this week, only to regret their openness just hours later. Don’t let them down or give them a reason not to trust you. By proving that you’re a reliable confidant who always keeps their word, you can watch your friendship with this person blossom.

In other news, an antique or family heirloom could hold some significance for you in the days ahead. Keep it close if you’re in need of some good luck.


A colleague is likely to grind your gears this week by saying something insensitive. Try to keep your head down, especially if other people seem to be siding with them. You don’t have to win everyone over and sometimes, we all just have to agree to disagree.

A spur-of-the moment trip could bring out the best in you, particularly if you’re accompanied by someone you’re desperate to get to know better.


Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side, Pisces. Being human and showing that you’re just as imperfect as everyone else is a sure-fire way to make people fall for you. It’s only natural for us to put up a facade and pretend to be tougher than we are, but deep down, we’re just as clueless as one another.

A big challenge may stop you in your tracks by the time the weekend comes around. Hold your head high and do your best. Even if you ‘fail’ you’re likely to reap some surprisingly positive results further down the line.

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