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Astrology for the week of 7th March

The birthday season of Pisces continues, and there is also a New Moon in Pisces, which heightens enlightenment, inner journeys, spirituality, hopes and dreams. We can now take our dreams and make them a reality. Now is the time for a change in our lives and this week could feel like an entire New Year. The Pisces New Moon is giving us the power to chase what we want in life, regardless of how difficult it may be to get it. That incredible job and house are possible to get, but you must work hard to get it.



You must add the finishing touches to projects and work that hasn’t yet been completed. There has been a whole lot going on in your life, so much that you may have forgotten about those small tasks at work. Little do you know that these minor tasks can build up into something fantastic if you decide to finish them. Put aside some time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed juggling all these at once. If you learn how to organise yourself a little better, the other tasks coming through won’t be hurdles, but will be smaller stepping stones you can conquer with ease. 

Main points this week:

  • Keep your eye out for any work you’ve neglected. Finishing these will make a huge difference.
  • Find ways to organise your workspace so that your office’s mess doesn’t affect your productivity.
  • Get smaller tasks completed earlier. Don’t let them build up.


It is the week where you are yet again too stubborn for your own good. Last week, you didn’t want people in your career disagreeing with you and now your irritation has turned to your relationships. A partner might be upset with someone you say this week. In your opinion, they’re being far too sensitive and are failing to see the logical side. Let us ask you something. Have you ever been able to stay 100% logical when you’re upset? Whether you like it or not, you must apologise for upsetting someone even if you think they’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Telling them they are ridiculous is as useful as a sponge raincoat.

Main points this week:

  • Try to be a little more sensitive this week.
  • If a partner is upset, don’t get defensive immediately.
  • Resolve arguments without saying something you’ll later regret.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Last week, we spoke about boosting your online reputation. It is now the week where you will see many positive outcomes. If you are a Gemini who has dreamt of your own business, you might just set one up with a friend that becomes increasingly popular. After just one piece of work, clients could come flooding through the door. Yes, it’s a big surprise, and you might not feel ready for all of this just yet. In reality, you are ready, but it’s a little doubt that could be restricting you. Plan how you are going to complete each new project so you can continue to accept others without feeling exhausted.

Main points this week:

  • Prepare yourself for new business.
  • Take a break at the weekend so you don’t feel too overwhelmed.
  • A huge change in your career is on the cards.


This week, you might come across a new friend that connects with you emotionally. A friend like this will be a breath of fresh air because as an emotional sign, you might go through life feeling misunderstood yet this person might be another Water sign or an Earth sign that gets what you’re about. It’s important to keep in contact with this person because they could be a brilliant source of inspiration. There is another important note for this week. Looking after your health is essential because it’s an area that you may have been neglecting. Eating more fruit and veg could give you that energy boost you need to complete tasks much more efficiently.

Main points this week:

  • A new friend who is either a Water (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) or an Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) sign could come into your life.
  • Keep in touch with this person you’ve met.
  • Make sure you’re eating in a healthier way.


Romantic relationships are highlighted this month. If you have any disagreements with a partner, you must remember that it’s only temporary. You need to look deeper into the situation and understand this person’s point of view. One of you might want to play the field a little bit and yes, this could upset someone big time. Keeping someone at a distance is a good idea, but you need to draw a line. Putting a wall in front of someone getting closer to you could create chaos in a relationship that could have been wonderful. Don’t turn someone away immediately if they want a little more commitment. Give it a try!

Main points this week:

  • You and a new partner might want different things in a relationship.
  • It’s time you talk to a romantic connection about what you want the relationship to be.
  • If you’re casual with someone, don’t flaunt your new date in their face. It’ll only hurt their feelings, regardless of how “single” you claim to be.


There is a huge focus on your love life, Virgo because Venus is going to arrive and make a big change. You might begin to look for new ways to connect with someone you’re romantically connected with. Instead of being physical, try going to a yoga class together or have a joint meditation session. Little do you know, but your partner might see positive outcomes after trying this new method out, regardless of how “spiritual” they are. Spending more quality time together talking about theories will add new dimensions to your conversations and could bring great enjoyment.

Main points this week:

  • Try connecting to a partner in other ways.
  • Introduce a partner to your interest in spirituality. It could be beneficial to your relationship.
  • Ask them more questions about their opinions and have more healthy debates.


Venus will be creating a fun atmosphere and could bring an amazing change to your life. It is great news because you’ve been a busy bee getting your life back on track. Now is the time you can relax and be a bit more social over the next couple of weeks. There is a big chance that admirers reveal themselves, which could bring a big surprise. That person you believed didn’t even know you name may have been lusting after you for quite some time. If they want to take you out on a date, watch that motor mouth of yours. Talking at 60mph due to being nervous will overwhelm them and might not have a positive outcome.

Main points this week:

  • Accept that date, no matter how nervous it makes you.
  • Try not to go overboard. Let someone speak once in a while, Libra.
  • A few secret admirers might come forward.


It is a perfect week to show off your talents, Scorpio. Little do you know that applying a particular skill to your current job could work wonders in the next couple of weeks. Try not to step on too many toes, though. Showing off a little too much could rub people up the wrong way. You won’t like it when people laugh about you behind your back due to your over the top actions, so watch how you phrase your viewpoints in the workplace. Go ahead with working towards success but don’t come across as someone kissing up to the boss.

Main points this week:

  • Be careful how you express yourself.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be the source of office gossip.
  • Complete your goals without showing off.


Your week’s main focus is on your home. You need to think about the changes you want to make to your life and how it can affect other people around you. If you have children, that dream house could be miles away from great schools and friends they need to lead a happy life. Be realistic about the type of environment you live in and why you are unhappy at the moment. Have you been avoiding social interaction because you want to move? If you try to strike up friendships in your current community, it might just change your mind!

Main points this week:

  • Think more about the consequences of moving to a new home.
  • Are you unhappy because of reasons you the ability to change?
  • Put your family first this week when making significant decisions.


Are you over analysing, Capricorn? This week, you might talk to people and automatically assume they have a hidden motive. It will happen when you spend time around charismatic people. Why are they so smiley? Why are they so happy? What is doing something nice going to give them in return? Unfortunately, you could be accusing just about everyone of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing when they’re not. Your critical side will be getting the better of you. Try not to be so judgemental.

Main points this week:

  • Don’t judge absolutely everyone.
  • If someone in the past has fooled you, don’t assume it’s going to happen again.
  • Be more open to what people are telling you.


There is going to be a positive change in your life. Current friendships will strengthen, and you will find new friends who view the world the same way as you do. In the past, friends may have frustrated you if they only helped others for a personal gain. You’re not the type of person whatsoever. Whenever you can, you will lend a helping hand to someone you need, even if it takes up a lot of your time. These new people that come into your life will be fellow helpers of the world, and you could all end up achieving something great.

Main points this week:

  • You might meet some brilliant new friends.
  • Spending time with old friends you’ve not seen a while will boost your positivity.
  • Connect with the type of people who share your values.


Your birthday season continues, and it’s a crucial month to boost your talents. You want to do everything by yourself, yet this isn’t entirely possible. In your career, trying to move mountains is going to tire you out and affect your productivity in a negative way. Remember that it’s ok to ask for help. You are the sign who will help others but will very rarely accept help in return. If you are struggling with a business idea or project, an influential person could help you get past that creativity block. Take their advice and watch your working week improve rapidly.

Main points this week:

  • Ask for help when you need it.
  • Not many people can achieve goals all on their own. It’s ok to work as part of a team.
  • Take advice from that experienced individual. It’s going to help you massively.

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