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Astrology For The Week Of 7th May 2018



There’s likely to be a day this week where you feel as though absolutely everything is going wrong for you. In reality, your concerns may be complete figments of your imagination and things might not quite be what they seem.

Take a step back and see the situation with a fresh perspective. Are things really as bad as you’re making out? Is there a chance that you’re catastrophizing everything? Remember to count your blessings this week and focus on the things that are going well.


Have you been bottling things up and trying to tackle your problems alone, Taurus? If so, it’s time to reach out and confide in someone you can trust. With your independent and determined nature, you may get a kick out of battling things alone, but if you’re not careful, all this will come crashing down after a dramatic crescendo. Swallow your pride and wear your heart on your sleeve, Taurus. You can’t do this alone and we guarantee your friendships with others will strengthen with your honesty.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Don’t let feelings of paranoia ruin the good things you’ve got, Gemini. A lack of self esteem and an abundance of self doubt could have you seeing things completely differently to how they are and worrying what people think of you.

Avoid jumping to conclusions at the first sign of negativity this week. While you’re worrying that a friend or colleague thinks badly of you, chances are they’re not thinking about you at all.


A plethora of money opportunities are heading your way this week, Cancer. The catch is that the opportunities won’t just fall straight into your lap. you’ll have to grab every chance you get and make the most of your potential.

The level of reward will depend entirely on your willingness to put the work in. So if you’ve had an unrealistic goal on your mind, now’s the time to really go for it.


How satisfied are you with your life, Leo? Whether you feel stuck in a boring rut or there are some elements of your life that are making you profoundly unhappy, you do have power to change things, you know? Of course, not everything is within your control. There will always be outside forces that influence the course of your life. But you certainly have more authority than you let yourself believe.


Months of poor communication could finally reach a tipping point this week, Virgo. If you and a friend have spent a considerable amount of 2018’s first quarter getting your wires crossed, drama is likely to ensue.

Don’t give up on your friendship as soon as an argument arises. A storm has been brewing for a while and chances are you’ve both failed to address the problem because of your love for each other. Despite your best intentions, communicating about your wants and needs is likely to make your friendship much stronger.


Aim high, Libra. From applying for your dream job to running a marathon, it’s time to get stuck into those goals you’ve been putting off due to uncertainty, a lack of confidence and a fear of failure. You may encounter negativity in response to your ambitions, but try not to let this discourage you. It’s only natural to encounter non-believers from time to time, but it’s vital that you don’t let them sap your energy or enthusiasm.


Exercise could have a tremendously transformative impact on multiple aspects of your life this week, Scorpio. It’ll boost your mood, improve your health and bless you with that beautiful post-workout glow. Of course, if weight loss is your goal, that’ll take time, but we bet those around you will notice a pretty significant change in your overall vibe within a matter of days.

Keep it up if you can, Scorpio. You’ll be amazed at the difference all this exercise will have on other aspects of your life.


Dark forces may appear to sabotage your success this week, Sagittarius. Every time you take a step towards your target, something drags you backwards kicking and screaming.  Thankfully, you’re a tough cookie with endless perseverance and determination. While these invisible disruptions may feel discouraging, deep down you know that you’ll get to your dream destination eventually.


A big life change is just on the horizon, Capricorn. At first, you may wonder how you’ll ever adjust to such a drastic change in circumstance, but we guarantee that over time, things will get easier and you’ll begin to get used to the new way of living.

Whether your job description changes without your permission or a close friend announces that they’re moving abroad at the end of the month, let yourself feel your feelings. Your emotions are perfectly valid but we promise that new blessings will enter your life again soon.


This week you may find yourself burdened with a new responsibility or challenge, Aquarius. You may feel out of your depth at first but within a matter of weeks you’ll be in your element.  The coming days might also see you making new friends. Someone you already know has the potential to introduce you to a number of people with the potential to change your life. By being open to new opportunities, you can make the most of this week.


May has the potential to be a month you’ll remember for years to come, Pisces, but whether the memories are good or bad depends primarily on the way you handle the week ahead. Hide the remote, log out of social media, and ditch all those distractions that leave you feeling a little worse for wear. Unleash your productivity, creativity and energy on everything you do, and everything else will just naturally fall into place.

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