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Astrology for the week of 9th January 2017


ariesTurn your attention to home and family this week, Aries. Hide away from treacherous weather in your own little hibernation hub. Whether you curl up under your duvet with a torch and a book or you create a den using your dining room table and lots of blankets, this week’s all about unleashing your childish side and snuggling up in the warmth.

On a mission to have it all in 2017, you may upset those closest to you. Be careful not to trample on other people’s feelings on your journey to the top.


No more excuses, Taurus. It’s time to get out of your seat and actually do something! Did your New Year get off to a turbulent start? If so, you still have another 51 weeks to make this year one to remember! Don’t write the whole of 2017 off because of one blip. There’s sure to be plenty more obstacles ahead, but with the help of your Taurean charm and strength, you can overcome anything life throws at you.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

This month you’re sure to achieve some of your biggest goals, Gemini. Be sure to celebrate and enjoy the moment because your overwhelming ambition and drive won’t let you sit back for long.

You’re always on the hunt for the next best thing but this passion for progression could prevent you from achieving happiness, if you’re not careful. Sometimes it’s worth taking a step back and counting your blessings. As fulfilling as it can be to strive for better things, you’ll do good to appreciate what you already have.


You have big dreams and ambitions, Cancer, but it seems you’re approaching them at a snail’s pace. Rather than simply dipping your toes in the water, leap straight in head first. Have faith in yourself! Progress requires change and unless you’re brave enough to make some bold moves, you’ll never get further than your front door.

Surround yourself with your greatest supporters this week. With the help of friends and relatives, you’ll become the trailblazer you’re destined to be.


Before you can make a solid start on your New Year’s Resolutions, you’ll need to address any baggage that’s been holding you back in the past. Don’t let drama drag you down or put a dampener on your success. By addressing any struggles you faced in 2016 and acknowledging the impact they had on you, you can tie up any loose ends and try to practise forgiveness when possible. We have faith that you’ll make this the best year of your life.


Negativity is SO last year, ey Virgo? But on your mission to abandon those who bring you down, be careful not to desert your closest friends at the first sign of trouble. Everyone makes mistakes and our blunders are what makes us human. Forgive those who’ve stood by you for years while leaving repeat offenders in the past.

This year could be the perfect time to introduce new members to your squad. Even if you already have a close knit support group, there’s no harm in introducing one or two fresh faces to the gang. Who knows what adventures could lie ahead with their help!


Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re too cool for resolutions, Libra. There’s nothing wrong with setting yourself some goals and making a plan of action to achievement. In fact, by putting a little pressure on yourself, you may achieve far more than you imagined.

If you’re worried about failure, avoid making specific goals that leave no margin for error. For example, giving up alcohol for the whole of 2017 could be extremely difficult if you’re partial to a glass of wine. Halving your alcohol intake, on the other hand, is far more achievable and gives you the chance to improve your health without making yourself feel guilty for the occasional indulgence!


If you’re a single Scorpio, embrace alone time while you can. Rather than sitting back and praying for Mr or Mrs Right to enter your life, focus on making the most of the time you have to yourself. Could this be the week you start a blog, paint a portrait or write a song? There’s a wealth of creativity inside you that’s desperate to escape!

By unleashing your creative side and keeping busy, you may open new opportunities and meet new people in the process.


A chaotic week could lie ahead, Sagittarius, and the drama may be out of your control. You may find yourself witnessing a power struggle between those you care about, and as the weekend draws closer, bickering may escalate. Do what you can to defuse the situation and use that Sagittarius charm of yours to encourage kindness and peace.

If someone angers you this week, avoid fighting fire with fire. Rather than stooping to their level, use your mature and positive attitude to change the dynamic.


Quit comparing yourself to others, Capricorn. From the outside it may seem as though everyone else is richer, prettier, happier and more successful than you but in reality, the grass isn’t always as green as it may appear. In fact, while you’re busy wishing for the lives other people have, those you envy may be looking at your own qualities in the same light. You’re a force to be reckoned with, Capricorn, and your talents are not to be scoffed at.


Simplicity is key this week, Aquarius. If you haven’t already immersed yourself in the tranquil world of minimalism, this could be the perfect time for you to do so. From uninstalling apps you no longer use from your phone to having a huge wardrobe clearout, there are so many ways to declutter and simplify your life. By adopting a ‘back to basics’ attitude and ridding your life of chaos, you can de-stress, unwind, and make way for more positive assets.


Romance could be in the pipeline, Pisces. Thanks to your charming and flirtatious ways, your chances of attracting someone special is at its peak. No matter where you turn, you’re inundated with attention on both platonic and romantic levels.

If you’ve been contemplating doing something daring or out of character, make this the week you take the leap. From dying your hair a crazy colour to bungee jumping off a cliff, this is your time to cut loose and embrace your freedom.

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