Ways to pay
Ways to pay:

Spell to Attract a Soulmate

Cast this spell on a Friday preferably on a New Moon

You will need:

  • A new pen
  • A sheet of plain paper
  • One Rose or Lavender scented candle
  • A metre of silver, red and purple ribbon
  • Your favourite perfume
  • A fireproof bowl filled with water

Find a quiet room and light your candle. Sit in front of the candle, take three deep breaths and imagine yourself surrounded by love. Remember that you are worthy of the good things that you are asking for and the Higher Beings, Angels and your Celestial Guides want you to be happy. Write a list of qualities that you would like your soulmate to have such as kindness a sense of humour, animal lover etc. Please take your time and think carefully about what you are asking for. When you have finished your list take up your ribbons and knot the three ends together hold the ribbons and say:

“In this place I am surrounded by Love
I call to you Venus Goddess of Love
Love into my Life Manifest
The one who is Right for Me”

Plait the ribbons together so they are one cord, make nine knots in the cord and as you tie each knot say:

“Love into my Life Manifest
The one who is Right for Me”

Lightly spay the cord with your favourite perfume. Take your soulmate attract list and carefully burn it in the candle flame and say:

“Love into my Life Manifest and it Harm None

Keep the cord with you or make it into a bracelet and wear it until love arrives into your life.