Ways to pay
Ways to pay:

Spell To attract New Friends or a Partner

Please remember that it is NOT a good idea to seek to tie an individual to yourself or another person. This is one of those spells where you have to be careful what you ask for. It is no good saying that you want someone who is handsome; it could turn out to be a handsome toad!!

This spell needs nothing more than your ability to visualise and concentrate.

Once again go to your ‘Sacred Place’ and ask your departed relative to bear witness for you. Speak to that departed person as if he or she were standing right with you.

Ask them in your heart for the opportunity to get to know the right person (if seeking a partner) or people if seeking new friends. Take your time and when you are certain that your late relative has heard you, thank him or her in advance. Then say “Blessed Be” and remove yourself from your Circle.

The spell is now completed.

Blessed Be