4 Ways To Cleanse Your Pendulum

Using a pendulum in a psychic reading is something that many people do. In fact, here at Wishing Moon we have previously explained how to make your own pendulum for psychic readings and how to get started once you’ve made it. But what we haven’t covered is how to cleanse your pendulum.

Why is it important to cleanse your pendulum?

Like with a lot of spiritual tools, it’s vital to regular cleanse your pendulum to ensure it remains balanced and accurate. Over time, and with regular use, your pendulum can collect negative energies, or become imbalanced with different types of energies. Even your own aura can affect your pendulum over time. If your pendulum isn’t regular cleansed and purified it can give you inaccurate results and throw your readings way off.

4 ways you can cleanse your pendulum

There are different ways that you can cleanse your pendulum depending on what your preference is and what you have used as your pendulum. For example, some crystals should not be placed in direct sunlight so it’s important to check before you begin.


1. Intuition and energy focusing

This is a great method no matter what your pendulum is made from, crystal, brass, wood etc. Place your pendulum in front of you and focus all your thoughts and energies into cleansing it of negative energies and imbalance. You can even call upon your spirit guide to help you. Not only does this method cleanse your pendulum, but it also energises it too!

2. Smudging

Smudging is a great option if you’re not experienced with energy focusing because there’s no skill involved in smudging and anyone can do it. White sage is a great smudging tool. Smudge your pendulum for between 1 and 5 minutes to clear negative energies. The one drawback of this method is that whilst it is a quality cleanser, it does not energise the pendulum.

3. Sunlight/Moonlight

This is a really simple method and involves placing your pendulum in sunlight or moonlight for a few hours to use the light’s power. If you are using a crystal as your pendulum it may fade in direct sunlight. Amethyst and aquamarine do for example. In these instances you would harness the power of the moonlight rather than the sun. Four hours is a good amount of time but if your pendulum is particularly depleted or out of balance you can do it for a whole day/night. For extra power, conduct your cleanse when there is a full moon.

4. Earthing/Grounding

The earth is a great way to balance your pendulum. Mother Nature is the epitome of balance and you can use her power to cleanse and recalibrate your pendulum. In the same way that you can ground yourself by getting back to nature, your pendulum works the same way. Take it out into the world, let it feel fresh grass, allow fresh water to run over it and allow the air to breathe through your pendulum.




Just because you’re expecting a certain outcome doesn’t mean it will become a reality this week Aries. You should be prepared for a few surprises that may cause you to rethink your expectations. Carrying around fixed ideas can hold you back, especially when it comes to work or education; it’s important to be open minded and fluid in your thinking so that you’re not weighed down by your ideas.

You’ll find much needed energy when you rid yourself of the burden of habitual thoughts. Obviously it is much harder to do than it sounds but with time and practice, you’ll get there.


You may be suffering from a lack of motivation this week Taurus but it’s important to keep in mind what it is you’re working towards. What is your end goal? Is it an adventurous trip away? Buying your own property? Working your way up the career ladder? No matter whether it’s one of these or all of the above, keep your goal at the forefront of your mind and it should see you through. Sure, you can have days when you don’t really feel like doing much but you’ve just got to power through.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

Hard choices could be coming your way this week Gemini. Practical thinking with your feet on the ground will serve you well as you make your decisions. Especially when you come up against things you cannot change. A cool, level head will be your most valuable tool this week so keep that in mind when things begin to test you.

If you are owed things Gemini then this week is the time to collect. You’ve been too nice for too long and if you don’t speak up now people could really start to take advantage of you.


If you feel like you’re in competition with someone this week Cancer, whether it’s at work, in the family or just in life, you would be wise to stop and think whether you’ve made up this rivalry and why? Are they pushing your buttons? Do they have something you desire? Or is it more to do with your own self esteem? Feeling a bit down about yourself can cause you to look at others with envy but they haven’t done anything wrong – they’re just living their lives. What you need to do is look inwards towards yourself. This will allow you to work on the things you don’t like without projecting your insecurities onto anyone else.


It’s important to manage your body and your workload separately (and differently) this week Leo. Why? Because if you don’t look after your body then you won’t be able to even think about tackling what’s on your plate. People often talk about the importance of good mental health but you mustn’t forget about your body. It’s what picks you up in the morning and carries you throughout your day. Make sure you eat healthy, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. Then you can think about tackling your workload.


Reaching for the moon is going to be your motto this week Virgo. Whether it’s a new project or something you’ve been working on for a while it’s time to dig in and really set your sights high. And the great thing is that you get to set your bar as high as you like. Your Everest doesn’t have to be comparable to anyone else’s! And that’s fine. It’s important you focus only on the work that you’re doing because that’s all that matters. Constantly comparing yourself to others isn’t healthy and it will only slow you down –  and remember, this week, you’re reaching for the moon!


Ambition and passion are going to be big for you this week Libra, as you’re setting up for the future. People and projects for your past are going to come flooding back to you which will make for some interesting, and nostalgic, conversations. Do you believe in Karma? You might be a firm believer after this week and it could force you to adjust the way you behave in the future.

Being passionate is great but be careful not to rush things this week Libra. Things take time and you’re far better slowing things down to an amble rather than a sprint.


What should be simple and straightforward ends up becoming far more complicated this week Scorpio, causing you to undertake more work than necessary! However, it’s best to view this week as a jigsaw puzzle that you must piece together and complete to make something positive for yourself in the future. Once you start thinking about it this way you’ll be much more inclined to get stuff done.

Something this week will pique your interest in travel. Don’t discount it as something whimsical and fanciful – give it some real thought.


This week, people you owe will come collecting Sagittarius. So you better be ready! You may have been meaning to pay it all back, money, time, emotional support, but you just never got round to it did you? People will be very understanding of course, but now is the time to pay back what you owe.

Relationships will grow close for you this week too. Whether it’s romantic or platonic, someone you’ve been talking to more than frequently will become a more permanent part of your life!


This week is all about kicking back and getting some well earned relaxation. You’ve been working so hard recently that you deserve this time off. And you better enjoy it! Don’t waste what little free time you have worrying about other things. It’s time to switch off your brain and just live in the present.

It could be the perfect time to take up a new hobby or develop a new interest – even if it’s just starting a new tv show.


This is a big week for you aquarius. The pressure is on. But if anyone can handle it it’s you. It really is your time to shine and with your confidence at an all time high you’re going to knock the competition out of the park. However, could this successful week be a symptom of something else? Maybe in the back of your mind you know this could be your last hurrah so you’re really making the most of it.

There’s a big conversation on the horizon for you this week too. Don’t shy away from it – it’s been a long time coming and you know it.


This week you’re waiting to measure the success of a project you’ve worked so hard on and recently completed. It may be hard to relinquish control but that’s what you’re going to have to do. You’ve done all you can and now it’s out of your hands. The best thing to do is sit back and be proud of what you’ve accomplished – whether or not it reaches other people’s expectations or not.

An important letter may arrive this week Pisces to do with a loved on which you really can’t ignore.

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Why You Shouldn’t Necessarily Choose The Cheapest Psychic

Choosing which type of reading you want

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing to get a psychic reading. First and foremost you need to understand what exactly you’re looking to get from your reading. Are you looking to get answers to a specific question? Communicate with the spirit world? Or just see what’s in store for you?

Once you’ve figured this out you can take a look at the type of psychic you need to conduct your reading. Different psychics specialise in different areas such as dreams, past lives, tarot, clairvoyance, crystals and angels so it’s worth checking where your chosen psychic’s talents lie.

The cost

A deciding factor for a lot of people when it comes to psychic readings is the cost. If you’ve never got a psychic reading before or are trying a new provider, it can be tempting to pick the cheapest option. However, that’s not always the best idea. Of course, some cheap psychics will be amazing at what they do, but you shouldn’t necessarily choose the cheapest psychic if you’re looking for a quality reading especially if they do not have the best reputation.

Psychic readers and their reputation

Established psychics with real talent and skill have stellar reputations and are known. The reviews that your psychic has should tell you whether they are credible or not. If they have a lot of repeat customers then you know they must be accurate.

Here at Wishing Moon, our gifted team of psychics and mediums have some of the best reviews making us the UK’s most respected live psychic line.

If cost is a major factor for you, be sure to choose a reputable reader within your price bracket. And many psychic reading providers have different packages on offer to suit your budget. For example, offers for new customers and offers depending on the length of your reading.

Free psychic advice with Wishing Moon

At Wishing Moon, as well as our telephone psychic readings, we also offer free psychic guidance and information on our blog which is updated regularly. Here you’ll find advice on spiritual matters, love and relationships, tarot, dreams, meditation and healing and many other topics. We also provide a free weekly astrology for all the star signs so you can see what’s in store over the next 7 days.

8 Times Grace Victory Delivered Inspiring And Eye-Opening Spiritual Truths

If you follow Grace Victory on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll already be familiar with her spiritual journey. Whether she’s exploring healing crystals or uncovering the magic of numerology, this girl is delving deep into the world of intuition, meditation and intention in a bid to tackle her demons and make the most of her full potential. 

To celebrate Grace’s divine expedition, we’ve picked out just a few of her posts that really resonated with us. Whether you’re new to the world of astrology and tarot or you’re already well into your journey of self love and spiritual care, we’re sure you’ll be nodding along in agreement and hanging onto Grace’s every word!


1. The time she practised gratitude

Life can certainly be challenging. When life throws curve balls our way, whether it’s a difficult breakup, the loss of a family member, illness or poor mental health, it can sometimes help a little to look for the positives in your life, no matter how small. Here Graces showed the importance of spending some time outside and focusing on the beauty of all the nature around you.


2. The time she told fellow Virgos how it is

As a self-aware Virgo herself, Grace has taken the time to learn exactly what her star sign means and how astrology can impact her life and potential. By familiarising herself with the powers of the stars, we bet Grace is able to make the most of her strengths while also learning how to work on her weaknesses.

3. The time she explored the spiritual significance of the colour she’s most drawn to

Colour can have a significant impact on our mood, aura and life. Here, Grace talks about her attraction to green and the multitude of benefits that come from surrounding yourself with such a colour. If you’d like to learn more about the healing powers of each colour, take a look at our guide to how the colours of the rainbow can change your mood.

We’ve also written about how to identify the colour of your aura (and what your colour means).

🍃🌱Grace’s Green Serenity Bath. For some reason I am attracted to green more than ever. I want to be in nature, I want to hold my malachite (green stone) and I also want to generally eat more green stuff 🍃🌱Green is the colour of the heart chakra and symbolises opening your heart space to an abundance of love, balance, growth and life. It represents compassion, transformation, softness, calmness, serenity, and nature. Green 💚 is the expansion of your deeper self and an openness to all things new •• My heart is so full and wide at the moment as I have been doing some pretty deep inward work. I am so open, so grounded and so safe. I’m also hormonal at the moment and I felt called to create this incredibly nourishing, loving and new energy bath 💚💛🌱🍃 •• Oatmilk, apple cider vinegar, Epsom salts, dried rosemary, cypress oil, lemongrass oil, pine needles oil. •• Music 🎧 Heart Chakra Alchemy 💚 #healgrowglow

A post shared by Grace 🦋 (@gracefvictory) on


4. The time she perfectly summed up the Seven of Fire card

When Grace tweeted a photo of the Seven of Fire card along with the words: “Feel your intuition, go with your gut, connect to source/God/universe, step into your power to feel safe and grounded, you are protected… just believe and have faith. That third eye is working FOR you and WITH you,” she knew exactly what she was talking about.

The Seven of Fire, from the Dreams of Gaia Oracle Card deck, is a card heavily influenced by intuition, discovery, exploration and spiritual guidance. It’s a really positive card to come across because it can indicate a period of peace and tranquillity, providing you’re willing to pay attention to your inner voice and the messages the universe gives you.

Have you ever felt as though a certain moment has been created just for you? Whether you’ve come across a white feather shortly after a loved one’s death or an obscure song from your childhood starts playing in the shopping centre just when you needed to hear it most, powers outside of our control have a funny way of communicating with us in times of need and confusion. Often, we brush these things off and put them down to coincidences. Repeat after us: there’s no such thing as a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason and the sooner you learn to pay attention to the clues your surroundings give you, the sooner you can heal from bad memories that weigh you down and overcome your fears.

5. The time she highlighted the importance of reflection

Ronan Keating was onto something when he said that life is a rollercoaster. As much as we’d love our lives to be smooth sailing and stress-free, in reality we need to accept that it’s full of ups and downs. Acknowledging the difficult periods and reflecting on the lessons you’ve learned can be a really effective way of improving your mental strength and resilience. So it’s great to see Grace reflecting on the difficulties of April and striving to learn something from even the most challenging of experiences. We also admire her positivity. No matter how testing April was, she knew that May would be a blank canvas and a fresh start.

6. The time she emphasised the need to find spirituality within yourself

Here at Wishing Moon, we devote so much time to providing you with resources that will help you start your spiritual journey, overcome pain and pressures, and transform your life into the fulfilling, happy and loving journey you deserve. However, as Grace perfectly explains here, ‘ultimately the higher consciousness you are seeking is inside you’. You are the key to your spiritual growth and progression. Take inspiration from other places, by all means, but at the end of the day it’s up to you to put your discoveries into practise yourself.

7.The time she proved her willingness to work on herself

As valuable as confidence and self assurance can be, a willingness to work on yourself plays an important role in your ability to learn, grow and evolve. Grace regularly demonstrates this ability, but here is a recent example.

By reflecting on the things that make her feel bad and assessing how her own actions could potentially improve her experience, Grace is sure to continue her journey of growth.

8.The time she shared this absolute truth

No matter who you are or what you do, we bet there have been times in your life when you’ve felt like other people are working tirelessly to change you as a person and shape you into something you’re not.

Think of yourself as a superhero with your own unique set of powers and special abilities. Sure, you might not be able to fly or see through walls or teleport from one country to another at the blink of an eye, but you do have powers on a completely different level. Perhaps you have the power to influence and inspire those around you. Perhaps you have the power to make others laugh and bless people with constant joy. Perhaps you have the power to heal and care for those who matter to you the most. No matter what your power is, you’re destined to encounter people who try to suppress your talents and prevent you from unleashing your true magic on the world. As Grace succinctly explains in her tweet, no good can come of diminishing your power to make other people feel comfortable.




You’re eager to make big plans for the coming weeks and months but you’re struggling to inspire those around you to get involved. Whether they’re on a tight budget, they’ve got a lot on their plate, or they’re simply feeling a little on the lazy side, they’re just not as enthusiastic about your plans as you are.

Don’t take their lack of get-up-and-go personally. Instead, this could be the sign you need to learn to love alone time. From going to the cinema on your own to booking a solo flight to a country you’ve always wanted to visit, don’t let other people’s disinterest stop you doing the things that you want to do.


Circumstances beyond your control may throw your plans off course this week, Taurus. If it’s something you’ve been looking forward to for a while, these unexpected obstacles may leave you feeling deflated. Thankfully, teaming up with an Aries or Gemini to make new engagements could give you the optimism you crave. There’s no point crying over spilt milk, after all. You may as well get back out there and make the best of the situation.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

A wild weekend may leave you feeling regretful in the coming days, Gemini. Could a detox be on the cards? Don’t worry, we’re not talking about living off fruit juice all week. A mental or spiritual cleanse could be even more rewarding than a change in your diet.

If you often worry what other people think of you, remind yourself that in reality you probably seldom pass through their minds. This might sound harsh, but everyone is so concerned with themselves that it’s unlikely they spend their evenings thinking about that embarrassing thing you did that one time! When you stop worrying about other people’s perception of you, you’ll feel so much more free.


Someone from your past may try to worm their way back into your life this week, Cancer. Whether it’s an ex partner or a toxic friend who you cut ties with long ago, don’t let them pressure you into welcoming them back with open arms.

It’s not all doom and gloom this week though. The person making a reappearance could equally be someone who you’re delighted to see. If you get a random phone call from a treasured relative that moved away or an old flame you loved and lost, cancel unnecessary plans and make a reunion your number one priority.


Your head and heart are likely to be in conflict this week, Leo. Your heart may be telling you to do one thing, while your head is telling you to do another.

Tap into your intuition and let it guide you. Throw the rule book out the window and pay little attention to other people’s instructions. We guarantee there’s a voice inside you trying to scream the instructions at you and we bet its wisdom sits somewhere between the very things your head and heart have been trying to tell you.


Life is likely to feel pretty cushy this week, Virgo. Luxurious things are heading your way in abundance and all the challenges you thought you’d struggle to overcome will be considerably easier to tackle than you may currently believe. Although the week ahead is destined to be smooth sailing and stress-free, don’t take it for granted.

If you’ve been procrastinating when it comes to boring tasks and errands, now’s the time to tick them off your list. As much as you want to put your feet up and enjoy the ride, there’s never been a more harmonious time to tackle the things you least want to do.


Don’t shoot the messenger but this is an ideal week to tackle all the paperwork and life admin that’s been piling up recently. If you’ve been hiding your bills in a drawer, letting your spending spiral out of control, or procrastinating at work, it’s time to sit down and just get stuff done. It may be difficult to get started, but we guarantee that it’ll be worth it when you finally start to see the results of your new-found organisational skills.


There’s some misalignment when it comes to your mental and physical strength at the moment, Scorpio. Whether you feel fit enough to run a marathon but you’re crumbling internally, or the complete opposite is true, you’re finding it hard to achieve a sense of balance between the physical and psychological. Take some time out to focus on what really matters to you and don’t be afraid to put yourself first. If you don’t look after yourself, how can you possibly watch out for others?


Are you feeling flirty, Sagittarius? If you’re single, don’t be afraid to have fun with this stint of charisma and creativity. Your personality is more magnetic than ever before and you’re sure to have people falling over one another to get themselves a date with you.

In a relationship? This flirtatious streak could open up exciting new doors in your relationship, strengthening your bond together and giving you both a new lease of life.  


You may land yourself in hot water with someone in a position of authority this week, Capricorn. Whether you’re at fault or not, think carefully about how best to respond to the situation. It may be wise to sit back and quietly wait to see how things play out, rather than jumping to your own defence or looking for others to back you up. You don’t usually shy away from confrontation and you’re usually quick to speak up for yourself, but playing it cool could work in your favour this week.


If you’re usually stuck in your ways, this week could be a good time to do things a little differently. Step outside of your comfort zone and don’t be too proud to take feedback on board.

No matter how great you think you are at the task at hand, there’s a good chance those around you have some wisdom to share too. Who knows… trying something you’ve never done before could yield really impressive results.


You don’t have to know all the answers, Pisces. Sometimes it pays to hold your hands up and say ‘I don’t know’. No one will think any less of you for not knowing everything. In fact, they’d be more likely to judge you for being a patronising know-it-all.

Be careful not to steal the limelight from a good friend this week. Your intentions may be pure, but you could do more harm than good.

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Monthly Tarotscopes: June 2018

To mark the start of June, one of our psychics has chosen a different tarot card for each star sign to represent how the month could unfold. We believe Tarotscopes are a simple way to create a life of peace, meaning and prosperity, plus it’s an opportunity for people to learn more about the definitions of tarot decks. Below are all of the cards that are chosen for the month of May 2018.

*All cards pictured in this blog post are from the famous Rider-Waite Tarot Card deck.*


Page of Cups page cups upright

Keywords: Creativity, optimism, hope

Aren’t you a lucky star sign, Aries! The Page of Cups has the potential to be one of the most promising cards in the entire deck.

This month you may embark on an exciting new project, challenge or adventure. And the best part? You’ll be able to prove all those people who have ever doubted you wrong!

You’ll need to be spontaneous in order to make the most of the month ahead. Don’t be afraid to throw caution to the wind and go all-out. A bit of impulsiveness will go a long way.


The Moon

KeywordsIllusion, anxiety, insecurity

You’re likely to be feeling a little overburdened in the weeks ahead, Taurus. No matter what you do, work stress, best friend drama and relationship squabbles are likely to feel heavy on your shoulders.

Remind yourself that no matter what life throws at you, you’re equipped with the strength and power to take it all in your stride. Consider asking a friend for help if you need it. The more people you have on your side, the easier this challenge will be.


The Hermit

Keywords: Personal development, learning, self-discovery

This is the perfect month for self reflection and self analysis, Gemini. Don’t be afraid to reject plans you’re just not that interested in and spend that time alone instead. You may be met with strange looks from friends, especially since you’re known for being somewhat of a social butterfly, but it’ll all be worth it when you exit the month all revitalised and wise.

If you’re single, this could be the month to put your quest for love on hold. By making this month all about you, you’ll benefit in ways you never imagined possible.


The Fool

Keywords: Risk, adventure, experimentation

Don’t worry, Cancer. Despite what this card may have you believe, those around you aren’t laughing at you. You may have felt a sense of paranoia already, but don’t let this card worsen these self conscious feelings. After all, this can be a positive card and it’s more about risk, adventure and experimentation than it is about being laughed at.

This is an ideal month to throw yourself at every opportunity you get, even if those around you doubt your abilities. Don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you that you can’t do something. You’ll soon prove them wrong.


Seven of Pentacles (reversed)   

Keywords: Self-doubt, worry, anxiety

The Seven of Pentacles reversed suggests you’re likely to have a lot on your plate this month, Leo. You may find it hard to say ‘no’, whether a colleague has asked you to do something that’s not in your job description or a friend asks you to do a favour that impacts negatively on you, but your refusal to stand up for yourself could land you in hot water. Try not to bite off more than you can chew. Stand your ground and be protective of your time.


Knight of Pentacles
knight pentacles

Keywords: Efficiency, routine, responsibility

Follow the instructions down to every last word, Virgo. Your restless and impatient nature could see you skipping straight past the details and trying to wing it, but you’ll get much better results if you take your time and follow the rules. The frustrating thing is that this month you’re likely to crave mayhem and speed. But if you do things by the book and take some responsibility, we promise things will pay off in the end.


The Hierophant

Keywords: Learning, progression, wisdom

Are you feeling fed up at work, Libra? If things aren’t bad enough to make you leave, make this the month you start looking for fulfillment outside of your day job. Make this a month of learning and growth. Unleash your creativity – even if you’ve never felt so uncreative in your life. Spread your wings and use your free time to explore exciting new adventures. Who knows? Your next career move could fall right in your lap.


The Lovers

Keywords:perfection, trust, peace

If you’re a single Scorpio, love could be just around the corner this week. You may have been suffering from a serious relationship and romance dry spell, but all that could be set to change.

Confidence and self belief is the key to meaningful and lasting relationships this week. After all, if you don’t love yourself, how can you possibly love anyone else or find someone to love you in return.


If you’re already coupled up, your love may blossom into something even more special this month. However, you’ll both have to do some work on yourselves if you’re going to make the most of your love.


Page Of Wands page wands

Keywords: Luck, money, new projects and fresh starts

If you’ve been struggling for money lately, all that could be set to change this month as luck is finally on your side! We give it just a matter of days before you’re skipping through fields with a smile on your face, amazed at how everything seems to fall into place.

This calls for a celebration, but be careful not to blow all monetary successes in the space of a few days. Be responsible and draw up a budget. This could be the start of a much more prosperous future if you’re careful.


Four Of Wandsfour wands

Keywords: Celebration, harmony, peace

What a marvellous way to start the new month, Capricorn. The Four of Wands is a really positive card to reveal itself and this indicates that you could be in for a peaceful and stress-free month. This tranquil period lends itself well to self reflection and growth. Do you ever meditate? If you don’t, make this the month you start. Surround yourself with crystals and tap into your intuition. You’ll be amazed at how much it knows.


Deathdeath card

Keywords: Fresh start, end of an era, blank canvas

The mere sight of the Death card may fill you with fear, but don’t jump to conclusions! Believe it or not, this can be one of the most positive cards in the deck.

The Death card is all about fresh starts and new adventures. A large part of your life may come to an end and this could be difficult at first, but it’ll open the door for something new and amazing, whether that’s a new job, a new hobby, a new relationship or a new friendship.

Your month might not get off to the most tremendous start, but as each day passes, you’ll begin to count your blessings and appreciate the multitude of fresh opportunities available to you.


The Hanged Man

Keywords: Suspension, restrictions, letting go

Do you feel like you’re in a state of limbo, Pisces? Recent weeks may have been troublesome and confusing, particularly if you’ve felt stuck between a rock and a hard place, but the coming weeks may give you some relief if you learn to make the most of them. It’s time to let go of the things that have been holding you in place. It’s time to kick up a fuss and free yourself from these restrictive shackles! We have so much faith in you, Pisces. This month you’re going to shake it off and move forward, never looking back!

What Is The Flower Moon?

Just a few weeks ago we were celebrating the spiritual power of the Pink Moon and now it’s time to throw our hands up embrace the wonderful healing qualities of another moon. This time it’s the full Flower Moon that arrives on the 29th May.

In the same way that the Pink Moon didn’t turn pink, the Flower Moon obviously isn’t going to magically sprout daffodils or roses. So let’s investigate the origins behind the name and what it means in a spiritual sense.

Why is it called The Flower Moon?

Hundreds of years ago, before calendars and clocks were used to determine time, days and seasons, Native Americans came up with creative ways of tracking time.

Usually, they’d name each moon after a natural event that would happen each year around that time. So the Flower Moon was named as such due to the flowers that would grow in late spring.

Are there any other words for The Flower Moon?

When the term ‘Flower Moon’ was coined, there were multiple tribes spread across America. They had different names for each moon, so while some referred to the moon in late May as the Flower Moon, others called it Mother’s Moon, Milk Moon or Corn Planting Moon.

What does The Flower Moon symbolise?

Throughout history, the Flower Moon has meant different things to different people. It’s best known for symbolising healing, thanks to the medicinal properties of many springtime flowers.  

Think of this as an opportunity for you to really blossom and grow. Spend as much time as you can in nature, soaking up the sun’s rays and breathing in the fresh air.

The full moon can also symbolise shining a light on the negative parts of life and looking for ways to improve on these things and move on from negative feelings. If you’ve fallen out with a friend, there’s tension in the family or there are things left unsaid with your partner, make May the month that you delve in deep to get to the root of the problem.




You’re feeling more emotional than ever this week, Aries. You’ll struggle to go a day without someone or something hurting your feelings.

Although you may feel as though this is the perfect week to air your grievances, try to avoid bringing up wrongdoings from the past. You’ll only end up with a wealth of regret on top of all the other emotions you’re currently experiencing.


This week you can’t help but spill the beans. Perhaps you uncovered some juicy gossip last week and you’ve been keeping it under wraps, trying to hide it from those around you. Well, you just can’t keep your excitement anymore and early this week you may share the big news with those you trust the most. Be careful not to let the information fall into the wrong hands, Taurus. The outcome could be disastrous.

GEMINI (MAY 21ST- JUNE 20TH)gemini

A friend may confide in you with some information that’s been weighing heavy on their shoulders this week, Gemini. Although you may have suspected something for a while, keep your suspicions to yourself and avoid blurting out “I knew it!” The last thing you should do is make this about you. You’re a great listener, so make use of these skills this week. If you show you can be trusted with this secret, you’re sure to strengthen existing friendships and build your reputation as a loyal confidant.


It doesn’t matter how willing you are to share your secrets with your nearest and dearest, this week it’s time to set some boundaries. Those around you consider you an open book, but this could see them taking advantage of you and failing to pay attention to your emotional needs.

After all, if they already know everything about you, why make any effort to delve a little deeper? Try to identify which secrets to keep for yourself. We’re certainly not talking about bottling up your problems, but having a little mystery can work wonders.


Refrain from judging others for their actions, Leo. Before stepping in and saying something, question whether you’re in a position to offer unsolicited advice. If you are, proceed with caution and try to be as understanding as possible. It may be the case that this person is in great need of a friend and someone to confide in. Judging them for their behaviour and writing them off as a bad person is unlikely to fix the situation and it won’t help you either.


Do you keep falling for the wrong people, Virgo? If so, it may be worth taking some time out of the dating game to assess what you’re really looking for. By spending some time alone, you’ll get to understand yourself a little better and before you know it, you’ll know exactly what you need from your next relationship.

In a relationship? Alone time could do you and your partner some good. Spending your lives in each other’s back pocket can cause problems further down the line. Make sure you both have your own hobbies and interests so that you’re just as fulfilled apart as you are together.


Be careful not to rub people up the wrong way this week, Libra. You’re not usually the type of person to get on your mates’ nerves, but all that could be set to change this week thanks to a shortened attention span and desperation for some action.

If life feels a little on the dull side, set the wheels in motion and make some exciting plans. Those around you will be more than happy to join in providing it’s you who makes all the arrangements.


Some bad news may stop you in your tracks this week, Scorpio. It may leave you wondering how on earth you’ll make it through the next week. But you’re a strong soul and you’ll emerge from the flames stronger than before and ready to tackle your next challenge.

If you’ve been thinking of leaping into something new, it may be worth putting such plans on the backburner until things have settled down a little.


You’ve got no time for drama right now, Sagittarius, and at the first sign of controversy, we bet you can be found in the corner rolling your eyes. You’re right not to want to get involved. In the coming days, those around you might try to drag you into the flames. Stand your ground and don’t let them pull you under. Peace and tranquility is important to you right now and necessary ingredients in the recipe of your success.


Single? The perfect person for you could be right under your nose. While this could be someone you know already, there’s also a chance that you’ve never met but your cross paths on a regular basis. Put your headphones away and look around you during your journey to work, Capricorn. You’ll be amazed at the new things – and people – you see.

If you’re already in a relationship, your bond may be put to the test this week. Don’t worry – chances are you’ll emerge stronger and more in-sync than ever before.


Last week we told you to keep your cool and avoid jumping to conclusions. We may sound like a broken record but the same rules apply this week too! Rather than concerning yourself with the actions of others, focus on yourself and the world around you. You’re in control of far more than you imagine and by putting your own actions at the forefront of your thoughts, you’ll achieve way more than you would if you carried on obsessing over other people.


Is it time to forgive, Pisces? Holding a grudge against someone won’t harm them or enable you to get revenge. Instead, it’ll just weigh heavy on your shoulders, dragging you down and preventing you from living your best life. Let it go, once and for all! Forgiving someone who has wronged you might not seem like the right way to go about things, but we promise you’ll feel so much better when you move on.

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Healing Crystals for Geminis

If you love crystals but are unsure of which ones best suit you as a Gemini then not worry as we’re going to take you through some of the best crystals you should use for your sign!

Agate – for protection use a fire agate or for help enhancing your communication skills use blue lace agate. A green and moss agate will help you connect with Mother Gaia (life giver).

Apophyllite – these stones are great in reducing stress or anxiety, and their energy may calm you and help you to let go of stress. If you place one on your third eye chakra whilst meditating  they can help with your intuition and spiritual vibrations.

Arfvedsonite – for bringing joy and positivity! These can be used to help clear your head, aid in a good sleep and set you on the right path.

Aquamarine – use aquamine to help deal with emotional problems, such as loss and grief.

Blue Sapphire – for organisation, help with learning and opening up your communication abilities. You should feel a greater mental discipline and they may even help with developing clairvoyance abilities.

Celestite – for connecting with angels and your spirit guide. They can take your awareness to a higher spiritual level.

Citrine – for letting go of fear and welcoming positive energy. Great for strengthening your willpower!

Chrysocolla – a great crystal for empowerment! This is a strong, healing stone and encourages love and communication.

Emerald – emerald encourages vibrations of compassion, kindness, loyalty and unconditional love. You can use this for increasing abundance and prosperity.

Tanzanite – can be used for heightened spiritual growth, healing properties and can help develop psychic powers.

Thulite – feeling a little too introverted? Try thulite! The stone can be used to help create personal relationships with others and can aid with problem solving skills.

Tigers Eye – a great stone to use when meditating to reach a higher state of consciousness.

Ulexite – for healing your creativity, mind and emotions. Also known to help with the gift of transference!

Variscite – for creating strong feelings of deep inner peace, love and compassion. If you want to let go of old negative energy that you no longer require and move on with your life this is the stone for you.

We hope you find these crystals useful either in your meditation and healing practices or just by surrounding yourself with them. Be sure to keep up with our weekly horoscopes to see what’s in store for the Gemini sign!

The History Of Gemini

Have you ever wondered where the star sign of Gemini originated? Let’s take a little look at its history and meaning.

The name

Gemini’s name is Latin for ‘twins’, hence the twin-like characters we often see in depictions of the star sign.

It’s often associated with the twins Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology. Castor and Pollux were the sons of Zeus and Leda. Despite being married to Tyndareus, Leda was seduced by Zeus… disguised as a swan. Talk about a bizarre story! As a result, Leda gave birth to four children. Some were mortal and others were immortal depending on their fathers. Among them was Castor and Pollux.

The constellation

The location of the constellation lies between Taurus to its west and Cancer to its east.

Between 20th June and 20th July each year, the sun resides in the astrological sign of Gemini, but the zodiac dates it between 21st May and 20th June.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to find the constellation, you can spot it between the two brightest stars Castor and Pollux, to the east of the V shaped asterism of Taurus and the three stars of Orion’s belt.

Gemini as an air sign

The element associated with Gemini is Air. Air signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – tend to be deep thinkers. They’re all about ideas and action. Not only do they dream big, they’re not afraid to put their plans into action. Their get-up-and-go attitude sees them succeeding at things that others wouldn’t even try.

Gemini’s personality

Gemini is easily one of the most flirtatious, charismatic and endearing signs of the zodiac. The average Gemini is friendly, talkative, loving and creative.

Not only are they fantastic company, they’re also incredibly reliable and trustworthy. It’s no secret that Gemini loves to be the centre of attention, but they tend to be immensely caring, understanding and supportive towards others too.

Your typical Gemini has a huge heart which they’re unafraid to wear on their sleeve. They won’t hesitate to talk about their feelings and share their thoughts with those around them.