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Best Friend Sun Sign Combinations

The best friends of the zodiac are two signs apart at a 60-degree angle. When you look at signs that reflect this, they are always elements that compliment each other. Fire needs Air and Earth needs Water, which is what makes them the ideal combination for a friendship. You must know that these combinations aren’t always destined for a passionate romance. This isn’t a bad thing because the two could get on so much that they could travel or even live together. Think about your best friend at school. It can be an unbeatable match that can last for decades.

A celebrity example of this would be Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. These two have been best friends since childhood. This lead to them combining forces for successful Hollywood films. Ben Affleck is a Leo (born 15h August) whereas Matt Damon is a Libra (born 8th October). This Fire and Air sign have worked incredibly well for years and it looks like it will continue. Some best friend sun signs work like magic yet others can struggle. The best idea is to gain an understanding of the sign you match with so you learn how to work together.

What does each best friend combination mean and who is your perfect pal? Find out below!


Aries and Gemini

Aries and Gemini make brilliant friends because both will be open to communicating feelings. Both signs absolutely love their independence in this friendship. It will be very rare that you’ll find these two struggling with pressure. If the two of these signs haven’t seen each other for a couple of months, it won’t be viewed in a negative way. They will both understand that life goes on and there will be times where communication lacks. This is never anything personal which means when they see each other again, it will be like no time has passed.


Taurus and Cancer

Surprisingly, a Bull and a Crab can really get on well. A combination of an Earth and a Water sign is a peaceful friendship that can be rather creative. Both of these signs can be adventurous with each other. It won’t be difficult to decide on an exciting activity at the weekend that they will both enjoy. Attending an art or cooking class will be a perfect way to learn new creative skills together. These two are often very mature when it comes to their communication. There won’t be any hurtful insults thrown if they have a disagreement and this saves a lot of grief. Neither of these signs is a fan of confrontation of any kind so problems can be sorted out quickly.


Gemini and Leo

This friendship is a fantastic one because they are so different. Gemini is easy going which is great for a Leo who can often want things their way. On a Friday night, a Leo might demand they go to a particular bar and a Gemini will be happy to tag along. It’s never a dull moment with these two because they are both up for something new. A fiery Leo still needs to be careful not to treat Gemini like a doormat. Even though this Air sign is often upbeat, once they feel any type of disrespect, they’ll walk out of the door. Gemini is the sign of the twins, which means they can be stuck between two thoughts. This can affect how they decide what they want out of life. Being easy going is great but if they can never make a decision, it will drive a Leo mad. The aim is to motivate the Leo to be more relaxed and to teach a Gemini how to be more dominant. After this is achieved, both will be much happier.


Cancer and Virgo

Cancer is an emotional sign and Virgo loves to help those in need. This will work wonders in this friendship because Cancer will appreciate Virgo’s loyalty. Water signs can often be overwhelmed with their feelings and break down out of nowhere. Their Earth sign friend will give them a cup of tea and calm them down enough to go through what is going wrong. These two signs are excellent for motivating each other, especially in times of struggle. If either of them has hit a career stand still, they will talk through it and look at different plans of action. When success is earned, there will be no jealousy between these two. Instead, they will celebrate the amazing times together which will allow them to bond even more.


Leo and Libra

This friendship can have it’s rocky times because a Libra is a dreamer. This sign can have crazy opinions yet Leo will often believe their way is always right. The Lion will have to learn to stop rolling their eyes because this Air sign can help them become a little more open-minded. Leo will eventually love the fact that Libra is upbeat because it’s much more fun. The Libra friend will admire that a Leo knows what they want and will try their best to get it, which can inspire them. This will help them to be better at making decisions instead of sitting on the fence for as long as possible. A lot of peaceful yet fun times are to be had between these two signs!



Virgo and Scorpio

Virgo and Scorpio make fantastic friends because Earth and Air always join together in harmony. They are two very different people, but that’s what is special about it. When a Scorpio is a confident individual, the Virgo’s dry sense of humour will be right up their street. Personal jokes and catchphrases will get these two laughing, even more so if people around them are baffled by it. Scorpios can be very adventurous and up for anything, which can slowly bring Virgo out of their shell. This can make Virgo realise they are a hidden go-getter in life. These two will learn how they can adopt each other’s traits to improve their lives.


Libra and Sagittarius

These two are eternal optimists and every bad day will have a silver lining. If one of these signs loses their job, the other will encourage them to search for their real passion in life. Even though they look at the bright side, they are realistic with plans for the future that are easy to reach. Together they are an unbeatable match and will often be the friends at a party that start some sort of game. These two will communicate well, which is what makes this bond extremely hard to break.


Scorpio and Capricorn

This Water and Earth sign are naturally hard working and will want to achieve their absolute best. Neither will give up on a dream, meaning they are both often the ones who are a huge success even at a young age. Both of these signs like their personal lives to be very private, which doesn’t bother either of them. When they meet up with each other, they will talk about intellectual subjects rather than gossip about their love lives. These two are absolutely fine with this and agree with one another’s reasons. Both hot shots in the business world, these two will need to be reminded that money isn’t everything. It’s a very bad idea for these two to become competitive about careers. If an argument is linked to this, it can do a lot of damage. You should congratulate one another instead of allowing jealousy to sabotage a wonderful friendship.


Capricorn and Pisces

Capricorn is a practical sign that goes for what they want in life. Pisces is different because they can spend most of their time dreaming and not actually doing anything about it. The best thing about this friendship is that they both can learn from one another. A Capricorn can work far too hard and wear themselves down. The Pisces will happily teach them to look after themselves more. It’s highly likely that a Pisces will lend Capricorn their upbeat, spiritual book about life. It’s important to a Pisces that they are happy, which is something they rate far higher than money or status. Capricorn will be great at helping a Pisces structure a plan to achieve their goals. This can offer Pisces a new career path instead of sticking to the same job with no progression. All in all, this combination will help one another improve their lives to become happier.


Aquarius and Aries

An Air and Fire combination is going to be an extremely exciting one. These both absolutely love exploring new things in life. If there is a country or city neither have visited before, they will book tickets right away. Adventures no matter how small will bring these two together to create a fantastic bond. Aquarius is a sign that does like to plan anything that might happen for the future, even if it is minor. Aries is a sign that will send Aquarius holiday ideas saying “Let’s go next week!”. This can throw Aquarius off a little but they will quickly learn how to hop on board. It’s all about adventure for these two friends.


Pisces and Taurus

Pisces is represented by two fish are swimming in different directions. This can often tell you a lot about this sign because they can switch moods quickly. Going from being upbeat to sensitive can great problems for them. Taurus is a practical sign that deals with emotions by putting them towards something useful. For example, if a Taurus is feeling frustrated, working out at the gym is a great way they can deal with it. The Pisces in this friendship can help them remember that releasing emotions is ok. Pisces can struggle to think like Taurus, meaning they could spend days in bed, allowing an issue to get worse. This is where the Earth sign comes in handy. They will give Pisces a plan of action of how to get themselves back on track and on route to success. This friendship is great because their differences can strengthen each other.


What do you think of your best friend sign? Comment below!

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