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Born On a Cusp? Here’s What it says About You!

Do you ever feel like your star sign is not true to your nature, and your horoscope is never particularly accurate? You may have been born “on the cusp”!

Being born on the cusp means that your time of birth was at a point where the Sun changes from one zodiac sign to another, and this can mean that your personality is made up from a combination of qualities of the two signs you were born between.

People born on the cusp are usually born on or around the 21st of the month, as this is roughly the day that the Sun transitions from one star sign to another. However, the cusp can be anywhere between the last 5 days of one star sign, and the first 5 days of another. The only way to know for certain is to have an astrologer look into your date, time and location of birth.

Want to know if you were born on a cusp, and what it could say about you? Keep reading…

Capricorn/Aquarius Cusp – January 16th – January 22ndcapricorn aquarius cusp

This cusp is known as The Cusp of Mystery and Imagination! There is never a dull moment when around you.

With these combined signs you can be social, yet reserved, independent, yet you crave security. It can be a struggle for you to balance these two very different sides to your personality.

“Capriquarians” are hard workers with high standards, who love to talk and entertain, and are dedicated to achieving their goals.

Aquarius/Pisces Cusp – February 15th – February 21staquarius pisces cusp

This cusp is known as The Cusp of Sensitivity. You are likely to be a compassionate and imaginative person, who is spiritual, artistic, and friendly. You are extremely original and people often describe you as an eccentric. You love new ideas and experiences, and are very intellectual, however you can struggle with the practical details.

You find comfort in spending time with others, however, you are also so shy and sensitive that you can choose to spend a lot of time alone, which can mean a battle between the two sides of your personality!

Pisces/Aries Cusp – March 17th – March 23rdpisces aries cusp

This cusp is known as The Cusp of Rebirth. You are a wonderful mix of impulsive and dreamy, meaning you are somebody who actually takes action and chases their dreams. You know what you want and are determined to get it!

You can be rather impatient and are guilty of always thinking you are right, which can sometimes put you on the wrong side of people when you refuse to compromise or see their side of things!

You love to work hard, and help others to achieve success, which makes you a wonderful leader.

Aries/Taurus Cusp – April 16th – April 22ndaries taurus cusp

This cusp is known as The Cusp of Power, which speaks for itself! You are authoritative and a natural born leader.

With the Aries side of your personality, you are somebody who pushes to achieve goals, whilst the Taurus side of your personality is practical and looks after the finer details.

You can be guilty of being a little too forceful, pushing your opinions on to others, so it’s important for you try to take a step back and respect the feelings of others.

Taurus/Gemini Cusp – May 17th – May 23rdtaurus gemini cusp

This cusp is known as The Cusp of Energy. People born under this cusp love to do it all! They are driven, intelligent and real go getters! If you are born under the Taurus/Gemini cusp, be careful of burning the candle at both ends, as you are someone who is likely to wear themselves out by having so much fun!

Try and find balance in your life, sit back and listen occasionally instead of charging in to situations at full force.

Gemini/Cancer Cusp – June 17th – June 23rdgemini cancer cusp

This cusp is known as The Cusp of Magic. You are a fun, caring and devoted person, who can sometimes struggle with your emotions.

Your Gemini traits make you full of positive and fun energy, whilst your Cancer traits slow you down a little, making you thoughtful and caring. This combination results in a wonderful, well-rounded individual who is both light-hearted and dedicated.

You crave affection and love, and without it you can become moody or depressed. Try to thicken your skin and balance your emotions, as your self-destructive thoughts and feelings can be damaging.

Cancer/Leo Cusp – July 19th – July 25thcancer leo cusp

This cusp is known as The Cusp of Oscillation. Your life can be full of ups and downs, trying to balance the sensitive Cancer side of your personality, with your expressive, theatrical Leo side. You are known to be sensitive and shy one moment, and insensitive and dramatic the next!

You are full of love and devotion, you love your family and are brilliant at forming long lasting relationships and friendships.

Try and find the middle ground in your personality in order to achieve more balance and peace in your life.

Leo/Virgo Cusp – August 19th – August 25thleo virgo cusp

This cusp is known as The Cusp of Exposure. If you are born under this cusp, you need to work hard to balance the very different traits of the two signs you were born under.

Leo’s tend to have a flair for drama and attention, whereas Virgo’s are down to earth and practical. The conflicting nature of these signs mean you can live a life of extremes!

Leo’s are natural born leaders, while Virgo’s are hardworking and devoted. With these traits combined, somebody born on this cusp will thrive helping and supporting others, and will always succeed in doing so.

Virgo/Libra Cusp – September 19th – September 25thvirgo libra cusp

This cusp is known as The Cusp of Beauty! People born under this sign are beautiful, and have the best of both worlds! They are both intellectual and artistic, rational yet sociable and creative.

You are somebody who loves to look after your appearance, but your quest for beauty can sometimes make you (wrongly) appear a little superficial. Your love for beauty extends further than just personal appearance, you are passionate about the beauty of art and nature, too.

Aside from a love of beauty and art, you also have great attention for detail and strong analytical skills, making you incredibly well balanced!

Libra/Scorpio Cusp – October 19th – October 25thlibra scorpio cusp

This cusp is known as The Cusp of Drama and Criticism. You are a passionate combination of intellect, drive and flamboyance. You have a huge personality, and people are often drawn to you for your powerful, yet sexy and charming nature.

You are somebody who loves to get to the bottom of everything, you pick situations apart until you find a solution or discover the truth. This can drive you crazy, so try and relax and have fun!

Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp – November 18th – November 24thscorpio sag cusp

This cusp is known as The Cusp of Revolution. You are a fearless individual, with plenty of energy and strength!

Scorpio’s are intense, while Sagittarius’ are bold, resulting in a powerful, passionate individual! You must be careful to reign in your wild side at times, and instead channel your energy towards something more productive. Be careful not to be too blunt or aggressive, and balance these traits with your generous and friendly side.

You love freedom and work well independently, making you somebody who will thrive best when self-employed, or when given the freedom to do your own thing.

Sagittarius/Capricorn Cusp – December 18th – December 24th

This cusp is known as The Cusp of Prophecy. Born under this cusp? You are the perfect mix of the optimistic nature of Sagittarius, with the practical side of Capricorn. This combination makes you somebody with the ability to create wonderful dreams, and turn them into a reality.

This optimism and fearlessness of Sagittarius and the hardworking, practical nature of Capricorn also means you have plenty of ambition and enjoy taking on a new project, making it successful and seeing it through to the very end.

You do have a moody and impatient side to your personality, so be careful to balance this with your friendly, loyal and humorous side too.


  1. I always thought I was a cancer but I read abut zodiac signs and I found out I was born on the cusp of magic and I get it because I was like what it said

  2. I am Gemini-Cancer cusp, a.k.a Cusp of Magic, born on June 21 and my Sun sign is in 29.41° Gemini.
    Why Gemincer (Gemini-Cancer cusp) called as ‘Cusp of Magic’?
    Because, both of Gemini and Cancer describe as ‘dualism’ and ‘changeable’ (symbol of Gemini is ‘Twins’ or ‘Double’, and symbol of Cancer is ‘Crab’). Gemini/twins always has double things, Cancer/crab has double things too (sometimes in land, and sometimes in water).
    And the dualism make Gemincer changeable, unstable, and moody (both of Gemini and Cancer always describe as ‘moody signs’).
    I have imagine Gemincer as ‘the twins who walk and down between the land and the water’.
    And the dualism make all Gemincer cusp changeable like a magic!

  3. My girl is a Taurus/Aries and I am a Cancer/Gemini we are madly in love and we are planing to get married as soon as we can. We were made for each other in every way possible, we both have never ever been this deep in love with anyone before us. Seems the more we are together the better things get for us, my lady is so sweet to me and she loves attention full time and I love giving her what she needs she makes our home comfortable and I have never been so happy in all my life. Thank the Lord our God for our healthy relationships, we both have the same goals and both want children my girl is a Doctor and I am retired go figure. I love this site and how easy it is to get around on here.

  4. You know I am born under the Gemini/Cancer cusp and my girl friend and I have been dating since April 13th 2016 she is born under Aries/Taurus is the most loving and sweetest lady I have ever known. We have plains to marry soon, we are so in love with each other. thank God for our happiest.

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