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Butterfly Messages & Their Spiritual Meaning

The life journey of a butterfly is extremely comparable to the spiritual path that so many of us take, which leads many to believe that butterflies are innately magical creatures.

Power animals

In certain cultures they believe in power animals – animals that bring messages from the spirit world. Different animals have their own unique qualities, strengths and tendencies and so they bring different kinds of messages and represent various things.

Butterflies for example, are magical and cherished power animals. They represent many things, including transformation, creativity, spiritual rebirth, boundless potential, joy and the ability to experience the wondrous nature of life.

Frequently seeing butterflies around you can mean a number of things, depending on your circumstances.

Maybe you need to make some positive changes in your life? Are you living truthfully on your intended spiritual path? Is there anything you could do to live a life filled with more freedom and joy?

You could be seeing butterflies  because you’re in a transitional stage in your life and they’re showing you the way, or serving as a reminder that you’re on the right path. Butterflies are incredibly delicate creatures so they’ll never shove you in this direction or that direction, rather, they serve as gentle guides.

You could also see butterflies when you’re feeling a little lost spiritually. If you have lost your faith in the divine, butterflies are a reminder of the divine presence in the world and the magic that is all around us.

Butterflies & angels

It has long been thought that angels use butterflies to embody this world. Through butterflies, angels can send us messages, reassure us that we’re being watched over and guide us onto our true path.

Angels choose butterflies as their vessels because of their divine qualities and because people tend to notice the presence of butterflies more than other creatures. They’re beautiful, fluttery and majestic. It also makes sense for angels to choose a winged creature to embody as they are winged themselves.

Next time you see a butterfly on your travels,  pay close attention as it could be an angel communicating with you.

Loved ones that have passed

Butterflies can also be a sign from loved ones that have passed. Some people see butterflies soon after someone they love has died. It can be a way of your friend or relative reassuring you that they are okay and at peace. This is especially true if you have a butterfly land on you and stay for a while.

It’s a great comfort to know that your loved one’s spirit lives on.

Even if someone you love died a while ago, it’s still common for them to come back as butterflies, or send butterflies your way, if you’re going through a particularly hard time. They want to send you love, guidance and reassurance in your time of need.

Sometimes angels themselves send you butterflies to comfort and reassure you that everything is going to be okay.
Butterflies are incredibly spiritual creatures and we should take the time to connect with them to see how they can affect our lives. Next time you see a butterfly, think about what it could mean for you in your current circumstance. It could do wonders for your meditation & healing.


  1. I recently lost my 5 week old son Lincoln The day I found out I was pregnant with him I saw so many yellow butterflies. For some reason the past couple of weeks I see them non-stop. I think it’s his way of letting me know he is safe and at peace.

  2. After my son Travis died , I been seeing big beautiful orange/blk strips butterfly, I some how had a feeling Travis my son was communicating with me, saying I am fine mom, don’t worry or be sad for me any more , I got my wings, now it’s my turn mom to watch over you

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