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Capricorn Astrological Guide


First of all, we can’t believe we’re already towards the end of the year. From today, it’s Capricorn’s birthday, which is why we’re going to mark the occasion with an Astrological Guide. If you’re born under this year, we hope you have a fantastic birthday! Have a read of this guide and see how much you relate to it. You might even gain a deeper understanding of this star sign’s personality traits. Carry on reading to learn more!


If there’s a leader of the zodiac, it’s Capricorn without a shadow of a doubt. They love to have big aspirations in life, and they’ll do anything they can to work their way up to success. Even if a Capricorn has a less than easy start to their life, they’re a sign who wants to change their path for a more positive one. In their daily lives, they make great mentors who support others around them. If they see someone struggling, they’re the first sign to step in and give a helping hand. Just because they like to get everything completed to perfection doesn’t mean they don’t like to have fun.

Many other signs of the zodiac can see Capricorns as individuals who are closed off from emotion. This isn’t true at all! Instead of always letting emotion get in the way of the grand plans, they prefer to be more logical which is why they are excellent at supporting others. If you meet a Capricorn, try and see them at a time where they aren’t rushed or too busy. This way, you’ll see how fantastic they are to be around in a chilled out setting.

Something else to know about Capricorn is that when they work hard, they might feel as if it’s still not enough. They don’t rate themselves highly in their career and might always be reaching for success, even if they have everything they want. Just help them appreciate their life instead of always trying to improve it.


In their love lives, Capricorns are very passionate to partners they trust the most. However, if they’re currently dating someone, they might want to hold off on showing their true selves for a while. They don’t just open up to anyone so if you’re dating someone born under this sign, give it time! Capricorns are charmed by laughter, especially after a hard working day at the office, the more they’ll be drawn to you. Once you’re in a close relationship with this sign, they’ll be extremely loyal to you and will do everything in their power to make you happy.

Capricorns don’t deal well with a lack of trust. If you play with their emotions, it’ll be very hard for them trust you again. Even if you’re going on a few dates, don’t play any silly games. This sign can see straight through any rubbish that people try and feed them, so if you do this, don’t expect to get a second date. Say how you feel and stay true to your word if you want to get to know them more.

At first, they’ll be more on the shy side. However, they can be very passionate and adventurous when they come out of their shell. If you’re in a relationship with this sign, try and get them to let loose on the weekends to have some fun. If they feel they need to work extra hours on a Sunday when they don’t, stop them! Show them that they must have a healthy work-life balance and that weekends should be for activities. You could always compromise! Allow them to teach you something so they can still show their leadership skills. An afternoon full of cooking is a way they can work hard but in a way that isn’t connected to their career.


Lucky Colours: Teal, Oxblood, Slate Grey, Chocolate Brown.

Lucky Number: 1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 17, 19.

Lucky Day: Saturday

Lucky Fragrances: Peppermint, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Apple.

Lucky Stones: Onyx, Garnet, Turquoise.

Love Matches: Taurus, Virgo, Pisces.

Ruling Planet: Saturn.


As a hardworking sign, they love to climb that career ladder to the very top. They prefer to be in leadership roles instead of following someone else’s rules and ideals. Many people born under this sign may have built up their own business when they were a young adult, building it up to be a huge success. This sign is so good at organising a team that many will want to work for them. Capricorns like to see the different sides of every story, so in business, they will be fair and pragmatic. Capricorns make great Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Engineers, University Professors and Politicians.


Are you born under the sign of Capricorn? Here at Wishing Moon, we hope you have enjoyed your star sign profile. If this doesn’t sound like you, take a look at your Moon Sign instead. These are calculated according to the precise time of day you were born so it might be a more accurate sign for you. You might be a Capricorn, yet your Moon sign could be something entirely different. If you would like to calculate your moon sign, click hereCheck back on our blog for our star sign guide every month that could be good to look at for your Moon sign if yours is different!


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