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Chinese New Year: What the Fire Monkey means

Get ready for the Chinese new year, full of celebrations in the city around you. It is officially the year of the Monkey but it isn’t just any ordinary monkey, it’s a fire monkey! The monkey is the ninth sign of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals which would be Sagittarius. Each year has a different Chinese sign instead of one that changes per month, so it’s always interesting to find which ones is yours. Each sign also has five elements, unlike the astrological signs that only have four. This can definitely shake things up a bit, especially if you end up being a different element. It means you can find out more about yourself which is always an enlightening experience. What exactly does a fire monkey mean and what does this year bring for all of us?

What is special about the year of the Fire Monkey?

This year of the Monkey of the fire element, which means this year will bring passionate, excitement and positivity. The Monkey zodiac sign is confident, adventurous and fun, so the fire combination with the sign is going to make it a brilliant year for many. People might feel as if a flame has been lit from within, making them go for what they truly want in life. There are many changes in career paths because people will feel much more daring. If you have been unhappy for quite some time, this is the time where you’ll say “enough is enough!”. Many Chinese zodiac signs will spread their wings more when it comes to travelling and it could be an amazing year to visit far away countries. New worlds and experiences will be the highlight of the year, but it’s critical we aim to keep our finances in check. If we get too excited about everything, it could see us splash the cash carelessly. During the second half of the Fire Monkey year, people might make excellent new friends who will be key to many new adventures for the next couple of years. If you meet a group of people who just understand you, make sure you keep in contact!

Which Chinese zodiac sign am I?

chinese zodiac signs and years

What does the animal reveal about me?

Rat: Flexible, clever, elegant, witty, approachable.

Ox:  Dependable, headstrong, logical, ethical, consistent.

Tiger: Happy-go-lucky, ambitious, chatty, brave, excitable.

Dragon: Innovative, hard working, quirky, fun-loving, lucky.

Snake: Clever, straight-forward, organised, kind, thoughtful, smart.

Horse: Strong, powerful, determined, thorough, analytical, bold.

Sheep: Warm, friendly, cheerful, creative, sensitive.

Monkey: Funny, adventurous, bold, outgoing, flexible.

Rooster: Diverse, talented, determined, smart, confident.

Dog: Playful, loyal, flexible, intelligent, selfless.

Pig: Upbeat, caring, friendly, warm, ethical.

What Chinese zodiac element am I?

The five elements represent another level of your sign, which is why it’s great to find out which one you are. Thankfully, there’s a simple way to work this out that doesn’t involve any calculations whatsoever. Look at the last number in your birth year and this will reveal which element you are. The elements and the years are:

Gold (year ending in 0 or 1): Sensitive, caring, empathetic, fair, approachable, creative, practical, imaginative, spiritual. The season that best suits you is Autumn and your lucky day is Friday. Wear white to bring luck into your life.

Water (year ending in 2 or 3): Open-minded, caring, gentle, determined, fair, gracious, friendly, approachable, optimistic. The season that best suits you is Winter and your lucky day is Wednesday. Wear black to bring luck into your life.

Wood (year ending in 4 or 5): Organised, down to earth, practical, hardworking, determined, sociable, open minded, chatty. The season that best suits you is Spring and your lucky day is Thursday. Wear blue to bring luck into your life.

Fire (year ending in 6 or 7): Charismatic, funny, flirtatious, extroverted, creative, headstrong, adventurous, intelligent. The season that best suits you is Summer and your lucky day is Tuesday. Wear red to bring luck into your life.

Earth (year ending in 8 or 9): Analytical, conservative, insightful, determined, flexible, organised, reliable, helpful. The season that best suits you is Summer/Autumn and your lucky day is Saturday. Wear yellow to bring luck into your life.

The Monkey year for each Chinese Zodiac sign

Rat: This is an extremely good year for you when it comes to change. If you are not happy with your current job, this is the excellent time to jump into something new because it will bring you great happiness. You might be required to learn new skills in order to make that step towards a better career, so after work classes would work incredibly well for your progress.  In your love life, you will experience joy in new and existing relationships that tend to blossom even more.

Ox: There are big career changes on the cards this year. Trying a different path will bring more happiness than you expect. At first, you believe changing such a big part in your life will bring a lot of stress, but the opposite will happen. Follow your heart and go for that dream job. In your love life, you must make space for someone brilliant to come into your life. If you push people away, you’ll find it difficult to keep a new partner. Be more open to amazing opportunities.

Tiger: Whatever you do this year, don’t lend anyone money that you don’t have to spare. People will come up with excuse after excuse to dodge your calls and messages after a risky transaction is made. Even if you trust someone, stay clear of giving them anything. In other news, you could experience some disruption in your relationship, creating a lot of arguments. Whether you are wrong or right, it’s best to just sit back and remain calm. Throwing fuel in the fire won’t help the situation. Offer support to an upset partner and you’ll get back on track in no time.

Rabbit: If you are starting a new job, you could experience a great bond with your new boss or manager almost straight away. If you’re staying in a job, this year will increase your bond with colleagues, making projects run with more cooperation. If you’re looking for love, this is a great time to take action instead of sitting and watching the world go by. Get out there and start talking to potential partners!

Dragon: This is an excellent year to meet new friends and golly, you’re about to come across great characters that will make your year what it is. Go to events when you can and keep a smile on your face even after a rubbish day because being negative minded is the only thing standing in the way of amazing friendships. You might experience an increased income that might catch you by surprise. A promotion could bump up your finances for the year, putting a huge smile on your face.

Snake: You might work really hard this year, only to receive no rewards in return. What you don’t realise is that people are watching you and yes, they are very pleased with your progress. If you spit your dummy out and demand affirmation, it will only make you look undeserving of whatever they were planning for you. Keep your head down and carry on. In your personal life, the year is calling for you to help others. You’re a generous person, so giving to hand to people who need it will give you great karma.

Horse: This is the year where your responsibility at work will increase. You could step up the ladder and become in charge of a group, which is why it’s important you work as hard as you can to improve your leadership skills. While this is happening, there could be a plan to give you a pay rise yet it’s important you don’t begin to spend this extra money carelessly. Meeting new partners will happen in the places you least expect it. Perhaps you’ll meet the love of your life in a train station or book shop.

Sheep: You are going to improve your reputation big time this year. Thankfully, your efforts will bring you great results and respect. If you are starting a new job, this is the place where you will completely blossom. It’s time to work really hard to see any benefits that come your way because people aren’t going to hand them to you. In your love life, you need to bite your tongue a little more with how you speak to your partner. Don’t be passive aggressive and try not to say silly things that could offend them this year.

Monkey: This is a year where your career won’t change much. You will become more involved with group tasks and responsibilities, but no change of finances are on the cards. This might work well in your favour because you can use this year as a way to build up a good plan for 2017. Try and be a bit more careful when it comes to your money because this can be the year where carelessness could lead to a lack of security. Even if you spot things in the shops that call you name, step away and save the dosh!

Rooster: Don’t immediately jump ship when it comes to your career. If you are changing company for the same job and a same wage, perhaps you should try and smooth out your business relationships instead of just giving up. Once you have maintained balance, you will soon realise the place you are is the place you need to be. The year of the Monkey will be a very busy one for you when it comes to your social circle. Try and it everything in but don’t double book old friends with new ones, since they will start to question your loyalty.

Dog: You might come across a new friend or potential love match with someone who understands you 100%. They could be very similar to you and while this is great, you might clash because you both what to do the same thing at the same time. Establish boundaries so it can move forward. This is the year to start getting into more outdoor activities. Walking, hiking or rowing could end up doing you the world of good if you just gave it a go!

Pig: The year of the Monkey is going to bring good luck to your career and you might be presented with an exciting opportunity that could help you climb the ladder. Your love life requires more attention this year because last year, you may have had other priorities. Since your job is going to become much more stable, those late nights at the office can be swapped for dinner dates with a special someone. If you have a huge disagreement and it’s involving finances such as going to court, it’s going to be a bad move for you. Take the high road, leave it and move on.

Here at Wishing Moon, we wish you all the best luck for the Fire Monkey year!

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  1. If your birthday is in January, then subtract a year from your Date of Birth since the Chinese New Year always starts sometime in February. If your birthday is February, you’ll need to find out when Chinese New Year occurred during your year of birth to determine your animal sign. The above table by year is too generic for birthdates in Jan/Feb

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