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As you know four leaf clovers are thought to be incredibly lucky. Each beautiful necklace is silver plated, pavé set with Swarovski elements and Zircon crystals which shine and sparkle and are a delight to wear on any occasion.

The chain measures 16 inches/18 inches (41cm/46cm approx when used with the extender chain and fastens with a lobster claw clasp.

Make a Wish On Your Magical Necklace!

Have you ever made a wish and then wondered whether the universe had heard you?

Have you ever made a wish, and then found yourself repeating the wish over and over in an attempt to ensure it comes true?

Would you like to learn of a way that will ensure your wishes are heard in the cosmos, and more importantly answered as quickly as possible?

Learn one of my closely guarded wishing secrets!

1. Hold the Wishing Moon lucky clover in your right hand; gently rub the clover in a circular clockwise motion with your thumb.

2. Make your wish…now for the magical part!

3. Every breath you take, each beat of your heart will send out your wish to the universe. If you think of the clover as being your transmitter, like a radio frequency only in our case a magical frequency you will understand that your wish will never go unanswered. There is no need to repeat your wish over and over again because as long as you wear your pendant your wish will be sent out constantly.

Each lucky clover is set with beautiful crystals, which radiate a sparkling rainbow of colours. Not only are these necklaces incredibly beautiful to look at they are also powerful energy transmitters.

This dear friend is my magical gift to you. May it bring you your heart’s desire and fill your life with love and joy.

Until next time, Bright blessings to you!

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Disclaimer: All information contained within these pages and throughout this website are of my own personal opinion, all items of magical use should be seen as curios as magical elements cannot be proven.

Readings must last a minimum call length of 20 minutes. You can use any of the Wishing Moon services, VIP, credit/debit card or pay on your phone bill options.

Our Lucky Four Leaf Clover necklaces are limited editions, please don’t miss out.

One necklace per person, whilst stocks last, colours may vary.

Please note, you must be 18+ to use our services and have the bill payer’s permission.