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Colorstrology: What’s Your Zodiac Colour?

You might already be well acquainted with astrology and you may even be familiar with numerology, but have you heard of colorstrology before?

Colorstrology is a fascinating blend of astrology, numerology, and colour theory that offers those willing to explore it an exciting psychic insight into their lives, passions, abilities and relationships.

Think of this a fun and alternative way of reading your fortune and making the most of your intuition.

In Colorstrology, each star sign of the zodiac is assigned a particular colour. Let’s investigate which colour matches your sign and determine what this means for you.

Aries – Red

One of the most fiery and feisty signs of the zodiac, is it any surprise that your colour is red? You’re passionate, daring and ready to grab the bull by the horns. You have big dreams in life and you won’t let anything stand in your way.

Taurus – Orange

You’re caring, considerate and family-orientated, making a warm and vibrant orange perfect for you. Introduce this colour to your life where you can and you’ll find it easier than ever before to be your true self and make the most of your loyal qualities.

Gemini – Yellow

You’re fun, flirty and full of life, Gemini, so no wonder your zodiac colour is yellow. Your can-do attitude is clear for all to see, and with the help of this warm and energetic colour, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Cancer – Grey

We bet you’re cool, calm and collected, Cancer. Your zodiac colour is grey, lending itself well to your chilled out and peaceful demeanour. While you’re certainly not immune to worries from time to time, you try your best to take things in your stride and brush unnecessary stresses to one side.

Leo – Gold

You’re a natural born leader, Leo. Your power and influence has the potential to shape the world around you. It’s no wonder your zodiac colour is gold. It’s prestigious, beautiful and followed by everyone – just like you!

Virgo – Green

Your zodiac colour is green, Virgo. Unsurprising really, when you consider how in-tune with nature you are. Take this opportunity to spend more time outdoors if you can. From swapping the gym for outdoor workouts to exploring new places at the weekend, you’ll be in your element.

Libra – Lavender

Lavender is the perfect colour for you, Libra. It’s cute, calming and good for the soul. Next time you decorate your home or go shopping for a new piece of jewellery, take this colour into consideration. Surrounding yourself with this tranquil colour will bring out the best in you.

Scorpio – Hot Pink

Your bold, exciting and intense personality suits your zodiac colour perfectly, Scorpio. By introducing some hot pink into your life you can make the most of your energetic and charismatic qualities and attract like-minded people.

Sagittarius – Blue

You’re a mysterious character, Sagittarius. Deep, mystical and enigmatic – that’s you. Fittingly, your zodiac colour is blue, like the sky and sea. It can take most people a lifetime to truly understand you, but there are a select few who you just seem to connect with perfectly. Keep these people close, Sagittarius. They’re friends to cherish forever.

Capricorn – Black

You’re strong, authoritative, elegant and sophisticated. Like black, you’re versatile and will go with just about anything! You’re a popular character with a passion for tackling everything life throws at you. Make the most of your best traits and hold your head up high, Capricorn.

Aquarius – Turquoise

Turquoise represents you perfectly, Aquarius. You’re refreshing, calming, wise and serene. Your friends know that in times of trouble, they can rely on you for emotional support, knowledge and a fresh perspective. You’re a natural problem solver and can always be counted on to turn negatives into positives.

Pisces – Light Blue

You’re creative, spiritual, caring and patient, making you a much-loved friend and valued confidant. Your zodiac colour is light blue, unsurprising when we consider how passionate you are about peace, tranquility and happiness.

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