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Connecting With Your Spirit Animal

A spirit animal is a particular animal you are connected to through a deep, spiritual connection. This belief is found within Pagan religions; which is now becoming more popular, with people becoming increasingly interested in connecting with animals in a more spiritual way.

Your spirit animal will act as guidance, similar to what some people may feel a guardian angel might do for them. Surprisingly, your spirit animal may end up being one you couldn’t have guessed and one that when you read about, will reveal shared characteristics.

You can take notes from your animal and lightly apply this to your life. Your spirit animal could be well known for being very intimidating which could teach you to mindful of this when you interact with people in your life, making you realise how you may come across. The way your animal reacts towards confrontation, protecting others or with family, may reveal hidden personality traits or furthermore prove to you that you are indeed very similar to that animal.

Don’t be alarmed if you are scared of the animal you come across. For example, you might be afraid of snakes but discover that this is actually your spirit animal. Do not dismiss this.

It is known that snakes represent resurrection. They shed of their skin and this could mean that you can successfully survive difficult life experiences without being scarred, not allowing it to effect the person you are and who you want to be. These animals will open the door to a deep self discovery and guidance when it comes to experiences. Embrace your animal because each of them will have something positive about them that you can gain.

possible totems

Many people who believe in their spirit animals like to wear totems, such as necklaces featuring their spirit animal so that they can continue and strengthen their connection. Others may use small decorative accessories around the home to achieve this.

This is found to achieve a stronger connection to your animal if their environment isn’t similar to yours. Just because your animals lives in a very different environment to you doesn’t mean you can’t connect with it, therefore accessories can help you feel that you can continue gaining wisdom from an animal that could be hundreds of miles away.

How do i get ready to find my spirit animal

To find your spirit animal, it’s not as difficult as people may think. You have to remember to keep an open mind when discovering your animal, as it could come to you through meditation, dreams or might even appear outside your house, in your garden or near you when you are outdoors. This could mean that this particular animal is drawn to you.

Try and sit outside in a comfortable area, perhaps a forest with a blanket to keep yourself warm if it’s slightly chilly. If you want to stay inside, sit on your bed and get in a position which allows you to relax.

In meditation, you will need to close your eyes and imagine an area around you. Ask yourself questions such as: What does it look like? Does it have a scent that you are drawn to? Do you see a particular environment, maybe woods or a rainforest?

You will begin to notice more elements of your surroundings that will give you an insight to what your spirit animal might be. Keep yourself relaxed and just explore the meditation as if you took an unexpected turn when travelling, letting each change happen and being open to it.

You may eventually start to see different animals which may run away from you, appear in groups or approach you. Many people believe if you see many of the same animals, this is your spirit animal. However, others believe it’s based off which animal approaches you and gives you a sense of connection. You will sense and have a feeling which one is yours and it may be a surprise. If you don’t find your spirit straight away, don’t worry, this can take a bit longer than expected.

what happens when I have discovered my spirit animal

The next stages are the easiest because it can take people a while to find their animal. Once you have, you can start reading definitions of that animal and how it acts around others, just like you may do in your life.

There are many books and websites that can give you profiles on an animal and what it represents. Read up on it as much as you like, visit the places it is usually found, carefully watch it and take notes without alarming or disturbing the animal in its natural habitat. You could even take it a step further and purchase books or visit a shaman to gain more advice and wisdom when it comes improving your life by reflecting your animal.

You can also meditate regularly and ask questions to your animal when you see them appear. They could lead you to an answer which can be within an object that has a meaning or symbolism behind it. Your animal could even lead you to another environment that could represent the outcome to the question, whether it is a peaceful meadow or a stormy forest.

The option is entirely yours when it comes to wanting to find your spirit animal and allowing it to influence your life, actions and thought process. You don’t have to believe in paganism or shamanism to find your spirit animal. Anyone can do it. We hope that when you find your spirit animal, you will become enlightened and find it as a positive discovery. For any spiritual guidance we can help.

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