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Crystals In The Home: Which Crystals Can Benefit Each Room In Your House?

We all want our home to be a happy, positive and peaceful place to be, so it’s important for each room of the house to be filled with good energy.

Our home should be somewhere we can relax and unwind after a busy day, and with so many items and devices such as TV’s, mobile phones, and computers, our homes can quickly and easily become polluted with bad energy.

Crystals can help with this by cleansing a room of its bad energies and enhancing the positive energy and atmosphere of your home. Do any of the rooms in your house have a strange atmosphere to them? Or do you ever feel you just can’t relax in a certain space?

Why not try the healing energies of crystals? It’s important you select the right crystals for each room of the house. Use our guide to get started!


The Front Door

– Black Tourmaline. This stone is used widely for blocking negative energies, by placing black tourmaline by the front door you can prevent negative energy from entering the house

– Carnelian. Place carnelian by the front door to invite protection and abundance into the home

– Haematite. Place small pieces of this under your door mat to protect your home from the negative energy of any visitors.

The Office

– Fluorite. Placing this crystal near or on the computer in your office can protect you from the harmful energy of electronic devices.

– Clear Quartz. This stone can aid intuition and help you to make the right decisions, which is great if this is where you work.

The Bedroom

– Rose Quartz. Place a piece of rose quartz crystal by your bedside to attract romance into your life, or ensure a happy relationship with your partner.

– Amethyst. Place this under your pillow to encourage good dreams and prevent nightmares.

The Bathroom

– Clear Quartz. This crystal looks great in the bathroom and can be used to energise the room.

– Smoky Quartz. By attaching this crystal to your shower head, or placing it in your bath water, you can cleanse the water of all negative energy.

The Living Area

– Green Fluorite. As the living area is likely to be the busiest room in the house, with plenty of discussions, interactions and even arguments, green fluorite can settle the rooms aura and removes negativity after arguments.

– Onyx. This stone is great for rooms that are used regularly and can help to bring happiness.

– Rhodonite. This crystal helps encourage patience and promotes discussion

The Dining Room

– Red Tiger Eye. This unusual crystal is helpful for relieving congestion in the digestive system so is great in the dining room

– Amethyst. This stone will help to bring harmony to all of your family meals

The Kitchen

– Smoky Quartz. A cluster of this crystal helps to clear any radiation caused by kitchen appliances such as the microwave.

– Amethyst. With this crystal nearby when you are preparing meals, you will be filled with inspiration and creativity!

– Zeolite. This crystal can reduce unwanted odours from cooking.


– Moonstone. This beautiful stone can help to create a happy atmosphere, so place it generously!

– Citrine. Place this stone in the furthest left corner of your home to promote wealth and financial good fortune.


Which room will you pick first to buy a crystal for? Let us know!

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  1. Hi re citrine when you say place in further left do you mean looking to the entrance or looking to the garden??

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