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Different Star Signs In Love

Jump to your star sign.

Aries   |   Taurus   |   Gemini   |   Cancer   |   Leo   |   Virgo   |   Libra   |   Sagittarius   |   Capricorn   |   Aquarius   |   Pisces

There are many stages relationships go through and the way you and your partner communicate can transform in many different ways. Many relationships can go through a period where you don’t quite identify with one another as well as you used to. This can get a little tricky because misunderstanding each other can lead to arguments that can be easily avoided.

Even if your partner isn’t fully prepared to share their thoughts and feelings all the time, it’s a useful idea to try yourself to gain a little perspective.
What makes them tick? Well, these points can actually change depending on their star sign.
If you want to understand more about your partner’s sign and how they can act in relationships, carry on reading!

aries in love
Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and boy, do they set an example for the rest of them!

Fiery and energetic, this sign will make you feel butterflies when you’re around them, perking you up whenever you need it.

A lot of their behaviour is rather youthful. They really like to be playful and like to flirt massively with the people they’re interested in. So if you partner is an Aries or you’re interested in someone born under this sign, bear in mind that if they like you, they will let you know.
On the other hand, their young-at-heart individuality can actually flip around from time to time, making them rather childish, selfish and sometimes very stubborn.

Have you ever seen a child roll around on the floor because their partner wouldn’t buy them a chocolate bar? This can be the case for an Aries but in a much more subtle way, of course!
If they don’t get their own way, they can become very distant when they don’t have the freedom to do whatever they want.

If this is a difficulty you face, just let them have as much independence they need and let them come to you when they’re ready. It’s not them having their cake and eat it, instead it’s letting them cool off before they burst their bubble.

They want adventure and hate it when anyone holds them back. If you tolerate this trait and you don’t try to adjust their life too much, they’ll be loyal to you. Even after a week long holiday with friends, they’ll come back to you with complete enthusiasm. Let them make the move.

taurus in lovePartners born under the sign of Taurus are very sensual individuals. Think about a candlelit dinner and luxury food, which is exactly what type of date they’d adore being on.

They love the refined things in life and like their relationships to be the same. To be surrounded by beauty is a big plus in their lives. This beauty can be in the form of people, art, relationships, food and culture. Someone who is a Taurus will love experiencing fresh things and want someone to take them along for the ride that life has to offer.

They are extremely loyal partners and like to show the person they love how much they really care about them.

This can involve coming home or going to visit them and discovering a little present waiting for you. They are a sign that shows people their appreciation with little thoughtful gifts that they know you’d love. Are you tired from work? A back scratch could be something they offer to make you feel better. Wanting you to feel comfortable around them, they’ll try their very best to offer relaxation when you’re near them.

However, this attentive nature comes with it’s downfalls.

A Taurus can be known for being a little too over the top and protective. If you have friends of the same gender, they could become suspicious. Even if they trust you because they are completely attracted to you, they’ll believe other people will be too. All this is because in their eyes, why wouldn’t they be?

If they become over-bearing, you’ll need to tell them to back off a little bit. Only say this is a very delicate way because it could upset them. They don’t mean to come across this way, it’s only because they care about you so much. Instead, just gently reassure them that there is nothing to worry about.

GEMINI in love
The Gemini sign is typically seen as a split sign, the two twins. Many blogs will tell you that they have a split personality, making them very difficult to trust.

If you can’t quite get on the same page as a Gemini, don’t blame their two sides as such, because people you meet throughout your life won’t always agree with you.

People born under the Gemini sign are actually incredibly committed people in relationships and if they are in love, they hardly batter an eyelid at other people. Of course, they can appreciate beauty in other people (who doesn’t?) but they won’t ever question what it would be like with someone else.

The one way that their “split” personality can come into the picture is through their decisions.
They like to take their time when deciding and will not like to feel hurried. They are often said to be a sign that doesn’t get into a deep, committed relationships. This, of course, isn’t entirely true.

Instead, they may date for a few months and then ask themselves honestly if they can see a future. This is actually positive because they don’t want to waste someone’s time.
At the beginning of a relationship, their feelings towards someone can alter the more they discover about them. But once they know the relationship is a joyful, compatible one, they will give it their best shot.

As an Air Sign, they can be quite dreamy, with their head up in the clouds about their future and what they want to achieve. They could all of a sudden take charge of a situation, such as going on a big holiday or changing their career. This sign will start to feel very unhappy if you dumb down plans that are important to them, no matter how unrealistic.

Get them to talk about it and get an interest in what they have to say. Yes, they can sometimes be all over the show, but with someone listening, they’ll begin to believe in themselves more. They want great communication, so make sure you text, call and see them frequently so they feel connected.

cancer in love
Cancer is the sign of the crab, which is emotional, caring and always there for people that are important to them. It’s vital to them that they are appreciated in relationships.

Cancer is a very feminine sign and it’s related to family and feelings, making them brilliant communicators and entertainers for those around them. They’ll always take an interest in what’s happening with your life, even if they don’t see you for a while.

Someone born under this sign can be seen as the Mother Hen of the group, making sure everyone is cheerful and having a good time. If you’re dating someone who is a Cancer, observe the way they are around their friends as well as yourself. Asking whether they want to drink or getting people on the dance floor is easy for them because people know when they are involved, it will be a laugh.

When in a relationship, they love to pay a lot of attention of their partner. If you even mention something you like, such a chocolate bar, they are likely to treat you to one randomly, showing you that they do care about the tiny details.

These traits make them incredible in long-term relationships. It can damage their confidence if they keep getting messed around and find themselves going on more dates without much success.

Sure, they can have fun but they’d prefer their relationships to last so they actually get to know someone a bit better.

This sign needs a fair amount of contact, in many different ways. Even if it’s just a hug or a kiss on the cheek, it’ll cheer them up.

The bad side to this is that they can come across a little needy. So if you get them feeling unappreciated without you even realising, it can throw you off a little.  Always keep them in mind and show them that you care with the little acts of love and they’ll be happy!

leo in love
Leos are an obvious fire sign who prefer their life to be like a big party. Extremely positive and always looking for adventure, they will make you push your limits and comfort zones right out of the window.

Warm, imaginative and confident, they really love to be at the centre of it all. They prefer to be in charge and good ideas will always be ready whether it’s for a day out or a holiday together.
Their Lion sign makes them very proud people and comfortable with themselves.

This trait allows them to be a go getter. If they are even the slightest bit dissatisfied with their life, they will change it as soon as possible. You will never see a Leo mulling over an idea or having a bit of a moan. Altering their lives and shaking things up is the norm for them.

Leos do like to be the best at everything and this is extremely important for them in terms of a relationship. Do you have an ex that treated you badly? Well, they’ll show you what a good partner should be like, so get on board with it.

Leos can have negatives a lot of the time, coming across as being too cocky. Leos want to be admired and dislike it when people question how good they are at what they do.

If you criticize a Leo, oh my word, you’ll know they’re upset about it. You have to appreciate that people born under this sign love words of affirmation in relationships, so you’ll have to praise them. Even if this gets on your nerves a little, just edge into it a bit. If that’s what makes a Leo partner happy, just be discrete about your compliments and remember to do it every so often.

virgo in love
Virgos are seen as a sign that is very innocent and particular, being the sign of the Virgin. Many “traits” are exaggerated. Yes, they might like to be organised but don’t be stunned if their room is appealing but their wardrobe or makeup drawer is an absolute mess. They are a sign that like to keep busy, therefore they may not always have time to sort everything out around them like they are apparently known to do all the time.

Something to keep in mind about this sign is that they do have a vision for their future. When they attempt to picture it, they will have a rough idea about what house they want to live in, what dog they want to own and what their dream partner will be like.

They aren’t always remarkable at analysing, but instead they are rather imaginative about love. A Virgo won’t just hope for an incredible partner, they’ll try their very best to find that person. Or on the other hand, because they are very independent, they will enjoy their single lives and wait for the right person to come along.

This sign will want a partner who is, yes, perfect. Order is something they value and it’s common for them to prefer stability in their love lives. Inconsistency grinds their gears.

Virgos will keep on top of their lives and responsibilities. Naturally hardworking, this will be applied to work and relationships, making them the type to put aside a lot of time to go the extra mile. So don’t be one foot in and one foot out with them, or they’ll leave very quickly.
They understand people very well and can see straight through someone who isn’t being 100% truthful. Instead, they want someone who is loyal and honest, just like they are.

A downside to the Virgo relationship traits is that they can come across a little too picky.
“Are you wearing those shoes?” they’d say. Don’t get insulted, they most likely just know a lot about features in an outfit and will know what makes you look striking.

However, if you arrive on a first date and you’re wearing something that they wouldn’t give to their worst enemy, don’t expect to hear from them ever again. Sure this can be complicated to get your head around, but just make sure when you’re about to meet up with Virgo, that you wear the clothes they have complimented you on instead.

libra in love
Crikey, this sign really is a passionate one. Libra is ruled by Venus which is connected with sex and romance, so expect this sign to sweep you off your feet.

Even if a Libra is single, they’ll most likely have people lining up for them, a bit like Starbucks at 8:30 am before people start work.

Very attractive and sexy, they draw people to them without really trying. The way they carry themselves is enough to make someone blush and write down their number, even if they wouldn’t usually. Libras don’t really have a shell that they need to break out of because they’re born a free spirited person who is always up for any new experience and they push themselves to be amazing at whatever they want.

Many born under this sign are effortlessly fashionable, so they’ll make a £5 shirt look like it’s just come off the runway. Every time, you’ll question how they do it.

You’ll be itching to find out their style secrets, but the reality is, they just go with the flow and it all goes together flawlessly.

They are an extra sign that loves the better-quality things in life; however, these will be a little low key. Instead of a super fancy 5-star restaurant, they’ll love a little quirky coffee shop filled with books to read. A Libra might be someone difficult to pin down in a relationship because they always want something brand new and original, so when something gets too well-known, they can become bored.

If you’re going out with a Libra, you’ll need to keep them on their toes. Don’t be pining for attention or they’ll scurry off like crazy. Instead, just grant them independence in your relationship without making them feel guilty. A Libra will never forget about their friends, so trying to pull them away will have the conflicting effect. Put forward some wild adventures ideas and surprise them as often as you can!

scorpio in love
If you’re dating a Scorpio, you’ll know for sure that they are *coughs* very passionate. This usually involves sex however, they’re sign is related to transformation, birth and death, which means they can turn their life around after something negative has happened.

This is brilliant for them because, as individuals, we do all go through complex times that can feel like a huge drawback. Sure, they will have a period of time where they will be a little trapped, but it doesn’t take them long to snap out of it and gaze towards the future.

They are a fixed sign, so they can come across as stubborn and that’s only because they favour things to be their way. If you’re watching a film together, settle on one film each so that they don’t assume you’ll accept with what they want each time.

This relationship will need equality and they can learn eventually, even if it takes months of subtle hints. They will alter themselves a little when if they know they are in the wrong. But just don’t expect them to bin those trousers you despise so much straight away.

At times, you could question whether you truly know this Scorpio or not, because they can be very vague at times and if they seem upset, it’s like trying to get blood out of a stone. The matter is, this feisty sign needs someone who is going to give it to them right back. In the end, they’ll go off someone who is at their every beck and call. Instead, you should reassure them that you are just as important and it’s about time they think about what you want.

Scorpios are known for the sharp sting at the end of their personalities, making them sometimes snap and say something they don’t mean. The best thing to do in this scenario is to just take whatever they do or say with a pinch of salt and try to get to the root of the issue. There will be something that’s setting it off and you’ll need to try and communicate with them. After all that is said, it’ll occur to them they’re in the wrong and they’ll become more mature in understanding the situation itself.

Sag in love
This sign is one that loves to hunt, so don’t you dare even think about chasing them. If you’ve not heard from them in a while, chances are, they see you as a sap that is too needy. They are a sign who needs to prove their affection to you before you even try. They’ll need to do this on their own terms because if you approach this, it’ll be a huge turn off for them.

People born under the sign of the Sagittarius are very upbeat and friendly, so they might have a big group of friends they like to see often to let off some steam. They do like to party but don’t always need to be the life of it. They’ll be happy to join in with whatever activity is taking place and they always love a challenge.

They do actually love to help and support people, making them the perfect people to go to when you need advice or wisdom. This sign will tell you how it is and give you point of view that can actually help you at the end of it all.

They are a fire sign, so they will need attention and respect off you at all times. They seek opportunities and will often go for it, making them someone who will always try and push you if you desire something that’s difficult to get.

Around people, they will often crack a joke and tell stories full of imaginative details, which naturally make them very good with children.

A problem that can surface with this sign is that they can be a bit too keen on conquering and not making something last, such as relationships. They can tend to see someone they really like the look of and picture it as a game, instead of remembering that the person could get hurt.
If you’re in a relationship with a Sagittarius, step away. Yes, this might seem cold to many but to this sign, it’s needed. Make them come forward in the relationship before you try all on your own.

They love a challenge so challenge them! Wait for them ask you before you even go further with preparing lovely surprises for them. This way, once they’ve proven themselves, they’ll be proud to be with you.

Poor Capricorn, they don’t half get a bad reputation when it comes to relationships. A lot of the time, they don’t know whether they’re coming or going. A partnership could be going amazingly well but then out of the blue, they begin to doubt whether it’s a match made in heaven after all.

This sign doesn’t mean to be like this and they can worry a lot about hurting other’s feelings. So if you’re unsure about where you stand with the Capricorn, the chances are, they are trying to figure that out themselves.

As natural perfectionists, there is a need to be extremely happy in relationships, which could be unrealistic if they don’t really know what they want all the time. However, whilst doing this, they will try and make you feel at ease and happy.

On the other hand, Capricorns can be very entertaining and outgoing, even if normal day life is tackled in a very serious, responsible sense.

On your first date, you may have experienced them put together a really thought-out plan that you’ll enjoy, which is really charming. They do pride themselves on being valuable and helpful to others, so if their friends are in need, they are often the first to be called up for help. You’ll soon understand that once you get into a deeper, more connected relationship with a Capricorn, they’ll demonstrate this caring side to you when you need it. If you’ve had a bad day, they could approach you with a cup of tea and biscuits as you walk in the front door.

Capricorns are very punctual and reliable. If they have organised an event, they will arrive on time. If they say they will contact you, they’ll do just that. Even when they’re unsure about someone, being well-mannered is important to them.

When in a new relationship with one, you could experience struggle with them opening up completely letting go. They believe slow and steady wins the race and this applies to relationships. Rushing isn’t in their nature so they can show their serious side for a long time before they fully show their silly side. If this is happening to you, hang on and wait to see how much they could surprise you in the months to come.

aquarius in love
As an air sign, people born under Aquarius are very social and comical. As people, they love learning about other people and how lives are lived. For example, if they come across someone with a different nationality, culture or religion, they’ll love to pay attention to what they have to say, making them very open minded.

Often known as being very dreamy, knowing one will be one hell of a ride. They don’t just fall in love with everyone, no matter how dreamy and idealistic they are. Because of the way they are, it’s important to be grounded when it comes to love. It can’t be rushed.

However, once they love someone, my god, do they go the extra mile! Incredibly loyal, they’ll stand by someone and will always be there when it’s needed. Sometimes, they’ll call just to see how you are and they’re not afraid to tell you that you’re on their mind.

This makes Aquarius passionate and honest, which is what many people look for. It’s often that they will attract many romantic interests, but they still like to take the time to carefully select the right person. If a bad relationship has been an experience, they like to learn from this and go into dating with caution, whilst remaining hopeful and upbeat.

If you ask them to try something out of the ordinary, like skydiving or trying out a cooking class, they’ll jump at the opportunity. This sign doesn’t like to drift through life without remembering much. They want each day to be something exceptional and if they’re tiresome with an activity, they’ll switch to something completely different.

This could make you feel a little abandoned at times, especially when it comes to their career. People with the sign of Aquarius can become obsessed with becoming successful and doing a good job, so they can put that first a lot of the time.

The reality is, they love to provide for people as well as themselves, so if they’ve taken on additional time at work and you’re a little upset, remember that they’re doing it for beneficial reasons.

Be patient and accept that this sign will want to push forward to achieve. So instead of being grumpy when they return from a business trip, greet them with open arms.

pisces in love

Pisces is the last sign, but it definitely doesn’t mean least. These people are enormously fascinated in love. They could have a huge collection of romantic movies and novels to help them experience the full fantasy of true love, even if it’s not currently in their lives.

They can be very timid, so sometimes it’s best to approach these people gradually, whilst being genuine. Once you begin dating a Pisces, you’ll experience how generous they are and how much they love people around them. This can cause a Pisces to jump into relationships very quickly, without really knowing the person they’re with and whether the partnership is truly well-matched.

So if you’re dating a Pisces, don’t be taken aback if they have a lot of short-term exes who might still be heartbroken by the end of their relationships. This can happen because of how lovely this sign is. When a Pisces leaves a relationship, it’s because they’ve figured out it’s not quite right, after removing their rose tinted glasses.

This can make a Pisces very vulnerable, becoming mixed up with people who aren’t good for them whatsoever, just because they’ve said something romantic and what a Pisces wants to hear.

This sign needs to stay clear of excessively flirty people that could just want something casual, without being clear-cut about it to the Pisces.

If you’re in a relationship with this sign, make sure you use your words very lightly. This applies to every type of situation. For example, when in a disagreement, they can become very upset at a comment you find acceptable to say. Or if you really like this Pisces, don’t go one step further and say something severe that you actually don’t quite mean yet.

This sign takes a lot at face value due to their sensitivity, so make sure you are real with these people or you’ll lose one of the most compassionate people you know.

Those were the different star signs and how they act when they are in love. We hope this guide helped you!

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