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Different Suits Of The Tarot

The four different suits are within the 56 Minor Arcana cards, such as “Four of Wands”, whereas the Major Arcana consist of cards such as “Justice”, “Strength” etc.

These Major Arcana cards are mostly related to decisions you are going to make that will affect your future. Each card can mean something completely different, which is why no spread is exactly the same.

However, the Minor Arcana cards have four suits to reveal different areas in our lives and are representations of our emotions we experience throughout our lives. These can guide us on what actions we can take and what could influence these feelings, plus how to gain a better perspective of them.

These help us look deeper into matters such as our relationships, careers, family life and many more, to get a better understanding of what is or could be happening in our reading and the solutions that we can be lead to. We see Tarot cards as a good way to get a fresh look at a situation, revealing factors we may not have considered before.

Each card is interpreted differently, depending on what order they have appeared. If you see a reoccurring suit, it can reveal that changes are strictly focused on one section of your life.
The Tarot does have similarities to playing cards, yet each suit has a different representation that once is understood, could give you a better understanding of each suit.

This is why we have explained them below so when you get your next reading, you could digest the information given to you much better.


Also known as: Bowls, Cauldrons, Chalices
Element: Water
Colour: Red
Season: Summer
Direction: West
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Central Matter: Heart

If you receive this in a reading it means:

Emotional change in your life, for example, you could become much happier in your life as a whole, taking on challenges with a strong head. However, this could also be a time of upset and confusion if these cards are reversed.

Relationships, such as sudden alteration to a relationship, whether that’s an agreement in a relationship (marriage, proposal, new relationship status) or a negative change (divorce, break up)

Family, which could mean new people arriving, such as children or people getting married.

Healing for example, now you can move post troublesome times in your life and look forward.


Also known as: Discs, Coins
Element: Earth
Colour: Green
Season: Fall
Direction: East
Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Central Matter: Home/Family

If you receive this card it represents:

Spirituality and Health, such as how you feel within yourself. You could experience a boost in your confidence, making you happier at work and home. Reserved could mean you could experience feelings such as disconnection between you and your health. You could even be run down due to pushing yourself too hard or due to having an illness.

Your home, such as how you deal with your family and how you can change disagreements. You could have a family member that is causing inner turmoil.

Money matters, which could take a turn for good or even create issues for you. For example, you could get a raise at work or you might experience issues when it comes to your finances. This will tell you to be careful of any financial situation for the future, regardless how well things are currently.


Also known as: Knives, Blades, Daggers
Element: Air
Colour: Dark Blue
Season: Winter
Direction: North
Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Central Matter: Mind

If you receive this card it represents:

Power, such as experiencing victory and success in different areas of your life or on the other hand, you could experience injustice or loss.

Protection, such as problem solving and feeling more stable in your life, with a clear view of your future when it comes to career, money and relationships. If it is reversed, this could mean you have loss of stability and direction in your life. You might need to look at how to get yourself together.

Strength, perhaps after times of recovery where you have needed to rest and wind down. However it can also mean that you experience defeat in your life, such as being pushed back when you want to move forward.

Courage, where you might have stepped up and moved past a difficult time. But Swords can also mean that you have been a victim to a situation, seeing you lose courage.


Also known as: Rods, Staffs, Spears
Element: Fire
Colour: Yellow
Season: Spring
Direction: South
Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Central Matter: Spirit

If you get this in a reading it means:

Creativity could boom. You might see yourself setting up a business or embarking on an artistic pursuit that leads you to very exciting areas in your life. However, it could mean you are at a standstill with wanting to progress in this artistic area, due to life requiring other efforts from you.

Passion, for example, you might be amazing at expressing yourself when it comes to your career, opening up other opportunities that you could become passionate about. This could also mean that you feel there is an inequality surrounding your life, making you feel a lot less passionate or optimistic.

Reward, which could be in the form of a bonus or an exciting development in your career, making you very excited for future projects. Be wary because this can also mean disappointment, such as a letdown after hard work.

Social, meaning your on the ball when it comes to communicating with others. You might experience a time where you can feel connect with others and feel as if you are all on the same page. However, this can also mean you are struggling with talking to people and can come across the wrong way.
We hope you have enjoyed this breakout of each Tarot card suit and we hope this means you can get a better understanding in your next reading. Do you feel as if you want to go forward and have a reading to find out more about your life? Find out here how you could!

*These Tarot Card images used are beautiful illustrations from the Golden Tarot Card and book set by Liz Dean that can be found here.*

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