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Discover The Game That Will Make You A Better Person

Games are for entertainment however, this is a very special type of game that can help the people around you. This is called “The good deed game” and it gives you ideas on how to help others! Doing this can also make you feel great and give you good karma, so why not try it today? 

Step one

This first step is to get a piece of paper and write the numbers 1-10 on it not in order and completely random on the page.

Step two

Next you want to get something to point with, such as a pen or pencil.

Step three

Now close your eyes and make a circular movement above the piece of paper.

Step four

Finally whilst keeping your eyes closed, point the pencil to a place on a page and once you open your eyes, you will notice you have pointed to or closest to a particular number. Once you have your number, have a look at our 10 good deeds and aim to do that one this week. This will teach you how to become a more helpful person. Doing this every week can make you realise how rewarding it is to help whenever you can. If you wanted to do this as a daily routine, go for it!

1: Ask someone if they need help with something.

Simply ask someone if they need help. Sometimes simply asking “Do you need a hand with that?” might make someone feel 100% better, especially if they were too nervous to ask in the first place.

2. Bake someone a pie or cake if they are down or make one for your office.

Baking is fun and it’s a great idea to bake something yummy for a friend, such as a cake. There is nothing better than eating a slice with a cup of tea to improve a bad day.

3. Make something handmade for someone.

Why not create something fun for a friend? Even if it’s a drawing or something handmade, the gesture will go a long way! Work on it when you have the spare time and see their face light up when you give them their personalised gift.

4. Send a friend a postcard if you haven’t spoken to them for a while.

It’s really easy to get in contact with people on the internet, however, it can take away the effort. Get a fun postcard and send it to a friend to say hello. This can put a smile on someone’s face knowing you’ve gone out of your way to do something nice for them.

5. Donate clothes to any homeless shelters or charities.

Many of us have too many clothes that we don’t wear. There are so many people who need extra clothes or want to raise money in charity shops. Donating is a great way of putting them to use and doing a good deed at the same time.

6. Give a gift to your pet (if you have one, if not to someone else’s)

Give a little gift to your pet to say thank you for their loyalty. Animals are extremely loving and can boost our happiness in life. If there is a new toy or treat they’ve never tried and you see it in a shop, get it for them and watch them go nuts over it.

7. Help an elderly person.

Have you ever been shopping and spotted an elderly person trying to find different items? Ask if you can help them complete their food shopping trip. If you can, this will save them tonnes of time.

8. Invite a new friend to a social event.

If there is someone that you don’t know too well, invite them out for a group activity. This might bring them out of their shell and could even reveal an amazing personality trait that makes you like them even more. This could be a new friend or even a new colleague.

9. Praise someone

If someone has done a really good job at something, praise them for it. Many people beat themselves up or often believe they aren’t good enough. If a friend has been successful, praise and celebrate it with them.

10. Buy a homeless person a cup of tea.

Now it’s getting colder, many homeless people will be out on the streets all day with little cover. Buying a cup of coffee or tea could cheer them up.

Step Five

If you would like to aim to do one each day, ask around for other ideas. If you make this list into 30 deeds, you can fill up your month with something positive.
What is your idea of a good deed? Share it with us!

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