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Discover your ‘life path number’ and what it says about you!

Your ‘life path number’ is an important part of numerology, it outlines the direction of your life and is derived simply from your date of birth. Your life path number will reveal any major lessons you are here to learn during your lifetime, as well as opportunities, challenges and personal traits significant to you.

Calculate your life path number

It’s easy to discover your life path number, all you need is your date of birth and a calculator!

In order to explain how to calculate your life path number, we will use the example date of birth February 12th 1971 (12/02/1971).

There’s one rule to remember: All numbers are reduced down to a single digit, so if you were born in the October, the 10th month, then you reduce the number to 1 (1+0=1). The only exceptions to this rule are the numbers 11 and 22.

1. Take the month you were born (e.g. February = 2) 2

2. Next, calculate the day (e.g. 12th = 1 + 2 = 3). 3

3. Then, calculate the year by adding together one digit at a time. (e.g. 1971 = 1 + 9 + 7 + 1 = 18). Remember, we must reduce down all numbers to single digits, other than 11 or 22! To reduce 18 we simply do 1 + 8 to get

Once you have calculated the day, year and month, and all numbers have been reduce to single digits you should have three one-digit numbers. In our example we have 2, 3 and 9

Your last step is to add the final three numbers together to get your life path number.

2 + 3 + 9 equals 14. Don’t forget to reduce! 1 + 4 = 5. So your life path, if born on 12th February 1971, is 5.

All sound a bit too complicated? Feel free to use one of the many life path number calculators available on the web. We like this one.

What your life number says about you

go getters

One: Go-getters and leaders. You were born with the skills that make you a strong leader. You are independent, determined, enthusiastic and full of initiative, meaning you are great at taking on new projects and getting the ball rolling. You handle high pressure and new challenges well and love to excel in all that you do!

Because of your strong leadership skills, you tend to take charge of any situation, even when it’s not appropriate for you to take the lead, so be wary of this.

People with life path one are popular for their good company, great conversion and friendly nature, but their ambition and assertiveness can make them self-centred and demanding so try and avoid being too bossy around your peers. Despite this, people are drawn to you and respect you and your positive nature.

Careers well suited to life path 1 are directors, managers, entrepreneurs, and high ranking military officers.

spiritual peacemakers

Two: Spiritual peacemakers. Number two, you are one of life’s peacemakers! You are a great listener and are passionate about helping and solving problems, be it emotional or spiritual. You tend to be a mediator and are great at seeing both sides of an argument, always seeking an amicable solution.

You are a deep thinker and have a strong spiritual side, making you rather intuitive. You are sincere and caring and will often offer genuine help to those who need it, making you a great friend and parent.

Number 2’s can sometimes be oversensitive, shy and low on self-confidence. Your insecurities mean you can have a fear of getting hurt or rejected making you appear quiet in certain situations. You are a fantastic, kind hearted person, number 2! So try and learn to speak up and show the world how amazing you are.

Careers well suited to life path number 2 are mediators, lawyers, negotiators, counsellors or telephone operators.


Three: Charismatic and creative. You are a creative, expressive person with brilliant communication skills, in fact, you are often told you have the “gift of the gab”! Number 3’s tend to have lots of friends due to their great social skills and ability to entertain others. Confident and friendly, you are the life of the party and love meeting and connecting with new people.

People born under life path number three can sometimes have difficulties with money due to their disorganised and care free nature. If this is you, then try to be a little more serious with your responsibilities. These people can also be extra emotional and sensitive, which can surprise the people around them! Your emotions can sometimes take over and you can struggle with highs and lows, so remember to try and talk about your feelings rather than allowing your emotions to build up and take over.

Careers well suited to life path number 3 are anything creative and charismatic, such as entertainers, public speakers, dancers, actors, sales people, performers, and creative writers.


Four: Practical and trustworthy. You are extremely practical and organised, preferring to apply rational and order to any problems or situations. You are a realist and don’t spend time fantasising when something is unrealistic. Committed and persevering, you don’t give up easily, even when things get difficult!

As a life path 4, you are trustworthy, practical and down to earth. You can often be mistaken for being stubborn because you have strong will power and always stick to your beliefs. Number 4’s also make great friends and partners in life due to their loyal and devoted nature, your friendships often last a lifetime.

Try not to let your rigid nature make you overly stubborn and narrow minded, number 4, as these are traits this life path can often fall into.

Careers well suited to life path number 4 are engineers, mechanics, builders, carpenters, managers, programmers, civil service or architect.

the adventurer

Five: The adventurer. Number 5, a few words to sum you up would be freedom-loving, adventurous, versatile and compassionate. A love for adventure tends to dominate your life, you’re the type of person who loves a thrill, and would never pass up an opportunity to explore or take on a new venture.

In relationships trust is paramount to you. You hate to be tied down, although you are committed and dutiful, your partner must understand your free nature, therefore demanding partners are not suited to you.

Life path 5’s can have jealous tendencies and can act on extreme impulse, even with important decisions, so be wary of this and try to be more balanced with your judgements.

Careers well suited to life path number 5 are writers, actors, journalists, teachers, entertainers, aviator and advertising.

family orientated

Six: Family orientated. You are the ultimate nurturer, number six! You are extremely maternal/paternal and are likely to take the position of main caretaker in the family, assuming most responsibilities in the household. The most important aspect of your life is your relationship with your friends and family.

In relationships, again, you tend to be the caretaker. Your partner is likely to be ‘weaker’ and you enjoy caring for and protecting them. You will always be loyal and trustworthy, however, you can sometimes be a little dominating and controlling.

Careers well suited to life path number 6 are caring roles such as nurses, doctors, school teachers, counsellors or host/hostess.

thinker and observer

Seven: Thinker and observer. Number 7, you are a keen investigator, thinker and observer! You can very quickly assess and evaluate situations around you. In work, you are incredibly thorough, a perfectionist who is always thorough and consistently meeting high standards.

In social situations you are quite reserved, and it can take you a little while to warm to new people that you meet. You can easily recognise deceitful or insincere people, and you like to keep your circle of friends quite tight, however, once you let somebody in, they are your friend for life.

You prefer your own company and are comfortable spending time alone, enjoying a slower pace of life away from the hustle and bustle of crowds and noise.

You can have a tendency to be secretive and closed off, and you can appear to be quite a cold person emotionally, so try to be more open to new people and relationships.

Careers well suited to life path number 7 are scientific roles, as well as historians, biologists and researchers.


Eight: Powerful and ambitious. Number 8’s are ambitious and goal focused, with bags of potential. You are extremely efficient in life, as well as being tenacious and independent, you have a strong talent for understanding the characters and potential of people around you.

You are extremely compassionate and love to share with those who are less fortunate than yourself. Courage is a major strength of yours and you will defend others if you feel they have been a victim of injustice. Without a doubt, you will always give help to those who need it, and equal rights for all is important to you.

Be careful not to overwork yourself, number 8, don’t become too concerned with status and success.

Careers well suited to life path number 8 are careers involving finance, such as bankers, investment brokers and financial advisors. Number 8 would also suit a career in politics, or a top role in a large corporation.

kind and compassionate

Nine: Kind & Compassionate. You were born to be somebody with a strong sense of compassion, kindness and generosity. You feel deeply about helping others, especially those who are less fortunate than you are. You will never be prejudice towards others, and are often seen as trustworthy by your peers.

You are not one for caring about money or material things in life, in fact, you are so generous and selfless that you would rather give up any material possessions to somebody who needs it more than you do.

With your upbeat and pleasant nature, you make friends very easily! Love and happiness is important to you and is what truly satisfies you in life.

Careers well suited to life path 9 are roles such as doctors, nurses, vets, teachers, or charity work, where the role is to help people. You would also be suited to artistic roles such as musicians and artists.

11 intuitive

Eleven: The intuitive. Life path 11 is the most spiritually aware, sensitive and intuitive of all life paths. As 11, you will be extremely sensitive, you understand others incredibly well and can relate to situations very easily. For example, you can automatically pick up on when somebody is feeling down, or if somebody is having health or relationship problems.

Number 11’s are unpredictable and no one can ever guess what they will do! Sometimes they will be the chattiest person in the room, and then other times can sit completely in silence. These contradictions can follow number 11 throughout life.

Careers well suited to life path number 11 are inventors, scientists, philosophers, psychics and innovators.

master builder

Twenty Two: Master builder. The most powerful of life path numbers, people born under this number live a life of extremes. They are either hugely successful, or can fail in the most extreme ways. You will have big dreams and are passionate about achieving what you want, and your ambition often outweighs your desire to build loving relationships.

You will find that people in positions of power can often fall under life path 22, positivity radiates from them and they are rarely negative.

Life path 22 can sometimes come across as materialistic and insensitive.

Careers well suited to life path number 22 are mechanics, engineers, architects, managers, programmers and librarians.

master teacher

Thirty Three: Master Teacher. People born under life path 33 are known as master teachers, they are humanitarians and believe in a life dedicated to helping, healing and protecting others. Selfless and caring, you make a great life partner. You will never think twice about helping others, devoting yourself to the good of mankind.
You will have a thirst for knowledge and will love to share this knowledge with others. People will look up to you as an inspiration.

On the negative side, life path number 33 can be a liar. They may be white lies to avoid hurting the feelings of someone, but they may also lie to make themselves seem superior.

Careers well suited to life path 33 are teachers, doctors, family counsellors, community service, artists, social workers, and welfare support.

Do you reckon you are similar to your life path number? Ask your friends what their birthdays are and find out what their life path numbers are, too! It’s a fun activity to do with people you know.

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