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Eldest, Middle or Youngest Sibling? Here’s What It Means About Your Personality

Did you know that the order that you and your siblings were born can have a big influence on your personalities?

This isn’t necessarily a spiritual thing going on here, instead it’s more about how you grow up around your siblings and how you act towards each other.

The way you have all been brought up may have been completely different. For example, if you are the eldest child, you will have had a completely different experience from the youngest born. This is because parents can treat their children differently because they know that those two children are completely unique. The way your mother and father dealt with you will have changed due to your development through the years and what works best for you.

But what difference does it make? Read below and see how it may have shaped your personality.

eldest child

As the Eldest child, you will have experienced a nurturing childhood where your parents showed you the ropes in life and paid the most attention to you, just like everyone is when they are an only child.

When your sibling came into the picture, you may have developed a very caring side to your personality, making sure that your sibling can play with your toys and join in with your friends as a tag-along. It is likely that your parents may have found it a little hectic after the second child had come along therefore you probably took it upon yourself to distract your sibling from potential tantrums that you know (from experience) would stress out your mother and father.

The Eldest child is very likely to become a mother hen, always looking after their brother or sister and making sure they don’t make the same mistakes as you did when you were their age.

You will have had your ups and downs however, being behind them all the way will have shaped you into someone who is reliable and trustworthy, which makes you into a fantastic leader later on in life.

You are the type of person who doesn’t like to see others struggling and will always offer a helping hand, just like you always have done since you were a child. Of course, people may have taken you for granted, yet in time, they will learn how lucky they are to have you.


As the Middle child, you will have experienced childhood in a very flexible way, being able to get on with people of different ages, such as your Eldest sibling just as much as your younger sibling. In your life, you can connect well with different people and shift between appropriate attitudes to suit other’s needs, which is an excellent trait to have!
You are someone who likes to see harmony around you, therefore if you see the youngest child annoying your older sibling, you will quickly create peace by offering to help.

Due to your ability to get on with people of different ages, in your life you can expect to have lots of different friend groups where you have an equal part, regardless of how different your friends are from one another.

You are very eager to please therefore in school, you may have tried to win different awards for projects to show your parents.

Later on in life, you may have had a rebellious streak due to a new found independence in university that rubbed your parents up the wrong way completely. Your free-spirit attitude to life may have gotten you into trouble before the time you finally decided to think more about your career. After this phase, you will go back to wanting to make people proud of you, thus making you pursue amazing careers and dreams.

youngest child

If you are the Youngest child, you may have had a much easier ride than your siblings. With the first (especially) and the second child, your parents are still beginners and may have ran around like headless chickens to sort everything out.

Now they know what they are doing, they may have been much more relaxed with their parenting style towards you, not keeping an eagle eye on your every footstep.

Growing up this way doesn’t make you spoilt like many people believe. Instead, from a very young age you feel as if you do not have to rely on other people to look after you, making you gain a brilliant sense of independence. Because of this, your parents will trust your judgement and may have let you take holidays with friends as a teenager.

Thankfully, you will adopt the mature side of the eldest child but also the free-spirited nature of the middle child, making you a curious explorer, wanting to go and see what the world has to offer.

You can be very entertaining amongst friends and you feel most alive when you are around people, showing off your friendly, upbeat personality. Later on in life, you may want to look at careers where you can be around others.

Only Child

Many people feel a little sorry for someone who is an only child but this shouldn’t be the case. If you have had siblings, then of course you can’t imagine if without them. However, if you have always been an only child, nothing has been taken away in the first place!

Only children are excellent around others because they learn from a young age how to respect others and adjust their attitudes due to other peoples’ emotions. Being around adults could have made you older at heart, loving music and lifestyles from when your parents were born.

You will have a very close relationship with your parents and will also be the glue that holds the family together in times of turmoil.

Also, you may find excellent friendships with Eldest children from other families because they were once in your shoes, making it easy for you to connect with them on an emotional level.

Your personalities will be both full of wisdom, independence topped off with a very caring side.
As an only child, you won’t have a huge desire to seek support from other people and later on in life, you will take hard responsibilities and issues like a champion, being there for your parents and not expecting anything in return.

All in all, an only child has an amazing ability to get things done in life so if you are one, it’s safe to say that if you apply yourself to tasks, you can achieve anything you want!

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