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Enlightening Eastern psychic readings you should try

Here at Wishing Moon, we love anything connected to spirituality and fortune telling, which is why we find it fascinating to look at other places in the world that have different practices. In the Western world, we have many different techniques such as tarot, palmistry, tea readings and astrology. However, there are others that you might not have heard of. Which is why we have decided to show you our favourite fortune telling techniques that offer spiritual guidance and are well-known methods performed in the Eastern countries.

Japan: Omikuji

Omikuji is a fortune-telling method that happens in Japanese temples and shrines. If you visit Japan, you will need to keep an eye out for a booth that has a banner which says “おみく”. That is the translation of “Paper fortune” and to get an Omikuji, it costs around one hundred to two hundred yen. The cost is less than a pound making it a huge value for money during your travels.

People who visit receive a small piece of paper that will read their fortune. In some areas of Japan, you will choose a box of your choice similar to how we pick our Tarot cards in a reading. In other temples, a piece of paper will be given to you. On your piece of paper, there will be one of many outcomes that most of the time are written completely in Japanese. It’s useful to research what yours mean during your travels so you know what to expect in the future. Many of these paper fortune tellings act as a lucky dip. Visitors might have to shake a box to see which rolled up paper comes out first, or they might pick one out randomly.

Looking at these pieces of paper can be a little overwhelming because of the Japanese alphabet, however, with a little research (we’ve done some so you don’t have to!) you can discover what each description means.

  • Future blessing: 末小吉 or sue-shō-kichi
  • Curse: 凶 or kyō,
  • Small curse: 小凶 or shō-kyō
  • Half-curse: 半凶 or han-kyō
  • Future curse: 末凶 or sue-kyō
  • Great curse: 大凶 or dai-kyō
  • Great blessing: 大吉 or dai-kichi
  • Middle blessing: 中吉 or chū-kichi
  • Small blessing: 小吉 or shō-kichi
  • Blessing: 吉 or kichi
  • Half-blessing: 半吉 or han-kichi
  • Future blessing: 末吉 or sue-kichi

If you are lucky enough to receive a positive fortune during your visit to a shrine, people say you should keep it close to you at all times so that the positivity of it surrounds you everywhere you go. If you get a bad fortune telling, there are walls full of metal wires where you can tie it in a bow-like shape. They use metal wires for this because some Japanese people believe that you shouldn’t attach a negative fortune to a tree or a plant because it will pass it on to it, even if it’s not a person. Like every method of fortune-telling, you can choose not to believe it if you wish. We believe Omikuji is a wonderful way to give you spiritual guidance, but don’t let a negative one get you down!

China: Feng Shui

Feng Shui is connected to astrology and is a little different from the typical fortune-telling methods because it involves changing the environment around you to receive good luck and harmony. In English, it means “wind-water” and symbolises how a room’s energy can affect people around it in either a negative or positive way. This method has been famous since 4000 BC and was originally very popular in China, Korea, Vietnam, The Philippines, Thailand and Japan. In our current day, it is becoming increasingly popular in the West with countries such as America, England and more.

You may have heard of Yin and Yang, which is traditionally a black and white circular shape which symbolises the five feng shui elements which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each element links to different colours and directions, which is why people use very specific colour palettes in rooms to achieve their preferred outcome.

Elements and colours

  • Wood: Brown and Green
  • Fire: Amber, Orange, Red, Pink and Purple
  • Earth: Cream/Beige, Taupe, Lemon
  • Metal: Grey and White
  • Water: Blue and Black

As an example, the Northern room in a home is meant to be career orientated, which is why the water element’s colour suits it more due to its energy growth properties and connection to success and fortune. If you wanted to improve your physical and mental wellbeing, use the Wood element’s colours in an Eastern room such as a dining room because green connects to health and family life, ideal for protecting yourself and family members. Beautiful southern facing bedrooms should include colours from the Fire elements because it’s related to happiness, peace and romance. Finally, Western rooms such as a living rooms and play areas should include colours linked to the Water element because it helps boost creativity, intellectual development and playfulness. It is very popular for a Feng Shui specialist to come into your home so they can analyse how to improve your home’s atmosphere. During their visit, they will advise which colours and best for separate rooms. You can of course also choose not to believe this and paint a room whatever colour you desire!

Korea and China: Face Reading

In Korea and China, telling someone’s fortune by looking at their face has been a traditional technique for thousands of years. In our present, there is a problem with this because in countries where plastic surgery is readily available, it makes it very difficult for them to be able to read what your face is telling them. You are only meant to read a face that hasn’t had any modification whatsoever to get the most accurate outcome. When a fortune teller looks at your face, they will analyse your facial features to discover what lies ahead for you in your life. There are different sections of the face they will analyse at a time to give you an in-depth reading. For each part of your face, different representations link to areas of your life. Similar to Feng Shui, faces are related to different elements.

Face shapes

  • People with oblong face shapes who have larger foreheads, straight noses and wide eyes are “Wood faces” who are natural leaders and tend to be very independent in their lives.
  • People with circular face shapes who have round cheeks and no harsh features are “Water faces” who are flexible and great at adapting to change in their lives.
  • People with faces that are just as wide as they are long but also have large features are “Earth faces” who are very practical, calm and like to help people out whenever they can.
  • People with more pointed chins and angular features are “Fire faces” who have a lot of passion in their lives where they can often show their fiery side.
  • People with square face shapes are “Metal faces” who have inner strength and an open-minded personality that inspires others around them.

Facial features

  • Forehead: Career
  • T-zone and eyes: Personality and attitude
  • Nose: Health
  • Lips: Relationships and personal connections
  • Chin: Wealth

In a reading, a face reader will have a look at how far apart your eyes are to try and gain an understanding of your personality. They might inform you about the different strengths and weaknesses that could be helping or hindering you in life. Many people are excited to hear about what their lip shape symbolises because relationships and connections are massively important. The shape of your lips, thickness and whether they are upturned or downturned will tell you a lot about your romantic life. It’s also important that you take this information on the chin (pardon the pun) so that you aren’t too defeated if they warn you about complicated relationships or issues that might occur.

What of the three is your favourite? Comment and let us know about any fortune telling experiences you’ve had in foreign countries!

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