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Fancy buying a Tarot card deck? Here’s what you need to look out for

Learning how to read Tarot cards can be a very informative yet enjoyable experience. Many of us want to know more because we’re either interested in the interpretations or because you want to understand a tarot reading a little bit more. On each card, there are often illustrations and different elements that can reveal a lot about what’s really going on underneath the surface. For example, in a card there might be a dominant figure or one that is surrounded by particular items. It is these type of items that can represent other factors within the description. If you want to buy a Tarot card deck, cards can look extremely different from one another. What should you look for when choosing the perfect one for you and which are our favourite Tarot deck decks?

What to look out for.

Size- Some tarot cards can vary in size, so it’s important that you can actually shuffle them. If you’re trying to practice for a reading yet you drop them all the time, this can take a while to pick them all up. Also when cards fall, they might go from being reserved to upright, which changes the way the cards were meant to be shown in a reading. Ultimately, this means that your result won’t be as accurate.

Art- You should probably pick a card you connect to the most. Some tarot decks are old fashioned whereas others are very quirky. Learning about the Tarot can take a while if you’re a beginner and we would usually advise you to pick a card each week to study closely. If you aren’t keen on the type of deck you have, you probably won’t enjoy the learning experience as much as you should. The deck you buy should be (in your opinion) beautiful and maybe even something you might proudly display on a coffee table.

Quality- Low-quality tarot cards bend too easily when shuffled, so make sure you have a read up of the tarot cards before you buy them. The whole point of a deck is that you don’t know what you’re picking. So if the cards tear easily, you’ll be able to tell which ones they are. This will defeat their whole purpose and can take away the element of surprise.

Detail- If you’re a beginner, you might want to have cards that have little detail in them. Some cards are so beautiful that the detail can be overwhelming to a beginner. However, if you still want to learn every little piece of symbolism, a traditional tarot card deck might be the best option for you.

Alternative Tarot card decks.

Even though there is the Rider-Waite tarot deck which we adore, we thought we’d show you some of our other favourites. Alternative decks are great for people who want to try something new. We find that these have the best art and offer the best information alongside the pack.


1. Updated and mythological

New Mythic Tarot card deck 


New Mythic Tarot card deck
These Tarot cards are simple and modern, meaning they might be suited to someone who wants something a little different. These don’t look too intimidating and don’t have a huge amount of detail in them. 

These characters are inspired by and shown as the Greek gods and myths, which is great if you also enjoy reading up about History and Astronomy.

We think this choice in Tarot card deck is perfect for someone who knows a lot about Tarot but also might want to try out something different.




2. Spiritual and enchanting

cosmic tarot im

Cosmic Tarot card deck

This Tarot card deck is definitely one of the quirky options out there. This comes with 78 cards and they do look very magical, which is brilliant for anyone who is also interested in spirituality, too.

With the Page and Knights changed into Prince and Princesses, this pack offers something different to look at. Beautifully drawn and with bursts of colours, we can imagine more artistic people will adore this one.

This could make an amazing present for someone who wants to learn more about Tarot but also someone who doesn’t want something too traditional.



3. A new classic

shaman caselli tarot
The Sharman-Caselli Tarot Deck

This Tarot card deck is a beautiful classic that is chosen by many. Modern yet full of wonderfully elegant art, this one is a brilliant choice for someone who is just getting into Tarot. Even though this suits beginners, many skilled readers adore this version because of its artwork and attention to detail.

The quality is high quality, which means you could probably use this deck for a large number of years. The descriptions and information for each card is enough for you to get to grips on the interesting symbolism but isn’t too complicated to understand either.

We think this is one of the best decks out there, which is why we highly recommend it to people all levels of tarot readings.



4. Feminine and beautiful

oceanic tarot1

The Oceanic Tarot

Ok, it’s hard to deny that this Tarot card deck is absolutely beautiful. This is one that doesn’t come around often and isn’t very popular but we believe it’s a hidden gem. If you’re a fan of anything related to the ocean, this is the absolute perfect choice.

The cards are especially feminine, which can be perfect for a girly-girl who also wants to learn more about Tarot. Each card is beautifully designed and they simply take our breath away. If you want something that is unlike the rest, this is the one for you!

This comes with a gorgeous book that goes into detail about each card, so it’s very easy to learn all about the symbolism behind each one. It’s amazing quality and an absolute pleasure to look at.



Which one is your favourite? Comment below and tell us!

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