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Feeling ungrounded? Common signs and how to fix them

You might have heard people talk about being grounded and had little idea what they meant.  You might have wondered why it is important or how you can go about deciding whether you are grounded or not.

In short, being grounded means that you are present in the ‘now’ of your life, not focusing on the past or the ‘what-ifs’ of your future.  It is important to be grounded because this means that you have control and stability in your life and are therefore unlikely to be thrown off course if life presents a challenging situation.  You will be emotionally and spiritually in the right place to deal with anything, and won’t bury your head in the sand if something goes awry.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that when a person is ungrounded they are unaware of it, and they simply carry on trying to survive each day.  It’s not often that we take a step back and assess our lives and our emotional states although this is something which everybody should do on a regular basis.  However, it is often very easy to notice if somebody else around you is ungrounded and you would be doing them a great service by letting them know and helping them towards finding spiritual grounding once again.

If you are wondering how to spot the common symptoms of being ungrounded, then look for the following:-

– Feeling spaced out, light-headed or dizzy

– Forgetting important information such as an appointment or meeting

– Misplacing items

– Having an overall sense of being unwell, tired or drained

– Falling asleep during meditation sessions

– Lack of focus or constant daydreaming

– Sensitivity to light and noise

– Feeling jumpy or over-stimulated

– Sudden increase in clumsiness

– Getting lost whilst driving, even if you know where you are or are following a SatNav

– Losing track of what you were saying in conversations, or struggling to follow other people when they are talking.

If you can answer yes to any of the above signs then it could well be that you are ungrounded and should consider ways in which you can regain control of your higher self.

Here are four simple ways you can ground yourself once again.  You can try out all of them or simply choose the ones which appeal to you:-


Getting up and exercising your physical body is a great way to bring you into the here and now.  Instead of sitting and focussing on the past or wondering about the future, get up and get moving.  You could try anything from walking to joining an exercise class; anything which brings you back into the present.

Walk on the Earth

To walk on the earth means to literally find some of the natural world.  This could be sand on the beach or the long grass.  Take off your shoes and allow the earth’s energy to nourish and restore your body’s energy.  Concrete and shoes are not allowed!

Grounding Meditation

Find somewhere quiet to sit, preferably barefoot with your feet placed flat on the floor, and clear your mind.  The best grounding meditations involve some form of visualisation; we would recommend imagining you are a tree.  Picture your feet growing roots which extend all the way down into the earth, gaining nourishment from it.  Raise your arms and imagine long branches which stretch all the way up to the warmth of the sun.  Allow the earth and the sun to strengthen and nourish your spirit and let the joy of gratitude extend through your body.  You can stay in this meditation for as long as you like, and open your eyes whenever you feel ready to do so.

Be Still

Find somewhere outside, and be quiet.  Use your sense of sight, hearing and smell to experience the world around you in the now.  Keep yourself in the present and don’t allow your mind to wander off thinking about what you have to do later, or something that you did before.  You should experience a sense of peace that right now, right at this moment you are okay and that nothing bad is happening to you.  This will give you a greater sense of appreciation for your life and make you feel at One with the world around you.

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