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Finding Feathers: We Answer Your Toughest Questions About Feathers And Angels

It’s often said that feathers appear when angels are near. Whether we’re finding them in our gardens, our living rooms, our cars or workplaces, the appearance of a lone feather can have a number of meanings.

Last year we created this post looking at the meaning behind each feather and since then we’ve received hundreds of messages from people desperate to know more.

So today, we’ve handpicked three questions and answered them below.

If you find this post helpful or you have another question you’d like us to answer, be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of this page or get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter. Who knows, perhaps we’ll answer your question next time!

“I’ve been worrying about my husband’s health and keep finding feathers. Should I be worried?”

“I’ve been worrying about my husband’s health lately. Not constantly but quite a lot.  Throughout the day I’ve seen 5 white feathers at different places. The last one was large but all the others have been small and delicate.

The first was in my mum’s front garden about two feet away from me, I don’t know where it came from, it just appeared!

The second was a couple of hours later when I was standing in my front garden. The feather blew in just a few feet from me and stayed there. Another two were in my back garden close to each other. They weren’t there earlier as I’d just mown the lawn.

The last one was large and greyish and it was at the side gate of my home. As I said, I’ve been worrying about my husband lately. The word cancer has been used a few times, although he hasn’t been to the doctor yet, what do you think it means? Help please!” – Lesley


Hi Lesley

Although you haven’t said exactly what is wrong with your husband’s health, we’d recommend that he sees a doctor. When faced with health problems, whether it’s a cold that lasts longer than a couple of weeks or frequent headaches, it’s only natural for us to fear the worst. Thankfully, nine times out of ten these health problems turn out to be nothing serious but just to be on the safe side, it’s always worth seeing an expert. Encourage your husband to call the doctor today and book an appointment.

With regards to the feathers that you’ve been finding, it really does sound like someone is looking out for you! To find 5 feathers is incredibly rare, particularly if you spot them all within a short space of time. Have you or your husband ever lost someone close to you? If so, it’s likely that they’re watching over you and trying to send you a message. Alternatively, you might have your very own guardian angel.

Perhaps they’re aware of your recent health concerns and they’re trying to offer you reassurance that everything is going to be okay. They want you both to be healthy and happy. They don’t want to see you going through life burdened with stress and worries. This is exactly why your husband should book a doctor’s appointment as soon as he can. Once he’s confided in his doctor, the two of you can take the next step – whatever that may be. You deserve to enjoy your life together, safe in the knowledge that you have your very own angel watching over you and cheering you on!

“My friend’s garden is filled with feathers shortly after the death of my mum. Why haven’t I received this sign?”

“My mum died 2 weeks ago. She adored my best friend who has been a rock for us both. My friend emailed me to tell me that the Angels were having a party in her garden & hallway…white feathers everywhere! I’ve been praying that she’s at peace but why wasn’t I given this sign?” – Lorraine


Hi Lorraine

We’re very sorry to hear that you’ve lost your mum. Losing people close to us can be extremely difficult. Take things one step at a time and confide in those around you.

We’re so glad to hear that you have a best friend who you can turn to. The fact she was also really close to your mum speaks volumes about the strength of your relationship. It sounds like she could well be a friend to cherish forever!

The white feathers in your friend’s garden and hallway could be a sign from your mum. It seems like she’s trying to tell your friend something – and we think she’s telling her to look after you.

Your mum knows that the coming months are going to be tough for you and she wants to make sure your friend sticks by your side and helps you get through it.

Who knows, one day you might even find feathers yourself! But don’t put your life on pause until that happens. One of our favourite things about finding feathers is that they have the potential to catch us by surprise and make an appearance when we least expect it.

“I’m having trouble trusting my partner. Is the white feather I found trying to tell me something?”

“I’m having trouble trusting my partner. Today I was really panicking and getting angry. I thought he was on a call to a so-called friend of mine and as soon as I got off the phone to my partner, a white feather came out of nowhere. What does it mean? I really need an answer.” – Terri


Hi Terri

We’re very sorry to hear that things aren’t going too well at the moment. It sounds as though you’re going through a tough time.

A lack of trust in a relationship can be toxic and destructive. Whether it’s warranted or not, it can tear relationships apart. For this reason, perhaps it’s time to search deep within yourself to figure out exactly what it is that’s making you have trouble trusting your partner.

Has he done something in the past that made you to lose trust in him? If so, the relationship will only work if you’re able to trust him again. You deserve to be happy and free from worry. It’s up to you to decide whether you can achieve happiness with your partner or whether you’re better off going your separate ways.

When we find white feathers, they’re usually messages from people we have loved and lost – though they can also be signals from guardian angels. The feather you found could be a sign that an angel is watching over you and trying to send you comfort and support. It sounds like you need it!

Do you have a friend or relative you can talk to about your concerns? If there is someone you can trust – perhaps someone who doesn’t know your partner – speaking to them about your feelings could help you decide what to do next.

Finding Feathers - Your Questions Answered


  1. I’ve been having a rough time with my adult daughter for a couple years now. Ahes using meth and has mental health issues. Sometimes she gets violent. I’ve had to get a restraining order too. Almost a month went by without hearing from her. After the last call when she said she got beat up and all of her stuff was taken. Her phone, ssi money and meds. After she got back in touch with me wanting to pick her up, I said no but I have a rehab center ready for her at any time. She refused. When I went to bed I found a purple feather between my pillows. I know it means something about spiritual growth. But I’m not sure what to do.

  2. I lost my son May 29, 2015 and his birthday was July 3, 2015, the very day you posted your first article about the meaning of found feathers. On the first anniversary of his death, I went to eat at our favorite breakfast spot. I was feeling very down and upon entering the foyer of the restaurant there lay a brown and white feather. I knew it was meant for me. I picked it up and treasure it. I was doing an internet search on the meaning of the feather when what stood out was the date of your article as well as the date May 29th, 2015 posted by another website on the meaning of feathers. To me this was more verification that my son is communicating with me.

  3. my grandaughter passed away dec 2015 today i was standing at my back door and a small white and grey feather just floated right passed me does this mean anythink

  4. I have been seeing ting white feathers all around me and I found 1 inside my house once .. That one I’ve kept by my front door .. Is it okay.. My mum passed on 8 years ago..

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