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Fortune Telling From Around the World

On a voyage of spiritual discovery, you’ve started to follow your horoscope religiously, have the occasional tarot reading, and consume as many fortune cookies as you can. (We can’t say no to food and fortunes at the same time either).  However, while the above methods are great ways of learning about the future, exploring unfamiliar fortune telling traditions can lead you on an exciting adventure.

From coffee cup fortunes to palmistry, there are so many different types of fortune telling around the world to uncover. Here are just a few of our favourites for you to try:

Turkey – Coffee cup reading

Coffee lovers rejoice! In Turkey you can enjoy a delicious Turkish brew and potentially discover your destiny in the process.

Dating way back to the 16th Century, Turkish coffee reading is a popular tradition that involves inspecting the coffee leftover at the bottom of your cup once you’ve finished your drink. By looking closely at the coffee’s colour and the shapes it forms, it’s believed you can gain an insight into your future.

It’s tradition to read the cup from the present to the future by starting along the rim by the handle of the cup and following the shapes downwards in a spiral manner. Deciphering the meaning of the coffee is a completely different matter though and processes vary from person to person. Some people choose to analyse the shapes of the coffee itself, while others assess it in reverse, looking for shapes and symbols in the white space instead.

China – Face reading

If you’re lucky enough to visit China, be sure to have a face reading while you’re there. A fortune teller will inspect every wrinkle, tooth, scar, mole, and line on your face before predicting your future and imparting their extensive wisdom upon you.

There’s more to face reading than fortune telling, however. Traditionally, it was used as a natural method of improving a patient’s mental and physical health.

India – Jyotish

Thanks to Jyotish, in India your destiny really is written in the stars. Jyotish is a form of astrology that looks at the positioning of the stars and planets to determine our past, present and future.

With the help of this mystical cosmic tradition it’s believed with can evaluate our strengths, challenges and improve our lives. Jyotish is very different to Western astrology in that India’s astrological chart uses the sidereal zodiac which is based on the fixed, observable positions of the constellations compared to Western’s interpretation of the tropical zodiac.

Japan – Omikuji

Often found in Buddhist shrines and temples, Omikuji is a charming fortune telling method that involves small pieces of paper with fortunes written on them. After making a small donation at an Omikuji booth, simply select a numbered stick from the canister before retrieving a piece of paper from a numbered drawer that corresponds with the stick.

The piece of paper will have your fortune written on it and you’ll either receive a blessing or a curse. It’s tradition for those that receive a negative fortune to fold their piece of paper into a thin strip before tying it to a fence of tree branch. Those fortunate enough to receive a positive blessing should carry their fortune around with them for luck.

Greece – Palm reading

It’s often said that the future is in your own hands and that’s certainly the case in parts of the world where palm reading (or palmistry) is commonplace.

Many believe palm reading dates back to the days of ancient Greece where it was believed that different sections of the palm and fingers related to various gods and goddesses. This art was taken extremely seriously with many people believing their hands told the story of one’s fate.

Although there are various techniques and methods associated with palm reading, most palmists analyse the lines on an individual’s hands and believe each line corresponds with an aspect of that person’s life. Many believe you can determine a person’s lifespan, wisdom, and love life from looking at their palms.

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